PCA 2013: Roger Teska was a bad boy

Roger Teska had a seat at the featured TV table at the start of the Main Event's Day 4, but he was not allowed to sit down. He had the second place chip count, but he wasn't allowed to put any money in the pot. He wore a TV microphone, but nobody was recording what he was saying.


Roger Teska was a bad boy.

"I'm in trouble," he mumbled from the rail.

Roger Teska_Main Event_Day 4_2014 PCA_Giron_8JG9243.jpg

One is the loneliest number

There is no easy way to put this. Teska did not make any friends with the tournament staff yesterday. He might have made some actual enemies with the TV crew.

"In all the years I've been in poker, I've never had anyone be that mean to me," said one member of the TV crew.

The way the story was told, Teska had, to put it mildly, taken drink. Several times. And then several more times. He sparred verbally with Team Pro Marcel Luske. He had the floor called on him more than once. There was belligerence involved.

And then the bad thing happened.

I wasn't there to see it, but as the story was told to me, Teska addressed the TV camera in a way that most people do not. Put another way, Teska made an obscene gesture. Put another way...Teska flipped the camera the bird.

This did not go over well with the TV crew. It went over even worse with Tournament Director Mike Ward. That middle finger thing? It's just not done, especially when the cameras are rolling. Teska was put in time out.

So, despite getting put on the TV table today, and despite having the second biggest stack in the tournament, Teska had to sit out of play for eight hands before he was allowed back at the big kids' table.

I tried to chat him up while he waited, but beyond some shoulder shrugging at my suggestion his situation sucked, he didn't have much to say to me. However, there was apparently some contrition.

"He apologized," Ward said. "We're fine."

As you'll see above, Teska started his day with some refreshment in his hand. No word on whether it's leaded or unleaded. I suppose time--or Teska's fingers--will tell.

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