PCA 2014: It's the scarf - George Danzer "follows the dream in 2014"

It's fairly obvious when you look at him, but you may have noticed something different about George Danzer in the past few months. It's a big change, hard to miss, but one which he credits with changing his game. That's right. He's changed the type of scarf he wears.

It's an entirely new look for Danzer, who formerly styled himself in a suit and elegant silk scarf instead of the arty student-type one he wears now. He also got a new haircut, taking a little off the back and sides.

George Danzer with new look (note the scarf)

"I started it in May during the SCOOP last year," said Danzer. "I just thought in preparation for the World Series I'm going to try something new, the table image a little bit different. Because often they see me as a nice guy, who smiles a lot, and who you can bang around a little bit."

So George figured a few changes, like the scarf, would do the trick.

"If they don't know you the image is completely different," he said. "I just tried it out and it worked fine, I had some good results, and was happy with the look and how people reacted. So I kept it."

So the scarf remains, as does the leather jacket and the short back and sides, which his girlfriend administers prior to events to keep it neat. Combined it's a look of aggression. It's perhaps why we thought we saw him banging the table earlier after a hand against Vanessa Selbst. Banging the table though is not exactly Danzer's style.

"No, I didn't bang the table," said Danzer, grinning. "I was happy with my play! Maybe Vanessa banged the table because I checked behind when she flopped the straight and just check-called. I made two pair on the turn, she just check called, you know Johnny Chan style, check-called with the straight!

"I thought she had too many strong hands here and she's not going to pay off with a weaker hand. I saved a bunch!"

And why would he? Danzer, who talks with almost perpetual grin, is an unlikely candidate for losing his temper. And if he goes deep here the leather will vanish, to be replaced by his more familiar suit, which he finds far more comfortable than jeans. "I like to play in a suit," he said. "I like the trousers more than jeans. It's like -- how do you say - you have more space."

Regardless, the new look has worked for Danzer, who enters 2014 in a spirit of optimism, not just because of his stack of more than 100,000.

George Danzer_pca2014_med2.jpg
The Full Danzer

"I was surfing in Eleuthera, a small island close by, I was surfing there and the surf coach, Tom -- a nice guy -- told me how to do it because I'm a noob. On the first of January he said 'follow the dream in 2014'. I thought 'that's a good sign!' It can't start better than with good vibes to start the year off on the PCA. So I'm optimistic."

Not bad for a new scarf.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.