PCA 2015: Super High Roller to make two sharks into millionaires

If your New Year's resolution was to become a millionaire in 2015, I very much hope you are playing the Super High Roller event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure this week.

The prize pool for the monster buy-in curtain raiser has just been announced and the headline news is as follows. The winner of this event, to be decided some time tomorrow night, will earn $1,872,580. Even the player in second place is hardly going to be disappointed. He or she will pick up $1,344,420. Two sharks, two millionaires.


Two sharks

The reason for the extraordinary purses is simple: this has been the biggest renewal of this event since its inception four years ago. There were 50 players in the event, plus 11 re-entries, meaning a total prize pool of $6,402,000*.

Eugene Katchalov beat 38 players to earn his $1.5 million in 2011. A year later, Viktor Blom outlasted a field of 30 for $1.254 million. Last year, Fabian Quoss beat 46 to take home $1,629,940.

Scott Seiver, who won in 2013, is the only one to break through $2 million for his success, but even that was a smaller field. The payout schedule has been tinkered since then, and the money jumps are less severe. Nine players will also be paid this week, whereas only eight made the money in 2013.

Here is the full breakdown of prizes. Remember, they will play down to a final table of eight this evening, and to a winner - broadcast live, with cards up - tomorrow.

1 - $1,872,580
2 - $1,344,420
3 - $873,880
4 - $659,400
5 - $512,160
6 - $396,920
7 - $313,700
8 - $243,280
9 - $185,660

*With deductions of $3,000 per entry removed.

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