PCA 2014: Pitbull qualifier up for big league fight with WSOP champ

Meet Marco Palombi, 37, from Canada.

Qualifying online in a PokerStars $700 qualifier, Polombi knows he is in the big league today. No stranger to the Bahamas having cashed twice in PCA side events back in 2012, Polombi is back two years later and has landed himself to the immediate left of WSOP Main Event champion Ryan Riess.

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Marco Palombi

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Meet your neighbor: Ryan Reiss

Polombi admits that most of his poker today is online, largely due to lack of opportunity.

"There is not a lot of poker nearby to me. Niagara Falls, but not live poker! Most of my poker is online", said Polombi.

After 40 minutes of play Polombi has already been above starting stack, before recently taking a hit to have approximately 23,000 in chips from his 30,000 starting stack. It's clear, he is not afraid to push his chips around early.

With blinds at the opening 50/100, the action was caught post-flop of: 4♣K♦8♦
Marco check-raised from under the gun position to 900, only to be called. The turn came Q♣. This time Polombi led out for 2,000 on the double flushing board and was called again. The river was a blank 7♥.

Polombi fired 6,000 on the end and was called without much delay. Polombi quickly mucked and saw his opponent's set of fours.

Despite predominantly online play, Polombi is not the kind of character to shirk the task. His nickname is evidence that he'll be up for the fight. Polombi is a former Team Canada Martial Artist, fondly known as "The Pitbull." It looks as though Polombi will be getting all the action he wants today.