PCA 2103: Doc Sands rolls into Super High Roller final table with huge chip lead

Twelve players remained in the 2013 PCA $100,000 Super High Roller when there arose such a clatter from the feature table stage, there was left no doubt in anyone's mind that an adult man had fallen and fallen hard. It was a sound so violent and off-putting that nearly every head craned to see what, in fact, was the matter.

Just as sure as everyone looked, David "Doc" Sands bounded into the air like a jack-in-the-box springing from its hidden home. And then, as if he was raised by traveling circus performers, Sands literally hopped on one foot across the stage, pogo-sticking on one good leg to a motorized scooter, mounting it, and speeding off for an open door. He did not look the least bit like a man on his way to the final table of a $100,000 poker tournament.


Smilin' Doc Sands

But that is just what he was at the time, having knocked Phil Ivey out of the event in an enormous hand that was as the time the biggest of the tournament. An hour later, he beat that record. It sent Vanessa Selbst to the rail and Sands' lead to the rafters. Now at this hour, with only eight players left in what was once a 47-player field, Sands remains in that coveted spot--in the money, a massive chip leader, and only seven players standing between him and a Super High Roller championship.

Sands is on wheels here having turned his ankle shortly after his arrival and a basketball game with, by his description, Jason Mercier and some "12-year-olds." Because his high-class hotel room is at the farthest possible point from the poker room, he eschewed crutches in favor of a wheelchair and then graduated to his scooter. Indeed, despite an apparent inability to stay upright, Sands is doing just fine. One might even say he is cruising along.

While he may be way out in front tonight, he has a veteran crew of high rollers ready to gang up on him and see if they can sweep his good leg.

If you'd like a look at how it all played out on Day 2, you can look back at all our live coverage of the 2013 $100,000 PCA Super High Roller. If you want the nitty gritty, this is how it stands as they bag and tag the chips tonight.

2013 PCA Super High Roller final table

1. Nick Schulman -- 2,295,000
2. Dan Shak -- 870,000
3. Greg Jensen -- 1,500,000
4. Scott Seiver -- 755,000
5. Vladimir Troyanovsky -- 505,000
6. Philipp Gruissem -- 1,610,000
7. Cary Katz -- 590,000
8. David Sands -- 6,680,000

8G2A0276_PCA2013_TV_Table_Neil Stoddart.jpg

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  • Monday will be a huge day here at Atlantis. Not only will the Super High Roller final table play out on PokerStars.tv, but the 2013 PCA main event will kick off with the first of its Day 1 flights. What's more, there will be a full slate of side events and the final table of the Canada Cup. We're also excited to see the Open-Face Chinese event and how it plays out. As always, the PokerStars Blog will have coverage of it all.

    Until then, do your best to stay upright. We'll be doing the same.

    Goodnight from Atlantis.

    Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging