PCA 2014: Proud to present "The Bubble" now in its 11th year

The Paradise Island Amateur Dramatic Society is proud to present:


A modern take on the age old story of profit and loss, now filmed for television

Starring Andreas Kynsveen as "Bubble boy", and Zo Karim as "Player 57.5.B" this lavish staging of this tragedy marks the 11th year the performance has been staged in the Caribbean


Act I begins in the Imperial Ballroom of a lavish luxury resort. The curtain opens on a large set on which are placed 20 poker tables. Players are seated at each of them, some chatting, some quiet, some with lots of chips, others with less.

Flying between the tables are the black clad "Camarama", armed with cameras and microphones, dangling over the unfortunate, ready to usher them to the sinister world known as The Rail. We discover that everybody has been there but all have resolved never to go again. So they form a pact, that two of them shall be sacrificed in order for the others to be granted eternal profit, or a profit for the day at least.

The dramatic final scene

The Camarama move in, carrying their machinery of elimination, selecting William Pilossoph to depart first. They taunt him, giving him ace-queen but then have him undone by a pair of fours. Hardly anyone notices as he is spirited to The Rail never to be seen again.

Bubble, Bubble Boy William Pilossoph_pca2014_me3.jpg
The forgotten "bubble-bubble boy", played by the ever-versatile William Pilossoph

In Act II, faced with one more departure to come, the remaining 152 know they are but seconds from safety and $17,600. As some turn to drink and others to nervous laughter, the dark angels swoop onto a solitary table lit from above. More than a dozen of the Camerama surround the table. Kynsveen knows there is no escape. Or at least if he didn't know Zo Karim's flopped full house makes sure of it. In an act of heroic selflessness he readily agrees to be taken to the rail where he finds comfort, as a PokerStars qualifier, spending his room folio in Heaven, known to the others as the Coral Bar.

Andreas Kynsveen_pca2014_me3.jpg

Andreas Kynsveen, as Bubble boy, in his debut performance

In a dramatic final scene, Kynsveen is forced from the stage by the Camerama who chase him to be sure he leaves. The other players, in tribute to their fallen pal, jump up and down in scenes of carnival and dance, while tossing fists full of dollar bills into the air as the curtain closes.

"Kynsveen shines but it's all over too quickly" - The Atlantis Daily News

"Was that it?" - The PokerStars Blog

"Five stars!" - Operating Cameraman Magazine

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.