PCA 2015: Dream lived for George Danzer. What will it mean in 2015?

Did George Danzer remember what his surfing coach had told him almost exactly a year ago. I asked him.

"Yeah, I remember! He said 'follow your dream in 2014'!"

I couldn't help but ask how that turned out.

"It actually worked out pretty good."

Of course it had worked out, and that surfing coach turned out to be a genius (read the interview with George from 2014 here). Danzer really had lived the dream and 2014 turned out to be an incredible year for the Team Pro, who won three WSOP bracelets and capped the year off by being named Player of the Year.

"Sometimes stuff like that just happens," said Danzer. "Usually just in the movies, but sometimes in real life. It takes a while, and it doesn't happen every year, so I cannot just find a new motto for 2015 you know."

George Danzer_pca2015_me1a.jpgBracelet umpteen in 2015?

Danzer didn't really change anything this year, he just pressed on with his usual enthusiasm. As he put it, it wasn't like his goals for last year were any different to any year before that. It's just though regular perseverance things worked out. So what targets will there be for 2015?

"I'm happy with 2014. I won the bracelet, that was one important part, and player of the year was a bonus on top. So now I don't feel the urge to win anything."

"I would like to go up a little bit in the GPI, because I like the idea of having a list of the best players, in tennis in golf, just the rankings, so I'd like that. I want to be a bit higher up, maybe go into the top ten."

Right now that's a distinct possibility. Danzer is currently 40th, but the bumper 2014 should send him racing towards his goal, given that the rankings incorporate a period of his career when results were not as forthcoming.

"The really bad results I had a few years ago, I think I had only one or two good results, are going to get erased, so everything I can accumulate now will shoot me up the rankings."

"The other goal is just try to play another good World Series, that's the major event for me, and I don't want to have one good year and then next year... one hit wonder! Then there is the online tournament where I always try to win the leader board and still haven't won one!"

So just a few modest targets...

"Yeah just a couple of targets!"

And so 2015 kicks off for Danzer in much the same way as last year - the same goals, the same targets that he always sets himself. So it's situation normal for 2015. No wait, that doesn't rhyme. How about something like "Make it routine in 2015"?

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.