PCA 2016: $100K Super High Roller Day 1 (Levels 1-2)

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2:20pm: Nothing beats a free lunch
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

As the players in the Super High Roller were getting up for the break, an interesting hand developed between Dani Stern and Stephen Chidwick. Stern raised in mid-position before Chidwick three-bet and Stern four-bet to 15,000. Sitting right next door, Chidwick put in the chips to call.

A big pot was brewing when Stern bet 16,000 on the 6♣7♦3♣ flop and Chidwick once again called. The turn was 5♥, putting four to a straight on the board. This time Stern slowed down and checked. Chidwick wasn't so kind though, and slid out 32,000 which elicited a fold from Stern. Not the huge pot that the eager fans on the rail were waiting for then, but if Stern and Chidwick keep up this type of battling it's only a matter of time.

Stephen Chidwick__Giron_8JG7115.jpg

Stephen Chidwick

Table 2 rose as one after the hand concluded, with all players going on their first twenty minute break of the day. Before leaving, Christoph Vogelsang asked Scott Seiver if they got free food by entering this event - the answer is yes. Despite paying $100,000 to enter, thriftiness is still alive and well at the PCA Super High Roller. Especially when a mere banana at the Atlantis Resort costs nearly $5... - RJ

2:15pm: Holz outraces Kurganov
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Fedor Holz is not resting on his most recent Super High Roller win, and he's picked Igor Kurganov as his foil of the day. The first battle came in a pot that had been swollen pre-flop by raises, three-bets, and four-bets, one that Vanessa Selbst and Ole Schemion had been forced abandon. Kurganov had finally made it 70,000 to go when Holz pushed all-in for 143,900. Kurganov held a pair of sevens to Holz's A♥K♦. Holz picked up an ace on the flop and held for the double-up. A few minutes later, Holz raised under the gun and got calls from Ankush Mandavia and Kurganov. On a 7♥J♠A♦ flop, Kurganov checked, Holz made it 4,500. Mandavia folded, but Kurganov made the call. On the J♦ turn, Kurganov led for 8,500, and Holz called behind. Kurganov check-called for 14,000 on the A♥ river to see Holz's A♣8♣.


Igor Kurganov, left, watches his chips go to Fedor Holz

Kurganov: 50,000
Holz: 300,000

Hey, it's a re-entry, right?--BW

2:09pm: Petrangelo shove forces Bonomo fold
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

As the day's second level neared its close, we picked up a hand on the turn between Nick Petrangelo (cutoff) and Justin Bonomo (button).

The board read 6♦8♣4♦K♥ and there was about 60,000 in the middle, and after Petrangelo had checked, Bonomo set out a bet of 32,000. At that Petrangelo check-raised to 90,000, and after some thought Bonomo called.

The river brought the J♣ and without much hesitation Petrangelo announced he was all in with a stack that resembled the current size of the pot (about 240,000). Bonomo counted his chips -- about 165,000 -- and considered for three full minutes before deciding to fold. --MH

Nick Petrangelo - 480,000
Justin Bonomo - 165,000

2:00pm: Mercier giving his phone a rest
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Jason Mercier arrived a short while ago and immediately got comfortable. He's also made a few changes on the technology front. Tired of actually holding his phone while communicating with the outside world, he's brought with him a contraption to take the strain.

If that's allowing him to focus on winning chips, then it might be working.
Mercier just opened for 2,700 from under the gun, which Bill Perkins and Thomas Muehloecker called, prompting Isaac Haxton, sitting between them, to ask why nobody limps anymore.

Mercier bet again on the 2♣T♠9♦ flop, 5,000 this time with a single blue chip, which Perkins called for an A♥ turn card. Both checked that, and the K♠ river card. Ten-jack for Perkins, but pocket queens for Mercier. He had both hands free to stack his chips.

