PCA2016: $100K Super High Roller final table updates

* Final table player profiles

11:05pm: Bryn Kenney wins the 2016 PCA High Roller ($1,687,800); Joe McKeehen second ($1,220,840)
Level 25 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (30,000 ante)
It's all over and Bryn Kenney is the champion!

In the final hand Joe McKeehan opened to 480,000 with 5♥5♦, Kenney shoved with K♥7♣ and Joe McKeehen called all-in for 5,635,000 with 5♥5♦. The 7♦4♣7♥ flop left McKeehen needing a lot of help and it didn't arrive on the 3♠ turn or J♠ river.

So a back and forth heads-up battle is over and Bryn Kenney has well and truly banished the memories of two third place finishes in this event with this victory.

Click through for a full wrap of how this fascinating final table unfolded. -- NW

10:45pm: Double up for Kenney
Level 25 - Blinds 120,000/240,000 (30,000 ante)
On the first hand back from the break Bryn Kenney got a double up:

Joe McKeehen set him all-in and Kenney, who had 2,770,000, snap called:

Kenney: A♦K♣
McKeehen: 9♥8♣

The 5♦A♦8♣ flop hit both players but McKeehen couldn't seal the deal as the 3♠ and J♠ completed the board. -- NW

Joe McKeehen - 8,900,000
Bryn Kenney - 5,400,000

10:30pm: Break time
Level 24 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (30,000 ante)
The players are now on a 20 minute break. Joe McKeehen leads with 11,695,000 while Bryn Kenney has 2,800,000. -- NW

10:20pm: McKeehen heroes - is right
Level 24 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (30,000 ante)
What a call! Joe McKeehen now has a 10,870,000 to 3,625,000 chip lead after making a great hero call on the river after Bryn Kenney put him to the test.

It started like many others, with McKeehen min-raising on the button and Kenney smooth calling from the big blind.

The WSOP Main Event champion held K♦6♦ and hit the 6♠4♣Q♦ flop, Kenney checked to him, McKeehen bet 340,000 and Kenney called with A♣2♥. We've seen McKeehen bet the flop then check the turn a lot in this tournament and that pattern repeated itself as both players checked the 3♦ turn.

The 3♥ completed the community cards and this is where it got really interesting. Kenney checked, McKeehen bet 1,000,000 and Kenney then check-raised to 3,370,000 with just ace high.

"I was value betting," said McKeehen to Kenney as he slipped into the tank. After a couple of minutes he called, Kenney showed A♣2♥ but then saw the bad news.

That hand has given McKeehen a stranglehold on this tournament, however don't count Kenney out as at one point in this heads-up battle McKeehen had slipped to 3.3 million only to recover. -- NW

10:05pm: Momentum swinger as Kenney wins a 7.6m chip pot
Level 24 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (30,000 ante)
And just like that it's Bryn Kenney who has a two to one chip lead as he just won a huge 7.6 million chip pot.

Kenney opened with T♣9♠ and McKeehen defended with 8♠7♣. The 7♦K♥6♦ flop gave Kenney a gutshot and McKeehen second pair. It was checked to Kenney, he bet 565,000 and McKeehen stuck around.

On the Q♣ turn McKeehen check-called a further 1,285,000 and there was now 4,600,000 in the pot as the J♦ completed the board. Kenney had flopped only gutshot but went runner-runner to make a king high straight.

However, on the river McKeehen elected to lead, betting 1,500,000 total, which was quickly called by Kenney.

So a huge pot to Kenney who's up to 9,955,000 while McKeehen is down to 4,540,000. --NW


Bad news for Joe McKeehen

9:55pm: McKeehen flops a straight, takes two to one chip lead
Level 24 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (30,000 ante)
The momentum is well and truly with Joe McKeehen after he flopped a straight to win a big pot.

He min-raised with 8♠6♦ and Bryn Kenney just called with K♥J♠. The 5♥7♣4♦ flop was gin for McKeehen but it was Kenney who did the betting, firing out 610,000, a bet McKeehen smooth called.

