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Steve O'Dwyer: Once again the dominant force


2:10pm: Paur gets poorer
Level 15 - Blinds 1,500 - 3,000 (400 ante)

Agshin Rasulov is up to 110,000 after winning a decent pot against Taylor Paur.

It was a three-bet pot, one in which Rasulov opened to 7,500 from middle positon, Paur three-bet to 18,400 from the button and Rasulov stuck around to see a 2♥Q♠3♥ flop.

Rasulov checked the action to Paur, who bet 12,200. Rasulov check-raised to 30,700 and Paur made a reasonably quick call. On the Q♥ turn, Rasulov bet 24,000 of his remaining 61,000 and Paur tanked for a few minutes before folding. -NW

Taylor Paur - 125,000
Agshin Rasulov - 110,000

2:05pm: Pound ousts Reynolds
Level 15 - Blinds 1,500-3,000 (400 ante)

After a 9♣2♣7♣ flop, Rodger Reynolds found himself all in with a set of sevens with 7♥7♦, but still needed further improvement versus Robert Pound's king-high flush with K♣5♣. The turn was the Q♣ and river the K♥, and Reynolds is out. Pound meanwhile is up around 375,000 now. --MH

2pm: Zisimopoulos slows down Holz
Level 15 - Blinds 1,500/3,000 (400 ante)

On a flop of K♠Q♠2♦ there was already a sizeable pot brewing between Georgios Zisimopoulos and Fedor Holz, in the cutoff and button respectively. The flop had been dealt K♠Q♠2♦ with betting by Zisimopoulos and calling from Holz. then the Q♣ turn card. Zisimopoulos, with his hand over his mouth and Holz, one seat along, staring directly at him, bet 19,000 using all yellow chips. Holz called using four blues.


Fedor Holz: Slowed (temporarily)

The river card was the 5♦. Now Zisimopoulos checked, as did Holz. Zisimopoulos showed K♣4♣. Holz checked his cards again, but mucked. He's down to 151,000 while Zisimopoulos has 240,000.-SB

1:47pm: Level 15 begins
Level 15 - Blinds 1,500-3,000 (400 ante)

The blinds are up, the antes are up, and the seats are filled once more as players have returned from the break in the PCA Main Event. With 160 left, that means they are 25 eliminations from the cash. --MH

1:35pm: Break time

They've reached the end of Level 14, and the remaining 160 players are taking their first 15-minute break of the day. We are going to get very close to the bubble in the level to come. --MH

1:31pm: Winter is coming
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

American super high roller Sean Winter carries a certain swagger with him at the table and it translates into his play too. That casual insouciance was apparent in a hand versus Fabian Ortiz.

Winter was all in on a 5♦K♠K♣7♠8♠ board and looked calm and confident as his massage therapist continued going to work.

Ortiz looked to be close to calling but eventually threw his hand away, saying he had a five. Winter flashed his cards to table-mate Jeff Rossiter before the dealer reminded him that the rule was show one, show all.

He flipped T♣4♣ for a stone cold bluff as a cheeky grin returned to Winter's face. He's now on 120,000 and Ortiz drops to 220,000. - RJ

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1.30pm: A double for Winzeler and a double for Gao
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200 - 2,400 (300 ante)

Two pre-flop all-ins and two double ups to tell you about.

You need a bit of luck to cash in a poker tournament and Hans Winzeler may have used his up in this hand. He doubled up through Georgios Zisimopoulos. Zisimopoulos opened to 5,200 with K♦K♠ and understandably snap called when Winzeler moved all-in for 61,500 with A♣Q♦.

An A♠4♦9♥ flop hit the felt and a frustrated Zisimopoulos stuck a tower of blue 5k chips in the middle of the table to pay Winzeler. The 8♦ turn and A♦ river further improved Winzeler's hand. He's up to around 125,000 while Zisimopoulos drops to 245,000.

Meanwhile over on Table 10, Timothy Ulmer shoved from the small blind into Jie Gao in the big blind. The latter only had 23,300 and there followed some friendly banter between the two with Gao saying: "I think this is my time."

