PCA 2014: Scott Seiver, linebacker, hired gun

Jason Koon was doing an interview with CardPlayer magazine's video crew when Scott Seiver--with a running start--took flight. Like Troy Polamalu with less hair, Seiver sailed across the tropical carpet and leveled Jason Koon like he was Joe Flacco.

Koon, though he put up a good fight, collapsed to the floor in front of the camera then bounded to his feet and growled, "Get off me."

Poker's elite--Justin Bonomo, Steve O'Dwyer, and more--looked on only half-interested, but all agreeing, indeed, it was an official takedown.

To be fair, Koon had it coming.


This requires some backstory that I didn't have when I saw this happen at the end of play last night.

As the story was told to me, Koon had been feeling mischievous yesterday, and when he saw Daniel Negreanu getting interviewed for the PCA TV show, he offered $500 to see Negreanu laid flat. Seiver snap-called and leveled Negreanu in front of the cameras.

(Update: Koon has since made it clear Seiver is the true menace in this story and the entire idea was always Seiver's)

Imagine this for a second. Each of the people in this tournament paid $100,000 for a mere chance to play in the event. Some people re-bought more than once. It's an elite and heady affair. In the middle of it all...horseplay and the kind of shenanigans you'd expect from a show on MTV. I'm trying to imagine Garry Kasparov fly-tackling Magnus Carlsen pre-checkmate. It's an off-putting thought exercise.

Meanwhile, Seiver--the reigning champion of this very event--had not yet sated his need for random violence.

Scott Seiver_SH_Day 2_2014 PCA_Giron_8JG7877.jpg

As the Day 1 players bagged their chips, Seiver started angling for more money. He wanted $500 to plow Koon into the carpet. No one was buying, but when someone said "$200," Seiver didn't hesitate. He turned and ran as hard as he could at Koon. It was brutal and exciting in a way I didn't anticipate. To his credit, Koon stood up and finished the interview.

Scott Seiver is now out of the Super High Roller. So is Daniel Negreanu. In fact, so is Koon.

But Seiver...well, that man made $700 yesterday.

Brad Willis is the PokerStars Head of Blogging