Mercier is back up to 200,000 while Perkins, on his second bullet, drops to 210,000. - SB

1:55pm: The sounds of silence
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Despite a buy-in that is the equivalent of a deposit for a three-bed house in West London*, these Super High Rollers usually feature more table chat and laughter than any other event. That's not the case at Table 2, where stoic faces and robotic movements are the current theme of the day. That tone is being set by a cast that includes Erik Seidel, Joe McKeehen, Sean Winter, Noah Schwartz and Justin Bonomo, who has dyed his hair rooster red for the occasion.

Amidst the silence, a small pot broke out. Seidel raised to 3,000 from the hijack, Schwartz called in the cut-off, Winter called on the button and Bonomo called in the big blind. The 7♣T♦3♥ flop was checked by Seidel before Schwartz bet and only Bonomo called. The two both checked on the 5♠ turn, and Bonomo checked again on 9♥ river. This time Schwartz was done with checking and put out 11,100, which was good enough to win the pot.

Meanwhile, there have been major developments in Protein-Gate as the king of fitness himself, Jason Koon, has finally arrived to take his seat in the Super High Roller. As if warming up for a UFC title fight Koon was stretching his arms and legs for several minutes before finally taking a seat in the tournament, where he will be attempting to knock out several opponents in a very different way. - RJ

*Or an actual house in many other parts of the country.

1:40pm: Big cautious hands
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Timothy Adams and Vanessa Selbst slowly tip-toed through a 5♣7♥8♦A♣4♥ board with big pocket pairs.

Adams raised to 3,600 pre-flop with pocket jacks and Selbst called with K♣K♠ from the hijack. Adams bet 5,500 on the flop and Selbst called after some thought.


Timothy Adams, tip-toeing

When the A♣ came on the turn, Adams bet 12,400 and Selbst thought for over a minute before she called.

The 4♥ on the river provoked even more caution. Adams thought for some time and then checked. Action was back on Selbst and she thought quietly for some time before she checked back.

Adams quickly turned over jacks but threw them in the muck when Selbst showed her kings. --AV

Vanessa Selbst - 275,000
Timothy Adams - 233,000

1:45pm: Perkins' stack perks up
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

After Bill Perkins lost a big pot to Daniel Dvoress to drop to 130,000 it looked as if his second bullet was going the way of the first. But he just rebounded by winning a sizeable pot against Isaac Baron.

It was Baron who got the action started, raising to 3,500 from under-the-gun+1, Perkins three-bet to 10,000 out of the big blind and, after inquiring how much Perkins was playing, Baron called.

This was the third pot in a row that Perkins had played and he c-bet 10,000 on the 8♠T♠2♥ flop and Baron swiftly called. The 9♥ fell on the turn, Perkins bet again, this time 28,000, and again Baron put in the calling chips.

On the K♦ river Perkins took a little longer to act, but he didn't slow down, instead he bet 53,000, which was more than half his remaining stack.

Baron stroked his upper lip. "It's always good when they don't insta-snap!" said Perkins to the table as he broke out in a laugh.
"I've got a big hand, I don't want to fold," Baron said.
"It sounds like a fold to me when someone says that," Perkins said.

Another 20 seconds or so passed after which Perkins said: "It can't be that big."
"Oh it's pretty big," replied Baron, before adding. "Oh man."

He then sighed a couple of times and looked back at his cards. "You're 66 percent to fold when you look back at your hand, I've been tracking that stat," Perkins said.
"Now I get the speech," Baron said.

A short time later Baron flicked in the call. "I think I had you the whole way," Perkins said as he rolled over K♠K♣. Baron mucked and Perkins stopped the rot. - NW

Bill Perkins - 232,000
Isaac Baron - 140,000

1:38pm: Vogelsang calls, collects
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Scott Seiver raised to 3,300 from under the gun and the table folded around to Christoph Vogelsang who defended his big blind with a call. The flop came J♠9♣5♥, and after Vogelsang checked, Seiver continued for 5,500 and Vogelsang called.

The turn brought the K♥ and another check from Vogelsang, and Seiver tossed out a single green chip (worth 25K) and announced his bet was for 13,000. Vogelsang tanked for nearly three minutes, then called the bet. The 5♠ followed on the river, earning a couple of relatively quick checks from both.