He thought for another 20 seconds or so before committing his 10 big blind stack with K♥7♦. It was a shrewd call as Ulmer had Q♠5♥. He still had to fade the live cards of course, but he got his double on the 8♦7♠2♥T♦7♣ board. - NW

1.27pm: Pires still pace-setter, O'Dwyer on the move
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

You've probably heard that poker is booming in Brazil these days. Speaking of that, the stack of the Brazilian Leonardo Pires continues to boom upwards as well, as the chip leader now sits with about 615,000.


Leonardo Pires: Cruising

Meanwhile we're going to assume if you're following today's coverage you're also well aware of the continued success of Steve O'Dwyer who took down the $50K Single-Day High Roller just a couple of days ago. He just claimed another pot here as the first level of the day winds to a close, and so is starting to close in on Pires with 580,000. --MH

1:24pm: Little has a little less
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Alexander Gambino opened to 5,400 in middle position. Ready to take him on was Jonathan Little in the cutoff, who three-bet to 12,000. Gambino called.
The flop came 9♥8♠4♣.

Gambino checked to Little, who bet another 12,000. Gambino called. To the turn card, the 2♠. Gambino tapped the table. Little tapped the table.

The river card came J♥. More checking from both players. Gambino showed A♣9♣ to win the pot. He's up to 215,000. Little drops to 140,000.-SB

1:22pm: High Roller Bants
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Most people in the UK will be familiar with the commonly used but widely despised term "bants" - i.e. friendly joking and ball-busting between friends, i.e. banter - but for the rest of you around the world, here's an example of it from two big names still in this Main Event.

As Mike "SirWatts" Watson strolled up to his new seat next to Jason Mercier, with racks of chips in hand, Mercier said jokingly: "Oh my God. He's got chips...and he's ready to give them all away."

Watson took it in his stride.

And that's High Roller bants, folks. --JS

1:20pm: Can't beat dem Aces
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

As I arrived at the table, Thomas Keeper bet enough to put Vladimir Troyanovskiy all in on the turn. The board was 5♥7♦9♥4♦ and it was clear that Troyanovskiy had a tough decision to make.

Without saying a word, he eventually put the chips in to see that his A♠A♣ was ahead. However, Keeper had a monster draw with J♥T♥ and Troyanovskiy would have to fade a river heart or eight to remain in the tournament.
Thankfully for him, the river was a harmless 6♠ and the Russian moves up to 220,000. Keeper is down to 125,000. - RJ

NEIL8874_PCA2016_Vladimir_Troyanovskiy_Neil Stoddart.jpg


1:15pm: Greenwood going well
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Sam Greenwood just won a hand played almost delicately thanks to a scary looking flop.

Joao Viera opened to 6,300 from early position, which Greenwood called from the hijack. Tomas Geeziunas called from the button.

Then that scary flop: A♦K♠A♥

All three players checked for the 4♦ turn card. They all checked that too, getting the 3♦ on the river.

Viera checked again, but Greenwood laid out 25,000, enough to make the others fold. He's up to 255,000.-SB

1:10pm: The Chid stays in the picture
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

The sight of Stephen Chidwick staring a hole through you must be one of the most uncomfortable you can experience at any poker table in the world. But that's the situation Sam Chartier just found himself in.

Chidwick was in check-call mode as Chartier bombed away on the K♣Q♦8♣ flop and J♠ turn. On the river, Chartier finally got the message - he checked. Chidwick's K♦9♣ was good, and he could finally release the stare down. With 260,000 chips though, it looks like Chidwick and his stare isn't going anywhere soon. Chartier also remains in good shape with 275,000. - RJ

NEIL9044_PCA2016_Stephen_Chidwick_Martin_McCormick_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Stephen Chidwick

NEIL9061_PCA2016_Sam_Chartier_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Sam Chartier

1.08pm: Cairns loves the ladies
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200 - 2,400 (300 ante)

After a raise in mid-position from Talal Shakerchi, it passed to David Cairns, who was in the big blind, and he shoved all in for 38,000. Shakerchi made the call.