The 5♣ turn paired the board but Kenney didn't slow down, he bet 1,190,000 and as on the flop, McKeehen called. The 7♠ was an action killer and both players checked it down. After that hand McKeehen is up to 9,290,000 while Kenney is down to 5,200,000. -- NW


Kenney sliding


McKeehen reaching for the skies

9:50pm: Joe McKeehen doubles through Bryn Kenney
Level 24 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (30,000 ante)
Joe McKeehen is back in the game, and back in the chip lead.

He raised from a 18.5 big blind stack with A♦9♣, Kenney set him in with Q♠T♠ and McKeehen called all-in.

The K♣6♥A♥ flop hit McKeehen but gave Kenney a gutshot, but his missed it on the 4♠ turn and 4♣ river. - NW


Joe McKeehen on the comeback trail

Joe McKeehen - 7,300,000
Bryn Kenney - 6,800,000

9:45pm: Over a three to one chip lead for Kenney
Level 24 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (30,000 ante)
Two more big pots have gone the way of Bryn Kenney and he now has a large chip lead.

Joe McKeehen opened on the button with A♥J♥ and Kenney flat called with 7♥6♥. The 5♦6♦2♥ flop meant Kenney took the lead, but after he checked, McKeehen did likewise.

The Q♥ turn gave both players a flush draw, and while McKeehen's was better, Kenney had the lead with his pair. He bet 535,000 and McKeehen made the call. The 5♣ completed the board and Kenney bet big - 1,390,000 - and McKeehen with just ace high considered his options.

"He's played it the same way as the hand where he bluffed McKeehen," James Hartigan said, and perhaps that was playing on McKeehen's mind as the WSOP Main Event champion did call. He slipped to just 23 big blinds as a result.

Shortly afterwards he opened with 9♣2♣, Kenney three-bet to 1,070,000 with A♦T♣, McKeehen four-bet to 1,825,000, but he was forced to fold when Kenney moved all-in. - NW

Bryn Kenney - 11,195,000
Joe McKeehen - 3,305,000


9:35pm: Kenney back on top
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
With the blinds as high as they are, a couple of small to medium pots in a row for one player can mean big swings in chips in a short space of time.
As of right now the momentum is with Kenney as he's stretched out into the lead again. He's got 9,100,000 to Joe McKeehen's 5,400,000. -- NW

9:25pm: Almost even
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
A big pot for Joe McKeehen has almost evened the chip counts.

Pre-flop McKeehen raised to 320,000 with A♥6♠ and Bryn Kenney decided to call with T♦8♥. The flop fell A♦5♦9♠ and McKeehen bet 280,000. "Bryn has some backdoor possibilities, which is a nice way of saying he doesn't have a hand," James Hartigan said in the EPT Live commentary booth. Regardless, he decided to call and the K♠ hit the turn.

He checked, as did McKeehen and the 3♣ completed the board.

"I wonder if that cheeky check induces a bet," co-commentator Matt Broughton said. Get your lottery numbers from that man as Kenney did bet, 935,000 in total, and McKeehen looked him up.

Kenney mucked face down and drops to 7.6 million while McKeehen now has 6.8 million. --NW

9pm: First three pots to Kenney
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
The first three pots of heads-up have gone to Bryn Kenney. He has extended his chip lead as a result.

The second of the three made it to showdown and it was an interesting hand: both players had a big draw but ended with nothing.

Pre-flop McKeehen raised to 325,000 with 6♠4♠ and Kenney made the call with Q♥9♣. Kenney flopped an open-ended straight draw on the J♦T♣3♠ flop and check-called a bet of 340,000.

McKeehen turned his own straight draw on the 5♥ turn and barrelled again. This time the bet was 700,000 and again Kenney called. The J♥ river paired the board and after Kenney checked, McKeehen thought long and hard about betting but ultimately checked behind. He lost to Kenney's queen. - NW

Bryn Kenney - 10,050,000
Joe McKeehen - 4,480,000

8:45pm: Off they go
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
It's time to decide a champion.


