PCA 2015: Pay attention for some advice from ElkY and Cody

Okay, let's run through the check list from this morning.

1. Headphones off? Check.
2. Paying full attention to what's going on at the table? Check.
3. Not looking at your phone all the time? Check.

Well that's everything.

I'll be honest. I had hoped to catch Jake Cody and Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier with headphones on and their eyes shut when play began, but it seems they actually take their own advice and practice what they preach.


I knew this because I'd been at the Team Pro Breakfast Q and A this morning, the second of a series of five sessions planned during the PCA. They're a great way to start your day, learn something about the game, and get a free breakfast.

And so Cody and ElkY took turns to tell stories and give some priceless advice on the subject of taking your online game into the live arena.

For ElkY it was a personal journey from video gamer, to online player, to live poker champion. Then there was Cody, who almost gave up on his ambition to become a live tournament player when he couldn't seem to cash anywhere. It was a story that started funnily enough at the PCA.

Jake told the story over coffee and muffins...

"In 18 months I must have played nearly 20-30 tournaments and had one cash," admitted Cody. "So I thought maybe I should stick to online

jake_cody_pca2015_quanda_med2.jpgCody talks about his first major win

Then, after a trip to the PCA with a friend who had qualified, he tried again in some side events, all while being star struck by the players he kept seeing in the hallways of Atlantis. The experience, his first PCA, was incredible, but the results stayed the same.
"Two weeks later EPT Deauville comes around and two of my best friends said I should go, and that it was easy because it was full of French players... sorry if anyone here is French..."

(At this point everyone looked around before they remembered that there was a Frenchman on stage with Cody, although it's an easy mistake to make in assuming that ElkY is from outer space.)

elky_qanda_pca2015_med2.jpgElkY taking questions (and mild abuse)

Cody continued...

"So I go to Deauville. I decided this was my final shot and that I'd play nothing live after this. So I played a €200 satellite and won a seat, sitting next to Timex all the way through. He went on to come third in the Main Event. I won it. From then live poker seemed kind of easy."

Both Cody and ElkY are among that group of players who have now proven themselves in both realms so were in a good position to answer questions on subjects such as how to handle not having anything to do between hands (pay attention, follow the game and learn all you can), how to stay patient (pay attention, follow the game and learn all you can), and resisting the urge to play around on your iPad between hands (pay attention, follow the game, and learn all you can).

The rest you can watch for yourself on the recording below.

They'll be another Q and A tomorrow at 11am in the Player Lounge (in the corner of the tournament room). All welcome.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.