Vogelsang turned over Q♦9♦ for nines and fives, then saw his hand was good as Seiver mucked his hand.-- MH

Christoph Vogelsang - 280,000
Scott Seiver - 165,000

1:35pm: One for Vogelsang, one for Stern
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

Christoph Vogelsang and Dani Stern just exchanged a few chips in consecutive pots. In the first, and with the board already showing 2♦5♠7♠3♦J♠, Vogelsang bet 21,000 in mostly yellow (1,000) chips, which Stern was unable to call.


Christoph Vogelsang: Takes one, leaves one

In the next hand Vogelsang, on the button this time, bet pre-flop, and at other stages of the hand, but was unable to shake off Stern, who showed 7♦8♠ on a board of 5♥5♠7♣4♦2♦. Vogelsang mucked. -- SB

1:30pm: Aces serve Newey
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

A mid-position open from Isaac Haxton was met with a call from newly-reentered Bill Perkins positioned one seat to his left. Isaac Baron also called from the button, then Paul Newey three-bet from the big blind. All three of his opponents called, creating a pot of more than 50,000.

The flop came 4♥3♦T♠. Newey led for 23,000, and only Perkins called. The turn was the J♠, and this time Newey bet 56,000. Again Perkins was quick to call. Both then checked the 4♠ river.

"Just a ten," said Perkins without turning his cards over, then when he saw Newey's better A♣A♥ Perkins mucked face down. --MH

Paul Newey - 315,000
Isaac Baron - 285,000
Issac Haxton - 190,000
Bill Perkins - 175,000

1:26pm: Mercier trying to make up for lost time
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

With no hot water in his room and missing his PokerStars hats, Jason Mercier showed up a little later than most...which by Bill Perkins' standard is cheaper. Mercier ended up at Perkins' table with only Isaac Haxton between them.

"Perky's already on his second bullet," Haxton revealed.
Mercier feigned incredulousness. "No way!"

Mercier announced his arrival to the table with a raise to 2,200 from the button (this was towards the end of Level 1). Perkins, all laughs over the fact he'd already paid double for this tournament than anyone else, re-popped it to 6,000. Mercier, with his passport still sitting behind his chips, made the call.

On a 8♦9♥2♣ flop, Perkins led for 6,000 and Mercier made the call. Perkins didn't slow down on the 2♥ turn. This time it was 12,000, and again, Mercier called. The river, 3♦, did nothing to stop Perkins' firing. It was 30,000 to call. Mercier, on his very first hand at the table, struggled with the decision. After a minute, he asked, "Two kings?" Perkins sat silent.

Mercier folded. Perkins took one more look at his cards and said, "I definitely don't have two kings."--BW

1:25pm: Electronic timeline
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

There's never a shortage of entertainment at the PCA.

If you're not playing poker for six or seven-figure paydays, you can swim in the ocean, race down water slides and even ride dolphins.

You can also play Atari.

There are three Atari consoles set up with large-screen TVs and luxury gaming chairs set up right next to the super high roller.

Spectators and players can take their pick between Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command.

This sparked a video game console conversation at Scott Seiver's table, who immediately recalled that the original Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1984 and that the Sega Master System only really took off in Europe.

It was nostalgic talk for most, but news for Fedor Holz.

"You wouldn't know," Seiver told Holz. "You were born like after the N64."

"The other day we even had to explain to him what Y2K was," Steve O'Dwyer said.

Holz, who's in his early 20s, might not have reached sentience until the late 90s but he's already accumulated more than $7 million in tournament earning.

More than $5 million of that came from two high rollers he won in the last 30 days. Now he's hunting another one and getting a history lesson in the process.

"And then we realized we didn't even really know what it was," Seiver said. "We had to Wikipedia it." --AV

1:20pm: I love the smell of protein in the morning
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

There are a few smells commonly associated with poker players, and not all of them are positive. However, Igor Kurganov thinks that today's Super High Roller field smells of something else entirely: protein.

It's no secret that many poker players these days like to keep in shape, and especially those at the top of the game. Yet for Kurganov, today's Super High Roller field had taken the protein-taking too far.

Addressing Ole Schemion, he said, "Have you been drinking protein shakes?" When the German shook his head, Kurganov's interrogation moved on to Holz, who also denied the claim (despite a confirmed sighting of the poker wunderkind at the Atlantis gym this morning).

After two denials, Kurganov concluded his investigation by pointing the blame at JC Alvarado, who was seated a few tables away. Kurganov shouted, "I can smell your protein from here!" as the rest of the fit and healthy field looked on approvingly. Alvarado neither confirmed nor denied the accusation, leaving the mystery alive and well.

Rest assured that we will keep you updated on all things protein-related here at the PCA today. Whether it's protein shakes, bars or - best of all, a Jason Koon sighting - we've got you covered. - RJ

1:12pm: Level 2 begins
Level 2 - Blinds 600-1,200 (200 ante)

The first hour is done and as the second level begins there have been a total of 25 entries so far. Thomas Muehloecker, Stephen Chidwick, and Anthony Zinno were among those turning up late in the first level. --MH

1:05pm: O'Dwyer dents Holz
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Just a few days ago Fedor Holz and Steve O'Dwyer both made the final table of the WPT $200,000 Super High Roller in the Philippines. On that occasion Holz had the better of it, winning the event for $3,463,500 while O'Dwyer finished fourth for $953,700.

They've been drawn to the same table today, in adjacent seats actually, although they're separated by the dealer. O'Dwyer just got the better of Holz in a big pot that reached the river.


Steve O'Dwyer: Just in from Manila

Play was six-handed at the time and Holz opened to 2,500 from the cut-off and then called after O'Dwyer three-bet to 8,500 from the button.

The dealer fanned a 8♦4♣3♣ flop, there then followed a check from Holz, a bet of 12,000 from O'Dwyer and a call from Holz. The 4♠ hit the turn and once more Holz checked. A few seconds passed and O'Dywer lifted up his stack of green 25K chips and slid the bottom one into the pot using his forefinger and then put the rest back down from whence they came.

This time Holz tanked for longer but, like O'Dwyer, he committed a single green chip to the pot and both players looked on as the J♠ completed the board. As the dealer was checking he had the correct number of cards in the deck, Holz again checked. It didn't take too long for O'Dwyer to fire out a bet of 54,000 but there then followed Holz's longest tank of the hand.

Eventually he elected to fold and the pot went to O'Dwyer. --NW

Steve O'Dwyer - 292,000
Fedor Holz - 201,000

1pm: McKeehen felts Perkins
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Joe McKeehen opened for 3,000 from under the gun, then Bill Perkins called the raise from next position. It folded to Sam Greenwood on the button who three-bet to 12,000. McKeehen called, and Perkins called as well, leaving himself something less than 100,000 behind.


Bill Perkins ponders his options

The flop came 3♣4♣8♥. Both McKeehen and Perkins checked, then Greenwood continued with a bet of 16,400. McKeehen called the bet, and Perkins leaned to the dealer sitting on his left to tell her he was raising all in. Greenwood quickly folded, and McKeehen didn't take very long at all before making the call.

McKeehen tabled T♣8♣ for top pair of eights plus a flush draw, and Perkins grinned as he showed his 6♣2♣ for the same, albeit lesser flush draw, plus a gutshot.


Joe McKeehan: WSOP champ

"Red five!" Perkins said hopefully as the dealer delivered the A♠ turn. The J♦ river then sealed it, sending the last of Perkins' stack to the 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event champion.

It looks as though Perkins will be back, however, as he's inquiring about where to go to reenter.--MH

12.55pm: Newey up, Haxton down
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

On table three Isaac Haxton made it 2,500 from under the gun, which was called by Paul Newey on the button for a 2♣6♣2♥ flop. Haxton bet again, making it 2,800 this time, which Newey raised to 8,000 before Haxton called.

The turn brought the K♠. Haxton tapped the table, as did Newey, before the river card 5♣. Haxton now checked again. Newey bet 20,000 -- "twenny" announced the dealer - which sent Haxton into a long pause.

"I told you to take it easy on us Paul," he said. "This isn't easy at all."
Newey sipped water from a bottle, Haxton was lost in thought, apologising to the others for taking so long. Finally he called and watched Newey turn over pocket queens.

"I don't beat that, nice hand," said Haxton. "I was expecting to see something better or worse than that."--SB

12:50pm: Shakerchi off to a great start
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

At a half-empty Table 2, one of the biggest pots of the day so far went the way of British player Talal Shakerchi. It was folded to Shakerchi on the button and he took things old-school, raising to 3,000, three times the big blind. EPT Prague Super High Roller champ Steve O'Dwyer called from the small blind, only for Christoph Vogelsang to three-bet to 13,500 from the big blind.

Shakerchi called in position, and O'Dwyer got out of the way. Vogelsang continued his aggression on the A♦8♣K♠ flop by betting 14,000. Shakerchi called again. The turn 8♥ paired the board and this time Vogelsang slowed down and checked. Shakerchi bet 27,100 and, after a small period of dwelling, Vogelsang called. The river was an innocuous 2♦.

Vogelsang elected to check once again, and was quickly faced with a large bet of 51,200 from the British businessman. It was here that the German Vogelsang went into a world of his own, staring into space for a good two or three minutes before coming to a decision. That decision was to call. However, Shakerchi quickly flipped over 9♥8♠ for trip eights that he had hit on the turn. It was good enough to take down the 215,000 chip pot.

As the chips were getting pushed Shakerchi's way, the table started to fill up as Fedor Holz and Dani Stern joined the action. More big pots are all but guaranteed on Table 2.--RJ

12:47pm: Mercier is coming...maybe unshowered
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

If you're wondering where Team Pro Jason Mercier is, have no fear. He's coming, he has just had some issues.

Fear not, however. Registration will be open all day long. Maybe Mercier will have some hot water by then.--BW

12:35pm: Olé! Wait...how do you say it?
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

As the Super High Roller expanded to three tables, Isaac Haxton and Ole Schemion found themselves at the same table. For a couple of guys who have played these big games together for a while, you might have thought they'd be a little more familiar. Not so, apparently.

"Hello, Mr. Schemion," Haxton said as he arranged himself at the table.


Hello Mr Schemion

Schemion barely had time to respond before Haxton was asking a question that has probably bothered every one of us for the past few years: Exactly how does Ole Schemion pronounce his first name?

"Oh-luh," Shemion said.
"Oh-la?" Haxton tried.
"You're close," Schemion allowed.
"I was closer than Olé!" Haxton said.

Schemion lowered his voice and said, "You were closer with Olé," he said.

With eight levels ahead of them, these two guys might even get around to discussing their favorite color by the time they bag and tag. --BW

12:32pm: Petrangelo takes from Perkins
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Isaac Haxton opened for 2,500 from UTG, then watched the table fold around to Nick Petrangelo in late position who three-bet to 8,500. It folded back to Bill Perkins in the big blind. The ever-active Perkins had just won the previous two hands (both small pots), and he decided to get involved again by reraising to 8,500. Petrangelo thought for a moment, then called the raise.

Both players checked the 6♦3♠K♣ flop, then after the 9♦ fell on the turn Perkins fired a bet of 54,000. Again acting with deliberation, Petrangelo called.

The river was the 8♣. Perkins didn't wait very long before pushing out another bet -- 55,000 this time -- and after only a few seconds Petrangelo said he was calling.

"I don't like it," said Perkins as he tabled his J♠J♦, then nodded in acknowledgement as Petrangelo showed the better A♣A♦.--MH

Nick Petrangelo - 415,000
Bill Perkins - 155,000

12:25pm: Cold luxury
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

Paying $100,000 to be chilly in the Bahamas puts you in a special, tight-knit group of people.

"Where's your scarf?" Scott Seiver asked Steve O'Dwyer after O'Dwyer took a seat at his table.
"Right here," O'Dwyer pulled a scarf from under the table and put it on.
"Oh wait," Daniel Dvoress said. "Let me put mine on."

