PCA 2014: From the feature table to the outer table, Team Pros heading for the rail

The TV table has a few idiosyncrasies. It hums a lot, and if you stand in one spot near the right hand monitor as you look at it, an audio anomaly means you can speak quietly and be heard on the other side of the stage. I dare say the men and women who build it, and work on it, love it, like an old Ford Cortina or Pinto.

Then there are the players, who seem smaller somehow, no doubt owing the larger sized table. The effect is that everyone's arms drape over its sides, nobody looking entirely comfortable, but happy to be there none the less.

The exception to that is Roger Teska, who slumps in his seat chewing on an apple. Angel Guillen in the seat to his left seems to instinctively lean away from him.

For all he's doing wrong, be it masticating, red-drink spilling, teeth picking, Teska is doing something right. His stack, second biggest at the start today, continues to increase, his casual bets and raises given utmost respect. His is not exactly an easy table either, with Guillen, Mike McDonald, Marcel Luske and Jude Ainsworth at the other end. Actually scratch Luske.

8G2A6245__PCA2014_TV_Table_Neil Stoddart.jpg
The television table in all its glory

The Dutchman, in an immaculate pale suit, departed to the purr of the TV table, collecting a coffee cup before walking along the catwalk and into a waiting interview. Watching him walking past was Liv Boeree on one of the outer tables. She had her own problems, mainly the size of her stack, which was some way below average.

The outer tables are less grand than their featured cousin, but somehow they are livelier, and bustle with more activity, like a fun get together rather than a black tie cocktail party. They're flanked on two sides by the rail and surrounded by television cameras poised to jump on any action. Right now that means hanging around to watch Boeree's departure.

Liv Boeree in happier times

There had been momentary cause for hope in Camp Boeree. She got her chips in with pocket sevens against ace-five, which held up. This caused one railbird to sing with delight: "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah," he said, before adding "sorry" to those standing nearby. This was Jason Koon on his way to a seat in the High Roller.

But this respite would be brief. Shortly after Boeree found queens and ran them into ace-king. This brought her tournament to an end in 50th place.

Boeree stood, at least two cameras focusing on her as a floor person asked her for id to process her prize money. She eventually retrieved it, but not before a slight wardrobe malfunction that may boost ratings should it make the edit.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.