PCA 2015: On air through to the finish

You probably know by now that the PCA is a little different. It gets special treatment, like a favoured child. But while we'd never say one event was better than another, this one comes with a few bonuses you might not find anywhere else, as you'll discover by watching EPTLive.

This year you can watch everything that happens at the PCA from the start, with EPT Live on air from 3pm EST today. That kicks off three days of Super High Roller coverage -- the start of a broadcast schedule that will include all the big events, plus anything else that can be shoehorned in.

As Jon Zincke, senior producer said, it will be on-stop, every day, for nine days, all the way through to the main event final table.

There's plenty to come. After the Super High Roller there will also be coverage of the LAPT final table for the first time at a PCA. Then, on Friday, EPTLive brings you uninterrupted coverage of the Main Event from Day 2.

In addition to that they'll be regular updates from events such as the America's Cup of Poker, and maybe even the High Roller event, provided there's a camera free to point in that direction. Frankly, there's too much good stuff that we don't want to leave anything out.

In addition to events at the tables, they'll be the usual shenanigans from commentators James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton, and also competitions, including a "Guess Who?" contest.


"They'll be one picture a day for eight days," said Zincke. "If you miss one you can always watch the replay to find it. On the eighth day you'll be able to submit your answers and Joe Stapleton will announce the winner on air."

All this kicks off in a matter of minutes, with James and Joe ready in the booth. So go to PokerStars.tv to watch, or scroll down a little to watch below.

Follow all the action from the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at PokerStars Blog. Head to the Super High Roller page to see hand-by-hand updates and chip counts in the panel at the top of the page, with feature articles below. Action starts soon on EPT Live.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.