Dvoress dug through his back and wrapped his neck with luxury insulation.

"I need to buy one," Shakerchi said.

A cold room seems to be one of the few poker tournament constants but action in the super high roller is just starting to warm up.

While Seiver was interrogating O'Dwyer about his jugular attire, he was involved in a hand with Christoph Vogelsang and Daniel Dvoress.

In that hand, Vogeslang raised to 2,900 from the button and Seiver and Dvoress called from the blinds.

All three players checked the 4♣A♥K♣ flop and a 7♠ came on the turn. Seiver bet 3,300, Dvoress folded and Vogelslang called. A 9♠ completed the board and Seiver checked.

Vogeslang bet 5,500 and Seiver called after some thought. Vogeslang turned over A♦5♦ and Seiver mucked.

The pot put Vogeslang up to about 255,000 while Seiver dipped to 238,000.--AV

12:30pm: The history of the PCA Super High Roller

The 2016 edition of the PCA Super High Roller is the sixth time a $100,000 buy-in event has been held here. If history has taught us anything about this event it's that a big name is going to win it.

The five former champions have racked up more than $51,000,000 in cashes between them, helped in no small part to winning this particular event. For three of them - Steve O'Dwyer, Fabian Quoss and Viktor Blom - taking down the PCA Super High Roller marks their biggest ever live tournament cash, while for the other two - Scott Seiver and Eugene Katchlov - it's beaten to top spot by an even bigger result.

Last year was, by some distance, the biggest ever PCA Super High Roller as there were 66 entries in total (50 unique and 16 re-entries). While the field might be small right now, with late registration open until the start of Day 2, this could yet surpass last year's total.--NW

YearEntriesChampionFirst Prize
201138Eugene Katchalov$1,500,000
201230Viktor Blom$1,254,400
201347Scott Seiver$2,003,480
201446Fabian Quoss$1,629,940
201566Steve O'Dwyer$1,872,580

12:15pm: First raise of the PCA
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

The first raise in the Super High Roller event came from Isaac Haxton. It was the very first hand of the PCA. Playing four handed, and on the button, he opened, getting calls from Paul Newey and Justin Bonomo in the blinds. The flop came 4♣6♣T♣ and a Bonomo bet was enough to take it down. Timothy Adams has since arrived to take a seat.--SB

12:12pm: Shuffle up and deal
Level 1 - Blinds 500-1,000 (100 ante)

After a slight delay the first hands are being dealt, with a couple of short-handed tables in action to begin. Justin Bonomo and Scott Seiver are also now seated and saw the first hand, along with the aforementioned Vogelsang, Haxton and Shakerchi.--MH

12:05pm: Perkins wants to play

As previously stated, these Super High Roller events rarely start on time and it's no different this time around. There are six tables set up with dealers and chips, but the dealers outnumber players.

Bill Perkins is among the small group of players who have arrived, and the American businessman seems particularly keen to get the game going. He was cajoling Paul Newey to get up from his seat and register but with little success. Other players who were here for the scheduled start time were: Ike Haxton, Christoph Vogelsang and Talal Shakerchi.

The latter was chatting to EPT photographer Neil Stoddart while working his way through a fruit salad. Hopefully the delay won't be too long.--NW


Dealers ready to go

11:55am: Six of the best

Play is due to start in five minutes, but there's a chance it will be delayed. Six players are so far registered and that's probably not enough to get things started. These super high rollers are very good at poker, but punctuality? Not so much. The six who are already paid up are: Ankush Mandavia, Daniel Dvoress, Joseph McKeehen, Paul Newey, Talal Shakerchi and Bill Perkins.

11:30am: Preparing the stage

Here we are once again on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, half an hour before the start of play on Day 1 of the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. We kick it off with a $100,000 Super High Roller event--the highest buy-in tournament of the festival--and, as ever, plenty of the world's best will be in attendance.

You can follow all the action from the entirety of the PCA here on PokerStars Blog.

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