PCA 2014: Max Silver leads with Main Event down to 72

It's not all dolphins and Bahama Mamas in the Caribbean. A trip to Atlantis does not come with a guarantee of happiness. That comes from elsewhere. Poker will take you some of the way but money alone cannot bring you cheer and inner contentment.

And yet, it sure looked like it could when 151 players made the money today, at the expense of bubble boy Andreas Kynsveen. As he was being chased off stage by the camera crews in search of some emotion, the field erupted in self-congratulatory delight. From where I was standing it looked good to win a minimum of $17,600.

Andreas Kynsveen_pca2014_med3w.jpg
Bubble boy Andreas Kynsveen

They had survived the better part of a field of more than 1,000 and most saw reason to celebrate. After all, what could possibly dampen such feelings of invincibility? Certainly not the fact that the $1,820,420 first prize was still some way off.

But tonight 72 will have images of that flashing before their eyes, perhaps piled up in a big block or laid out, one bank note in front of the other, for roughly 173 miles. Because with just three more days to go and so much money at stake you can dare to dream.

Leading the dreamers is chip leader tonight Max Silver, with 1,453,000.

Chip leader Max Silver

Silver's performance today was steady and effective, steering past what added up to 137 eliminations. There are three days to go and plenty of opportunity for those challengers who did the same, and they have their own thoughts of PCA glory.

Kyle Sorel is not far behind with 1,132,000, neither is the well-oiled American Roger Teska, who despite looking like he'd been under a lot of strain lately, surprised a few people to finish strongly. "I'll be here tomorrow with my bloody Mary," he said as he bagged up 1,400,600, only narrowly behind Silver at the close.

Roger Teska_pca2014_med3w.jpg
Roger Teska

That list of high flyers also includes Team Pros Vanessa Selbst (911,000), Marcel Luske (320,000), Angel Guillen (322,000) and Liv Boeree (115,000), as well as Team Online's Marc-Andre Ladouceur (416,000).

Liv Boeree will return tomorrow

Marc-Andre Ladouceur_pca2014_med3w.jpg
Marc-Andre Ladoucuer

Vanessa Selbst

Many had an appointment with the rail today, including Ole Schemion, Alex Kravchenko, Humberto Brenes, Antonio Esfandiari, Jason Mercier, Leo Margets, Shankar Pillai, George Danzer, Greg Merson, and Dan Smith, but all could count on a payday to put at least a little bounce into their walk as they exited the Imperial Ballroom.

Leo Margets

It proved a day full of activity. While one player kept his wife in the dark about his fortunes here, Mike McDonald exhorted the virtues of one big blind as in another corner of the tournament room the Americas Cup began, with Team Argentina getting stuck in. There was more to come from the America's Cup as the tournament continued.

Team Colombia celebrate

Parents were a key feature on the rail, with those of Jason Mercier and the three Greenwood brothers keeping tabs on their boys.

Jason Mercier with his father on the rail

As we welcomed our new Viking overlords, we heard about chipping up in Paradise before a performance of The Bubble was laid on.

This year's performance of The Bubble

If you were keeping tabs on the last longer competition Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree emerges neck and neck while Team Online's Marc Ladouceur continued to do well. Oh, and there was the King of the Slovenes too.

Goodnight from Atlantis

That though is all for today. Join us again for full coverage of Day 4 tomorrow, along with the start of the High Roller event. See you then.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.