Shakerchi: A♥J♦
Cairns: Q♣Q♦

The T♥4♦4♠6♣9♣ board was clean for Cairns and he doubled. - NW

Talal Shakerchi - 95,000
David Cairns - 81,000

1:06pm: Nice double for Mercier
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

We arrived just in time to see Jason Mercier secure a healthy double up. He had shoved all in for 46,300 (into a 60,000 pot) with the board reading K♣T♠5♦4♥8♥.

Phillip McAllister was his sole opponent in the hand, and he thought long and hard before making the call. Mercier confidently turned over the 8♣8♠ for a rivered set, while McAllister was forced to show his Q♠K♠ that had been overtaken on fifth street.


Jason Mercier

Jason Mercier now sits comfortably with 152,600. --JS

1:05pm: Brinker sinks Sharda
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

All in for his tournament life with A♠K♣, Ravi Sharda was hoping to improve versus Dalton Brinker's 7♦7♠. But neither the J♠2♥6♥ flop nor the 8♣ turn helped him, and the 7♥ river needlessly helped Brinker as Sharda was the next player to be felted.

Brinker has 268,000 now with about a half-hour to go in Level 14. --MH

1pm: Murder Row
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Fabian Ortiz is playing chief executioner on the toughest table in the room. He has 310,000 to lead the table. A decent portion of that was just served up by Martins Adeniya when his K♦Q♠ couldn't beat Ortiz's A♥Q♣ on a queen-high board.- RJ

Fabian Ortiz - 310,000
Rory Brown - 160,000
Martins Adeniya - 250,000
Jeff Rossiter - 130,000
Sean Winter - 100,000

12:55pm: Can I be Franco with you?
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Argentinian PokerStars Qualifier Franco Spitale, who finished Day 2 third in chips, has only just taken his seat mid-way through Level 1. Better late than never. --JS

12:54pm: Queens fail Pospiech
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Rumen Nanev opened for 5,500 from middle position, then watched Michael Rocco reraise all in from the button. Marius Pospiech called all in for less from the small blind. Nanev folded, Rocco showed A♠K♠, and Pospiech turned over Q♦Q♠.

The 8♥K♥8♠ helepd Rocco, and the 8♦ turn and 9♦ river kept him in front to give him the pot and send Pospiech out. Rocco is up to 144,000 now, while Nanev sits across the table with about 95,000. --MH

12:50pm: Momentum building for Eldridge and Grippo
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

The pots are getting bigger and so are the stacks, so every player in the room today will be hoping they can make something happen sooner rather than later. Two players who have hit the ground running are the USA's David Eldridge and Costa Rica's Nicholas Grippo.

Eldridge was in a heads up pot with John Racener, where we saw him fire 23,300 into a 32,000 pot with the board showing T♥8♠5♥. It enough to take it down.

Meanwhile, Grippo took a pot away from Phillip McAllister. He opened to 5,500 before McAllister three-bet to 12,500, which he called. The dealer spread the 5♣T♠3♠ flop, but both players checked.

Grippo took a firm grip on the pot with a 16,500 bet on the 9♥ turn, and that was too much for McAllister. --JS

12:48pm: Chartier cuts out the spam
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Sam Chartier just increased the size of his stack to around 340,000 after a hand against Giulio Spampinato.

Some pre-flop betting meant that Chartier in the cut off and Spampinato on the button had 31,500 each invested as the flop was dealt K♦T♦K♠.

Chartier bet 18,000 which Spampinato called for the 3♣ on the turn. Chartier bet another 27,000. Spampinato paused for a while. His stack has less room for manoeuvre than Chartier's, with the Italian down to his last 110,000. He passed, sending the pot to Chartier.-SB

12:45pm: Four chips and a chair
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Angelina Rich just lost a huge 300,000 chip pot when her pocket queens couldn't catch up versus the kings of Vittorio Dicrisco.

It was unclear whether Rich or Dicrisco had more chips, and it took the dealer a few minutes to clarify. All this while Rich sat there in silence as if she'd seen a ghost.

Eventually, Rich got the news that the bill was 139,200. She had Dicrisco covered - just. After paying the man his money, all that remained of Angelina Rich's stack was 400 chips. It was just enough to pay the ante the next hand, where she promptly doubled up to 1/30th of her starting stack.


Angelina Rich

You know what they say? All you need is a chip and a chair. Well, Rich has four chips and one chair. Anything is possible... - RJ

12:42pm: Adeniya makes a reluctant laydown
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200 - 2,400 (300 ante)

I arrived at the table to see Ilkin Amirov betting 32,800 into a pot of roughly 70,000. There was a complete board of 3♠6♥2♣2♠7♠ on the felt and the decision was on Martins Adeniya.

Adeniya was half perched on his chair and leaned forward to get a better look at Amirov, who is in seat six to Adeniya's seat three. Amirov was getting a massage--spending his prize money from EPT Prague, at which he finished third-- and perhaps that was why he looked pretty comfortable with the situation.

Adeniya then picked up seven of the blue 5K chips and began tossing them from hand to hand while leaning even farther forward. Both his knees were now planted on the chair.

As he was tanking, Jeff Rossiter, Rory Brown and Dan Hindin were discussing the Antonio Esfandiari lunging prop bet. No one looked close to calling the clock, instead they appreciated the complexity of Adeniya's decision and let it play out naturally. Eventually it came to its conclusion when Adeniya mucked.

"Six-five?" Amirov asked, but Adeniya was giving nothing away--apart from the chips already committed to the pot, which are now absorbed into Amirov's stack. -NW

Ilkin Amirov - 220,000
Martins Adeniya - 130,000

12:40pm: Waxman whacks two
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Matthew Waxman opened with a mid-position raise, then saw two players reraise all in behind him. The first was Tamer Kamel, sitting to his left, who committed a stack of just under 13,000, then Lars Johnsson in the cutoff likewise pushed all in with the 70,000 or so he had remaining.

It got back to Waxman who promptly set out a calling column of chips, and the trio tabled their hands:

Waxman: Q♠Q♦
Kamel: T♦8♦
Johnsson: A♦K♥

The flop came Q♥A♣8♠ to give Waxman a stranglehold on the hand with a set of queens, although the J♣ on the turn actually kept both of his opponents barely alive.

The 6♠ on the river was no good for either, though, and after scoring the double-knockout Waxman is now up to 284,000. --MH

12:35pm: So long, Mr Anderson
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Sometimes, when we're out in the field looking for the best hands to write up, you can just smell when a big pot is brewing. This was one of those hands.

It started with an open from Ami Barer to 5,000, which was called by both Alexander Lynskey and Calvin Anderson. Greece's Georgios Zisimopoulos was in the big blind and squeezed it up to 18,500, which only Anderson would match.


Georgios Zisimopoulos: the Greek destroyer

This took us to the flop: 2♦8♦5♥. Anderson checked it over to Zisimopoulos, who made it 16,500 to go. After some chip fiddling and opponent stare-downs, Anderson made a large raise up to an even 50,000, which Zisimopoulos called. The turn brought the 9♥, and after a minute or so Anderson shoved for around 80,000. The call was quick and the cards were on their backs:

Calvin Anderson K♦Q♦
Georgios Zisimopoulos A♣9♦

Anderson had the flush draw but was trailing the turned pair of nines held by Zismopoulos. He would improve to two pair on the A♠ river, sending the mohawked Mr Anderson out of the PCA 2016 Main Event.


Calvin Anderson: Makes his way out

Zisimopoulos is now up to more 400,000. --JS

12:32pm: What he hits, he destroys
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

You can't stop Steve O'Dwyer. After shipping the $50k High Roller already here in the Bahamas, he's doing his best to destroy the hopes and dreams of the players in the Main Event too. O'Dwyer just won another big pot versus Ronald Lauzon.


No stopping Steve O'Dwyer

The board read J♥A♠T♦K♦9♣ and Lauzon checked it to O'Dwyer. He bet 30,000. Lauzon insta-called but lost to O'Dwyer's K♣Q♥, which had flopped a straight.

Despite the scary board, O'Dwyer still got paid off the maximum. Lauzon was left with just 9,000 and he lost that the very next hand against Andrew Ryan. Lauzon is out.

O'Dwyer now has stacks and stacks and stacks of chips. It's in the region of 570,000 and he now becomes the man to beat in this field. - RJ

12:30pm: Familiar stuff from O'Dwyer
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Michelle Shah opened for 5,000, which Steve O'Dwyer raised to 15,000 in the seat next to her. William Foxen then four bet to 39,500, which O'Dwyer called for a flop of J♥T♥T♦.

Foxen bet another 31,000, which O'Dwyer called for the 6♥ on the turn. A check from Foxen but a bet of 82,000 from O'Dwyer, which sent Foxen into deep thought for a minute before he passed.

O'Dwyer is up to around 530,000 now. - SB

12:25pm: Alibay busts
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

They've played about 20 minutes, and nine players have fallen already today. The latest to be ousted is Ami Alibay, who just now lost the last of his short stack to Gregor Natchigall who now sits with 115,000. There are 186 players remaining. --MH

12:28pm: Calderaro goes back-to-back
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

One of the more entertaining tables in the field today features Day 1A chip leader Toby Lewis, chicken-eating jiu-jitsu whizz JC Alvarado and our feature star of this update, James Calderaro. He started the day with 61,000 but has more than doubled his stack after winning two medium sized pots in a row.


James Calderaro: Doubling

The first was a four-way hand where he bet big on the river and forced Ramin Hajiyev to make a pained fold. The second one involved Lewis, Alvarado and budding restauranteur Jono Crute.

After a bet and call on the 2♦9♦T♣ flop it was just Crute and Calderaro remaining. The two checked it down after the T♦5♥ turn and river - Calderaro's A♥9♦ was good. He told the table that's the worst hand he has been dealt today - do we believe him?

Calderaro now has around 150,000 but Crute is the chip daddy on that table with more than 210,000. - RJ

12:23pm: Strong starts for Mercier and the End Boss
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier spent much of Day 2 up on the feature table; now that he's back among the rest of the field it's business as usual for the superstar. He just got off to a good start, taking down a nice pot against the huge stack of Phillip McAllister.

Anthony Gregg, known as the "End Boss" by his peers due to how difficult he is to play against, is also enjoying a successful first half hour of play, raking in a 20,000+ chip pot from Krasimir Yankov.

These are two players we'd love to see go the distance. It would make for one heck of a talented feature table, that's for sure. --JS

12:20pm: Pot to Pastor
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200 - 2,400 (300 ante)

Before the table of death broke, Juan Pastor took a chunk out of Talal Shakerchi. The Argentinian who finished fifth in last year's Main Event bet 8,000 on the 7♠2♠J♣ flop and Shakerchi, who was in position, called. Guy Cruickshanks folded to leave the pot heads-up.

On the 9♥ turn, Pastor surrendered the betting lead to Shakerchi, who bet 12,000. Pastor called. There was no more betting--both players checked down the J♠ river--and Pastor's K♦7♥ won him the pot. -NW

Juan Pastor - 217,500
Talal Shakerchi - 142,000

12:16pm: Dream flop for Waxman
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

The board was showing 2♣3♣A♣ 2♦Q♥ when I caught up with a hand between Matt Waxman and Jonathan Little. Little checked to Waxman, who then bet 50,000, about the same as what was already in the middle. Little called and was about to turn his own cards over when he double checked Waxman's hand. Waxman had 4♣5♣ for a flopped straight flush.-SB


Matt "Wax-Mun" Waxman

Matt Waxman - 200,000
Jonathan Little - 150,000

12:15pm: Another early elimination
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Despite the beginnings of a comeback (described at 12:10pm below) Alberto Bari becomes one of the first players eliminated today. He shoved with ace-nine against the pocket kings of Tomas Geleziunas.-SB

12:13pm: Crawford busts Andriamahefa
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

Kevin Andriamahefa started the day with just 22,800, and early on he had a little less than that when he open-pushed all in from middle position. It folded to Brandon Crawford on the button who, after getting a quick count, called the raise. The blinds got out, Andriamahefa showed K♣T♣, and Crawford tabled A♣4♣.


