PCA 2013: The rectitude of Busquet, Dwan, Negreau and Seiver

Definition of rectitude
[mass noun] formal

morally correct behaviour or thinking; righteousness:

Now then, this is not the kind of conversation that you usually get at a poker table. But then again, this $100,000 Super High Roller is no ordinary tournament. At table six Olivier Busquet, Daniel Negreanu, Tom Dwan and Scott Seiver have been discussing matters of rectitude, or it certainly seems so from the snippets of conversation that you can pick up from the rail.


Daniel Negreanu: never one to shy away from a tricky subject

Rather than trying to unravel a conversation that at times was a five-way affair, and which I stumbled into late, was never going to be straightforward. So instead here are a few choice quotes that hint at the landscape of the moral arena of discussion.

"I'm not deciding their rights. I'm defining them."
"There's an interesting Harvard lecture that you can watch online."
- Olivier Busquet

"For all you know, we're in a computer."
"Even if I choose to kill him."
- Tom Dwan

"You value your children more than others, right?"
- Daniel Negreanu

"You can't put me in two buckets."
- Scott Seiver


It's true, this man will not fit in two buckets

Okay, I've got to admit that Seiver quote just might not be correct but it certainly sounded a lot like he said just that. Those four players share the table with Daniel Alaei (sporting an interested expression), Justin Bonomo (looking on curiously) and Noah Schwarz (looks like he wants everyone to shut up and play poker).

These Super High Rollers. They're a different gravy.

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