PCA 2015: Greenwood running good and staying smart

It will be a long day for the Super High Rollers playing down to a final table tonight. That might explain why there's still that atmosphere, described yesterday, during which very little is taken seriously, with everybody happy and optimistic. There's too much play left to think things could all go south. And besides, losing a buy in of $100,000 (or more if they re-entered), well that's reserved for the other guy.

All seem pretty confident that their chances of coming back tomorrow are good. But then without that level of confidence you don't get to be a super high roller in the first place. So perhaps we should be surprised that, with the prize pool published, with nine paid and more than $1.8 million to the winner, there remains a jovial spirit across the tournament area.

Back in reality however, it's Sam Greenwood out in front. The Canadian bagged up the lead last night and still has it three levels into the day.

sam_greenwood_pca2015_shr2.jpgGreenwood IS good

Just 12 months ago it was the Main Event that was Greenwood's central pre-occupation. He and his brothers Max and Lucas each went deep, as we reported back then, and were watched, at least when they could bear it, by his parents. They're also back this year, with Greenwood's father Howard watching his son from the rail.

True to type, Greenwood wasn't prepared to put his success so far down to anything but run-good.

"I mean I just got really lucky," he said at the break. "I got kings into aces in one, and then aces into kings in one. That's where I got most of my chips. Every decision I make, every fold I make, is like a crack decision. I got lucky and then I got smart enough not to blow it all I guess."

Of course all that has changed since we spoke to Greenwood, who doubled Jason Mercier (jacks vs ace-queen) to drop down the chip count page a few places. But then there's plenty of time to recover, plenty of time to run-good, plenty of time to stay smart.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.