PCA 2016: Opponents in the ring; opponents on the felt

Did you catch the press conference between Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm before their big UFC fight in November? Or how about Conor McGregor's press conference altercation with Jose Aldo back in September? It's safe to say that people who are preparing to fight each other have a...well, let's just say there's some animosity between them.

You definitely wouldn't sit them right next to each other; that's for sure.

Here at the PCA though, PokerStars provides a safe and calming atmosphere for its players. And that's why for Olivier Busquet and JC Alvarado it's just business as usual.

JC Alvarado_Olivier Busquet_2016 PCA_Main Event_Day 2_Giron_8JG8833.jpg

Busquet and Alvarado - keeping it friendly

In case you didn't know, in September 2015 the two players had this interaction on Twitter:

Busquet was looking for training motivation, and as you can see from the photos of him here at the PCA, he's huge. This doesn't necessarily give him the advantage over the smaller-framed Alvarado, though, who will be looking to put his extensive kickboxing experience to good use. The two have now agreed to the conditions of their MMA fight, which stand as follows:

- JC Alvarado must weigh in at 165 lbs
- Busquet must weigh in at 187.7 lbs
- Neither player will bet on the fight

JC Alvarado_Olivier Busquet_2016 PCA_Main Event_Day 2_Giron_8JG8821.jpg

Busquet sizes up his opponent

Both guys have four months of training still to go, with the battle scheduled to commence in April 2016. But first there's the small matter of the PCA 2016 Main Event to deal with.

If any fights break out, you'll be the first to know.