PCA 2013: Tweet, win, swim with the dolphins for free

Within the next few hours, we expect to see hundreds of faces around us, many of whom we've never seen before. They might be poker players coming in for tomorrow's main event. They might be poker players' families. They might just be lookie-loos. But they're coming. We fearless writers of the PokerStars Blog want to meet them, and we're willing to offer a pretty neat experience in return.

Here at the PokerStars Blog we have in our hands two trips for two to Atlantis' Dolphin Cay shallow water dolphin interaction. We'd keep them for ourselves, but Stephen Bartley had a bad childhood experience with a sea creature, Rick Dacey is legally barred from interacting with any waterborne mammals, and I am not allowed in the water at all after an unfortunate incident near the Lazy River in 2005.

So, our loss is your gain! Ready to take our tickets? Then read on.


Photo from Atlantis.com

On Days 1A and 1B of the 2013 PCA main event, we will be watching our Twitter feed for the best stories from Atlantis. If you're here on the property and have a story to tell, a picture to share, an anecdote from your table, a crazy hand, or anything else you think would entertain us and our readers, then send it along. At the end of both days, we three will pick our very favorite tweet and award the writer tickets for two to the dolphin swim.

To be considered, here's what you have to do.

1) Follow @PokerStarsBlog on Twitter.
2) Compose your best tweets, and make sure we see them by putting this at the end of each one: cc: @PokerStarsBlog
3) Use the hashtag #PCA10

At the end of each playing day, Stephen, Rick, and I will decide which we liked the best and award the winner the tickets to the dolphin swim.

Before you play along, here are some important things you should know.

1) The judging will be completely subjective. You are dealing with two British men (one proper and conservative, the other brash and cranky) and an American of questionable reputation. We are the sole arbiters of this contest, our decisions are final, and we're not above being bribed with conch chowder or neck rubs. Simply put, whoever entertains us the most will win.

2) Your tweets could very well turn up on the PokerStars Blog as part of a collection of our favorites.

3) If we find you interesting, we may end up trying to track you down to feature you on the PokerStars Blog. You've been warned.

The contest begins at the start of play Monday on Day 1A and runs until the end of the day. We're re-start the contest again on Day 1B.

Oh, and we'll kick in for the wetsuit just in case you forgot yours at home.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging