PCA 2014: Ricky 'TonnaMunz' Glaser breaks a leg (again)

To 'break a leg' is a well-known idiom in theatre land which means 'good luck'. The theory goes that to wish someone good luck using the actual words 'good luck' it might actually send the performer bad luck instead. They're a superstitious bunch those thesps, much like poker players.

Breaking a leg could easily be considered good or bad luck to 22 years-old Ricky 'TonnaMunz' Glaser. The young Australian broke his leg skateboarding in quite gruesome fashion. Metal pins had to go into the leg and Glaser was off his board and onto his back recuperating at home in Melbourne. In a story reminiscent of EPT Prague winner Roberto Romanello, who threw himself into online poker after breaking his leg playing football, Glaser started tearing the tables up under the PlayerID "TonnaMunz".


Ricky "TonnaMunz" Glaser at the PCA 2014

"No one seems to get it," Glaser said during a break of Day 2 of the PCA Main Event. "For me it seems so obvious, but no one seems to understand. It's tonnes of money."

The bad luck of bad balance board breakage was followed by the good luck of winning a bunch playing online and having a great topic to enter into the Team Online Film Festival.

"I ended up winning the film festival competition which was really awesome," said Glaser. "As soon as I heard about it I thought, 'I have to enter this.' I went to film school and thought that my story was pretty interesting in terms of how I got into poker. I was so hyped. It was funny how they announeced that I'd won. I was playing at 4 in the morning and they came in on a live chat and said, 'Hey, you've won.'"

If you were to check out Glaser's personal blog, which you should, you'll quickly find out that he's a happy-go-lucky, enthusiastic and somewhat loopy type. He laughs a lot. And who can fault him for that. He won a trip to The Bahamas and free entry into the $10,000 PCA Main Event.

"I've been socialising and hanging out with all the cool people here," said Glaser, obviously thrilled to be at the PCA. "I haven't done too much yet after the big flights. I've been playing and taking it easy. Hopefully I either run deep or bust so I can go have some fun."

He almost got the chance to hit the water slides this morning after getting pocket eights all-in against aces on the third hand of the day. Then an eight hit the flop. Glaser is currently packing a little more than 20,000, good for 12.5 big blinds. A bust out or another double up beckons.


Rolex, right?

Glaser, who is at a table alongside the likes of Dylan Linde and Andrey "Kroko-dill" Ziachenko, certainly looks like he's enjoying himself and not taking it too seriously. For one, he's wearing a The Little Mermaid wrist watch: "I have a unique outlook on life. I like to have fun," he explained.

Playing as TonnaMunz online Glaser racked up $90,996 of winnings in his first year playing as a professional poker player. Add a PCA package to that and he broke the six-figure mark.

"Last year justifies me pursuing it (playing poker) and I'll see what happens," said Glaser.

Making the money here in The Bahamas would certainly help to justify turning pro further. Either way, it looks like he's having a good time....


TonnaMunz and Eugene Katchalov


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