PCA 2014: Screwed poker tables, kit, one; for the repair of

Reflections on the early levels of Day 2.

How do you take your Super High Roller? "Esfandiari took one, and Laliberte took two." Like tea, everyone has their own tastes when it comes to a Super High Roller. Some like things as they come, with nothing added, while others "take two". Not sugar lumps mind, these are re-entries. At $100,000 each they're not cheap, but at some point today they'll be a prize pool to show how much it was worth to start all over again.

Guy Laliberté


When the stakes are so high there's still no harm in being economical. Take the table numbers for instance. To resolve the issue of players being unable to identify which table is which, two members of hotel staff were assigned to end this problem.

Wearing low slung jeans, presumably to blend in with their surroundings two men, whose job involves working with a drill, requisitioned some basic supplies this morning, namely something called a "Name badge holder kit." They then set about a permanent solution to this short term problem.

They set about drilling two screws through these name badge holders, fixing them to the table. At first this took two screws. Then, looking around on the carpet having watched several screws roll around on the floor, it was felt one was enough.

The "screwed poker tables, kit, one; for the repair of" will be making an appearance later this week.


Lastly the carpets in the Imperial ballroom have often been talked of for their lively pattern and colours. But while it may not be the fancy of most there is genius in its design.

The lively carpets that lien the halls and tournament rooms

For all those oranges, pale greens and yellows are designed to clash perfectly with every single item of clothing worn by anyone who enters the room. It means nobody is made to feel awkward. We take our hats off to the interior design department of Atlantis.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.