PCA 2014: $100,000 on the line in the Americas Cup of Poker

In the bottom left corner of the Imperial Ballroom, a battle has begun. It's called the Americas Cup of Poker, and over the next two days, it will decide a lot of things, namely: who is the region's best poker team?.

Five-man (and woman) squads from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Mexico and Peru have made the journey to Atlantis to answer that question. Together with help from their experienced Team PokerStars and pro coaches, they'll be battling for pride and a share of $100,000.

PCA2014.acp. all teams-2014-4.jpg

Americas Cup of Poker 2014: this year's combatants

Today sees everyone squaring off in "Sit & Go's with a tournament structure," according to tournament director, Thomas Koo, and there are important points up for grabs, which will determine seeding for tomorrow's heads-up encounters.

The action will be fast, the cheers loud, and we'll be bringing you stories from the tables throughout the day. For now, though, here's how the teams line up:

Team Argentina
Ivan Antono Raich
Ramiro Falbo
Javier Enrique Perez Meisegeier
Farnando Javier Gordo
Cristian Andres Quiñones
Coach: Nacho Barbero

Team Brazil
Rafael Campelo Costa Diniz
Fernando Geraldo Macedo
Márcio Tiegs
Raphael Velasco Lima de Fonseca
Vinicius Da Costa Collaco
Coach: Andre Akkari

Team Chile
Leonardo Enrique Game Zerega
Astrid Silvana Periera Fernandez
Carlos Alexis Beltran Fuentes
Pablo Nicolas Encina Zapata
Sergio San Martin Fonseca
Coach: Amos Ben

Team Colombia
Camilo Posada Fernandez
Julian Felipe Segura Zambrano
Javier Restrepo Buitrago
Juan David Arias Zuluaga
America Marconi
Coach: Freddy Torres

Team Mexico
Julio Cesar Torres Orpineda
Cristobal Mancbeo del Castillo
Fidel Efren Montoya Rodriguez
Arieb Ortega Leon
Erick Jair Amaro Aguilar
Coach: Christian de Leon

Team Peru
Junior Ray Barreto Andres
Henry Llamosas
Luis Felipe Villaran Bedoya
Lorella del Rosario Davila Reo
Victor Hugo Calderon Garcia
Coach: Humberto Brenes

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Keir Mackay is a copywriter for PokerStars.