Brandon Crawford

The community cards came 6♥5♣Q♠, then J♣, then 5♦, and Crawford's hand remained in front as Andriamahefa hit the rail. Crawford is up to 238,000 now. --MH

12:10pm: Early double for Bari
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200/2,400 (300 ante)

Alberto Bari shipped his 21,600 stack on the first hand of the day from early position and was called by Anthony Augustino in the seat next to him. Bari had A♠8♠ and was racing against Augustino's pocket sevens. An eight on the flop sealed the double for Bari and moved him to 45,000.

He celebrated by open-shoving the very next hand to pick up a few more blinds and antes. - RJ

12:06pm: JJ fails JJ as big slick gives Barnes a bounce
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200-2,400 (300 ante)

On the first hand of the day, a short-stacked Allan Barnes moved all in for his last 32,000 from early position and he came up against J.J. Liu playing from the button.

It was big slick for Barnes -- A♠K♦ -- and J-J for J.J. -- J♥J♣, and after a runout of 6♣K♠7♥Q♣K♣ Barnes had trips and the double. He's up to about 70,000 now while Liu slips to 82,000. --MH

12:05pm: Tough crowd
Level 14 - Blinds 1,200 - 2,400 (300 ante)

There are lots of tough tables at the start of Day 3 but two in particular stand out.

TableSeatName CountryStatusChips
31Rory BrownIrelandPokerStars qualifier121,700
32Mukul PahujaUSAPokerStars player263,900
33Martins AdeniyaUKPokerStars qualifier224,000
34Jeffrey RossiterAustraliaPokerStars player87,300
35Sean WinterUSA 118,500
36Ilkin AmirovAzerbaijan 203,000
37Dan HindinUSA 234,200
38Fabian OrtizArgentinaPokerStars player262,500

Table three has a two-time LAPT winner (Ortiz), a WCOOP Main Event final tablist (Brown), a two-time WPT Main Event runner-up/EPT High Roller runner-up (Pahuja), a Guangdong Asia Millions Super High Roller runner up (Rossiter) and the dangerous talents of Martins Adeniya and Sean Winter.

That table is unlikely to break through the entire day. The other stacked table, however, will be the first to break:

251Andrey ZaichenkoRussiaPokerStars player138,500
252Joao VieiraPortugalPokerStars qualifier317,900
253Juan PastorArgentinaPokerStars qualifier191,500
254Matthew WantmanUSA 141,900
255Talal ShakerchiUKPokerStars qualifier167,000
256Kevin MacPheeUSAPokerStars qualifier182,400
257Calvin AndersonUSAPokerStars player153,900
258Guy CruickshanksCanada 71,400

Good news for those at that table, but bad news for the rest of the room as the respective talents of Zaichenko, Vieira, Pastor, Shakerchi, MacPhee and Anderson will be sprinkled round the room in short order. --NW

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11:10am: Conversations with Esfandiari
Last night, PokerStars Blog spoke to Antonio Esfandiari after what can only be described as an eventful day for him at the PCA. Brad Willis's article will be on the site soon, so stick around for that.

11am: Preparing for bubble day

Good morning all and welcome back to the Bahamas for Day 3 of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event. Yesterday, we established that the winner of the tournament will earn $833,260, but today's first target will be making the money. The bubble bursts when only 135 players remain, meaning 60 of today's 195 starters will go away with nothing. Despite a stack of more than half a million chips, even chip-leader Leonardo Pires is not guaranteed a payday yet. Meanwhile Stanley Blaby, who has 18,100, will be looking to defy the odds and cling on.

Blinds are 1,200-2,400 when they return today, so he has seven-and-a-half big blinds.

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Take a look at the official website of the PCA, with tournament schedule, videos, news, blogs and accommodation details for the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas.

Also all the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the $5,000 Main Event: Stephen Bartley, Martin Harris, Ross Jarvis, Jack Stanton, Howard Swains, Alex Villegas, Brad Willis and Nick Wright. Photos by Joe Giron and Neil Stoddart. For more photos from this event by Joe Giron visit Poker Photo Archive.

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