PCA 2014: Easy money to be found in the High Roller

They say this poker game can be difficult, particularly if you decide to get involved in tournaments like the $25,000 High Roller, but we've discovered that the big guns are just leaving money around.

Earlier today, tournament floor person Luca Vivaldi spotted a $5,000 chip on the floor. We're talking a real money chip here, not a T5,000 token. Vivaldi quickly scooped it up and discretely assessed the circumstances. The chip was near Scott Seiver. Not only is Seiver a man known to have a bankroll weighty enough to include $5,000 chips, he was sporting baggy pants.


Scott Seiver: his baggy pants almost cost him $5k

Vivaldi asked Seiver if he was missing anything. Siever, so Vivaldi told me, patted himself down and said he was. He was missing a $5,000 chip. Thus completes the happy tale of the runaway chip. It was returned to its rightful owner. No doubt it will join some of its brethren later.

Among the High Roller tables, which are currently vacant bar chip stacks and vigilant dealers, is a skateboard which would be conspicuous on any other carpet. As it is, the bright orange board blends in a little too well with the gaudy carpet. It's a potential Home Alone booby trap, and one that could cost its owner Ole Schemion dear. All one would need to do is sidle up, place their foot on top of it like Harold Lloyd/Charlie Chaplin/Joe Pesci/Buster Keaton/Barry Chuckle and... whooomp, it's a 'Better call Saul' moment. Call 1-800-SUE-OLE, get cash.


High Roller Ole Schemion


Luca Vivaldi demonstrating the dangers of unmanned skateboards

Schemion is barely into his twenties but was ranked by GPI as the top player of 2013, thanks to $1,652,680 in cashes - and he'd won even more in 2012. The German high roller has already clocked up $277,080 this year with his seventh place finish in the $100,000 Super High Roller, but all that could be gone in an instance if he keeps leaving that skateboard knocking about. We can't imagine what his bedroom looks like.


The offending article camouflages into the Imperial Ballroom carpet

The High Rollers will soon return from their dinner break and play into the money. Forty players remain, thirty-one get paid.

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is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.