PCA 2013: WCOOP hero Mike Telker pips Johnny Lodden in the $5k turbo, wins $96,750

When you think of this year's WCOOP most people will remember Marat 'maratik' Sharafutdinov, the FPP qualifier who ended up winning the $5,200 Main Event and ultimately getting his wish when he demanded, "I wont million".

A couple of seats to Maratik's left sat Mike 'munchenHB' Telker who got the largest slice of the pie when a deal was made six-ways. Telker held on for an additional $50,000, threatening otherwise to end deal proceedings. He was guaranteed $1,000.584.34, contributing a significant chunk to the $3,303,148 that he's won in online tournaments at PokerStars. Live winnings haven't come in quite so heavily but last night's heads up victory over Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden in the $5,200 turbo is helping to bridge the gap.

"I kind of take it as it comes but it feels good for sure. I'm always confident but I've played a lot more online than I have live and it took a little time to adjust," said Telker, on the break of Day 1B of the PCA Main Event.

PCA 2013 event #7
Date: 7 January
Buy-in: $5,200
Game: Turbo eight-handed
Players: 57
Prize pool: $276,450


Mike Telker

1. Mike Telker, USA, $96,750
2. Johnny Lodden, Norway, Team PokerStars Pro, $60,820
3. Moises Mussali Birch, Mexico, $35,940
4. Igor Kurganov, Germany, $26,260
5. John Sitton, USA, $19,360
6. Alexander Venovski, USA, $13,820
7. David Peters, United States, $12,440
8. Roger Tondeur, Switzerland, $11,060

Telker's $96,750 victory last night takes the American up to $440,645 in live tournament winnings, an amount that could easily be added to here at the PCA (there are a lot of events left to play).

"We were pretty short-stacked and he was playing small ball and trying to play small pots so it lasted longer because of that. We both had right around 14 blinds," said Telker.

Unlike the WCOOP Main Event, deal making was not a consideration.

"I know there's not much edge but I like to play, it's fun. I liked the competition."

Although Lodden will have been disappointed not to win, second place was a solid finish for the Norwegian Team PokerStars Pro especially considering that he was the short stack four-handed.


Johnny Lodden

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