PCA 2016: Jason Somerville's KappaPride and joy

There are a lot of bloggers, fans, friends and family watching the players do their thing here at the PCA, but one man has a bigger audience than all of those combined.

Team PokerStars Pro Jason Somerville has 10,000 people watching him right now.

No, there isn't a sea of people all trying to squeeze around his table and watch him 3-bet. In fact, he's not playing live poker at all. Jason Somerville is live streaming the PCA Main Event on his Twitch channel, and his audience is building well into the five figures.


You might be thinking, how is Somerville's stream different to EPT Live? Well, who better to explain than the man himself.

"I think the Run It Up live stream is a great complement to EPT Live," Somerville told us on his dinner break. "We're engaging with the viewers; I'm having a conversation with the Twitch viewers.

"There's a joke that we're calling it the "Twitch language" stream, but it also isn't in a lot of ways. A hand will be happening and I'll be like "NotLikeThis", "FeelsBadMan", "KappaPride" - no one else knows what that means, but Twitch knows what that means! Y'know, that has a very distinct meaning to Twitch, the talk and the language of the culture there, and that's a very significant thing."

10,000-plus people is certainly significant. Somerville believes Run It Up's success is down to two things.

"I think it's a testament to the stream being very entertaining, but it's also because there's someone like me hosting who can understand both the poker action going on and translate that to someone who plays video games.

"I bet there is a healthy percentage of people watching right now who have never heard of the PCA before. I've had to explain what the PCA is a ton of times these last few days. We're showcasing this to people who have never seen it before, and they're like "Oh, this looks so much fun! I can't wait to come next year!" That's awesome. Especially as we continue to see poker expand, particularly in the United States where a lot of my viewership is from, I think it will help to grow both live and online poker. I've seen that throughout the year with the regular Run It Up stream."

So if you haven't tuned in to runitup.tv yet, what better time to start? Somerville has so far been joined by Liv Boeree, ElkY, Nanonoko, Jaime Staples and Barry Greenstein, assisting him in delivering poker expertise and breaking down hands for the viewers. All while keeping it fun.

"What a pantheon on poker wizards!" Somerville said excitedly. "It's great having those guys come by, as many of my fans don't know who those guys are. Of course they know Jaime more or less, but everyone else they might not have heard of. If you're a 20-year-old from Sweden, maybe you've never heard of Barry Greenstein before; so introducing him to a new audience and having him tell stories from the old days - that's awesome for sure. It's great content, I think."

We couldn't agree more. It's so good, in fact, that Somerville is taking the Run It Up Stream over to the Aussie Millions in a little under two weeks.

"This is an experiment in many ways. I've never done a live stream like this before, and neither has PokerStars in many ways. So I've learned a lot of lessons here that I can take with me to the future in general, but also to the Aussie Millions where I'll be live streaming exclusively on runitup.tv 12 days from now."

You can tune in to Jason Somerville's Bahamas stream right here.

And, as always, you can continue to watch the original stream with full commentary right here on PokerStars.tv.