PCA 2013: Wong way

There is no accounting for fate or the actions of an optimistic Russian. These are facts that one-time PCA main event chip leader Jerry Wong now understands in a way that likely makes his stomach spasm.

As you know, the Brooklyn, New York poker pro came into today's final table with the chip lead. He's one of those robotic players, a man who pulls his hoodie up over his mouth when he's in a hand, and a man who no longer has the chip lead. In fact, he's near the bottom of the pack.

The pain began almost immediately when Dimitar Danchev flopped the nut club flush when Wong was holding K♥K♣. The money went in and Wong fell back to second place. That could've been the worst of it, but it was just beginning.

NEIL0384_PCA2013_Final_Table_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Andrey Shatilov opened up with 8♠9♠ for 160,000 and Wong three-bet to 375,000 with A♣Q♠. Shatilov made the call. On a flop of 2♣J♣7♠, Shatilov check-called a 410,000 Wong bet.

And you know what he saw, right? That's right. It was the T♥.

This is where things went terribly wrong. Terribly, terribly wrong.

Wong moved all in, Shatilov beat him into the middle, and that was that. Wong had four outs, none hit, and suddenly the chip leader was near the bottom of the pack.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging