PCA 2014: Miss V. Selbst - Our records show you are owed a seven figure sum

Dear Miss V Selbst,

Having checked recent results it's come to our attention that you may be owed a seven figure sum. Due to the enthusiasm of 219 other high rollers, some 76 million chips are now in play, chips that if records are correct will no doubt soon be yours.

Vanessa Selbst_pca2014_hrd2.jpg
Miss V. Selbst

We have therefore decided to save everybody a lot of time and trouble by implementing the following suggestion. Simply turn up at the time and place specified below to collect your prize of $1,279,880. Previous experience tells us that everything else should, by then, have fallen into place.

Imperial Ballroom, Atlantis Resort
Paradise Island
Monday 13 January
conclusion of High Roller event

The other players were informed of this decision during the dinner break. They have been told to make it look like they're trying to stop you, but we can assure you this will be purely for show.

Again, please accept our apologies. One of our representatives will be on hand to correct this oversight and present you with one of our giant silver doorstops as a token of our continued appreciation.

The Poker Gods

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.