PCA 2016: Last chance to cash in on your friends!

They say you can't buy friends, but that doesn't mean you can't cash in on your friendships. If you act fast, you can make some money just by getting your friend to come play the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure with you.

PokerStars has put together a cool Refer A Friend offer for the PCA. It's open until December 22. If you're going to the PCA, you can invite a friend and make $500 for doing it.

Here's how it works: you find a friend who hasn't played in the last couple of PCAs (that's 2014 and 2015 if you're not up on what year it us). Send that person's name, date of birth and PokerStars ID to pca@pslive.com. If you both end up playing the PCA Main Event, PokerStars will give you $500 when you get to the Bahamas. That will buy more than a few Kaliks!

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PokerStars Twitch star Jaime Staples is no dummy. He's looking for a few good friends. If you let him refer you, he's ready to take you out to dinner, talk about poker, or whatever else suits your fancy.

He talks all about that in the video below.

Need details? Yes, you do.

Check out this link and then go cash in on your friends!

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