Sixteen Frequent Player Points = Two PCA packages

If you want to know what a single PokerStars Frequent Player Point is worth in the real world, you can head over to the PokerStars VIP Store and get a card protector for 675 FPPs. It's a pretty good deal, all things considered.

But if you want to know how much an FPP is worth in the magical land of of FPP qualifying, you need to look at two people who are going to the PCA for the rough of equivalent of 1/42nd the cost of a card protector.

Stay with me here.

Earlier today, we told you how you can win your 2015 PCA package for free. But this is another kind of story all together.

As you can see on the PCA's Facebook page, this weekend, two players on different sides of the globe won their trip to the PCA for a combined 16 PokerStars Frequent Player Points. Lithuania's tommy_las84 and Colombia's Laura "Candylaustar" Garzon (pictured below) both started their journeys to the PCA by buying into the 2 FPP Mega Path rebuys. Now, they are going to PCA.


Laura "Candylaustar" Garzon and her winning tournament lobby

If you don't know about the PCA Mega Path, you should. You can start at Round 1 for just a couple of FPPs and work your way up to a PCA seat and maybe a PCA title.

That's exactly what two of last night's Mega Path players did. Garzon had started by spending only six FPPs, and tommy_las84 was in for ten. They were two of six people who are now headed for the PCA Main Event, a free hotel room at Atlantis, $1,003 to spend on a plane ticket, and $1,000 room credit to spend on food and drinks.

If you look pretty closely at that picture, you'll see the two qualifiers got their tickets in the same Mega Path final as Team PokerStars Pro Online's Mickey Petersen and 2011 PCA runner-up Chris Oliver.

So, go buy a card protector (they are actually quite nice) and then use the change you have left over to get on the Mega Path to the Bahamas. Your next chance for a Mega Path final is November 16.

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