PCA 2015: Winner to bank nearly $1.5 million

The registration cage is closed. If you're not already in, you're watching it like the rest of us. In fact, more than 400 of you who registered are also out of luck (sorry about that). But(!), for the 372 folks who still have chips, there is $7,915,200 in prize money up for grabs.

The bean counters in the back came out of their den this afternoon to announce the important details of this year's PCA Main Event prize pool.

Here's what you will want to know:

Entries: 816 (Day 1A--220, Day 1B--589 Day 2--7)
Prize pool: $7,915,200
Places paid: 119
Min-cash:: $17,800
First prize: $1,491,580 + Steel SLYDE watch

If you want a full list of payouts and winners, visit our 2015 PCA Main Event coverage page and click the PRIZE PAYOUTS tab.

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