PCA 2014: Take the "How famous are you?" test


Are you worried about how famous you are? Are you concerned that your prestige may be waning or wonder if it might actually have gone up? Then there's a simple test to take that will address your fears once and for all.

Simply arrive late

This ingenious system allows you to enjoy exclusive attention from the TV cameras, positioned along the hallways -- en guard -- to capture images of the late arrivals. But not just any late arrivals.

The famous are followed by the "floating camera"

Only the proper "notables" receive any attention at all, and there are varying degrees of that. There are three categories to put your mind at rest.

You're very famous: Not only be followed by a camera and a microphone but the camera will be a state of the art floating type, held aloft by a nimble, big-armed operator blessed with the capacity to look through a lens and side-step better than Ginger Rogers between tables at the same time. They won't let you out of your sight and may even ask you to do a re-take.

Philipp Gruissem is so famous he's followed by a massage therapist and even other pros

You're a bit famous: You'll be followed by a camera team, but not by the special floating camera. They'll watch as you enter the room but might not follow you to your seat. But at least your name is known.

Not famous: Your arrival takes place with complete anonymity. Even the staff member you ask for directions double checks to make sure you're in the right tournament. They then point you to the general area where your table might or might not be, still unconvinced. You'll be lucky to be followed by a waitress.

That's all there is to it. A fool proof way to work out how likely you are to be recognised in the street, in the tournament room, or your own home.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.