PCA 2015: All in. All in? All in. All in. All in!

How many times can the words "all in" be spoken in a conversation before they stop making sense? Elizabeth Bennett-Martin set about demonstrating.

"All in," said Bennett-Martin, moving her chips forward.

"All in," echoed the dealer.

"All in," said Bennett-Martin, this time to her friends on the rail.

"All in" said her friend on the rail, before turning to the others. "All-in!"

And so Bennett-Martin was all-in. The story we'd featured all week delicately balanced on the fate of one hand. As the action progressed slowly around the table Bennett-Martin waited patiently, the slight grin on her face hard to contain.

Elizabeth_Bennett_pca2015_med3_2.jpgElizabeth Bennett-Martin yesterday

It was folded round to Ralph Porter in the cut-off who called. Straight-faced he turned over pocket queens. Bennett-Martin could only manage jacks.

Still, the experience is as much of the prize to Bennett-Martin, here as an elected delegate of the Toronto Poker League and just happy to be...


Well that changed a few things. A jack on the turn, keeping her hopes alive, back up to 75,000. She could hardly contain herself.

"Oh my God I did it!" she cried, without any malice. Porter, to his credit, kept his face straight and paid her off. Perhaps he was unaware of his part in keeping alive the kind of story reserved for romantic fiction, but he played his role beautifully.


Bennett-Martin meanwhile, when she's stopped leaping about anyway, took the adoration of her friends on the rail. Then she took pictures of them as they posed for a group shot. Her position at the start of play was the perfect spot for someone with so many friends on the rail. One senses they'll have plenty more to see before the day is over.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.