The heads up table


Bryn Kenney and Joe McKeehen prepare for heads up

7:45pm: Heads-up chip counts
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
When heads-up play gets under way it will be Bryn Kenney who will have the chip lead. He's got 7,945,000 (49 big blinds) to Joe McKeehan's 6,550,000 (40 big blinds). --NW

7:30pm: Ankush Mandavia eliminated in third place ($787,640)
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
Bryn Kenney has broken his "PCA Super High Roller third place hoodoo" as he has just eliminated Ankush Mandavia in that spot.

Mandavia shoved for 2,135,000 from the small blind with K♠4♥ and Kenney looked him up with K♦9♥.

Neither player connected with the T♥J♣6♠3♦7♦ board meaning Mandavia departed in third.

The players are now taking a 75 minute dinner break. -- NW


Pistons runs out of steam


Bryn Kenney: Dinner break leader

7:35pm: Mandavia continues to tumble
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)

Ankush Mandavia continues to tumble down the chip counts. Only 30 minutes ago he had half the chips in play, now he's the short stack with just 12 big blinds after being put in another tough spot on the river, this time in a pot against Joe McKeehen.

Pre-flop McKeehen limped from the small blind with K♥T♥ and called when Mandavia raised to 460,000 with T♦7♥.

The 6♥8♥5♣ flop gave Mandavia an open ended straight draw and McKeehen a flush draw. Despite both players having good draws, they both checked.

On the 8♦ turn McKeehen fired out a bet of 475,000 and Mandavia smooth called. There was 1,930,000 in the pot as the T♠ hit the river. It was the perfect card for McKeehen and he bet 750,000 which was snap called by Mandavia who saw the bad news. - NW

Joe McKeehen - 6,100,000
Ankush Mandavia - 2,150,000

7:30pm: Kenney takes the chip lead
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
Bryn Kenney is looking to avoid a third bronze medal in this event and he's just done his chances a world of good. Indeed, he is now the chip leader.

The hand that took him there started slowly enough with Ankush Mandavia limping from the small blind with J♣9♣ and Kenney checking his option with 8♠7♦.

Mandavia led for 200,000 on the 9♥6♦A♠ flop and Kenney made the call with his open-ended straight draw. The 4♣ fell on fourth street and Mandavia slowed down, checking it over to Kenney who bet 340,000. Mandavia called.

The 5♥ river gave Kenney the nuts and after Mandavia checked again, Kenney bet big - 1,270,000 into a pot of 1,400,000. "Bryn polarising his hand here," Joe Stapleton said in the commentary booth.

The man known as "pistons87" online went into the tank for a few minutes but he couldn't get away from it and made the call.

After that hand Kenney has taken the chip lead with 6,270,000 while Mandavia has slipped to 4,700,000. --NW

7:10pm: Kenney and McKeehen chipping up
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
No major skirmishes yet in this level but both Bryn Kenney (5,110,000) and Joe McKeehen (3,525,000) have chipped up a bit, while Ankush Mandavia (5,860,000) has lost some of his chip lead. --NW


Joe McKeehen on the up

7pm: Start of level 23 chip counts
Level 23 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
When they return to play Level 23, their stacks will look like the following. Ankush Mandavia has slightly less than half the chips in play.

Ankush MandaviaUnited States7,230,000
Bryn KenneyUnited States4,380,000
Joe McKeehenUnited States2,885,000


The smile of a chip-leader

6:40pm: Mustapha Kanit eliminated in fourth place ($596,360)
Level 22 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
Mustapha Kanit will have to wait a bit longer to win another High Roller event. He has just been eliminated in fourth place.

In his exit hand the action folded to Ankush Mandavia in the small blind, who limped with A♥J♦. Kanit looked down at 7♣7♠. He had 2,300,000 total and raised it up to 290,000.

Mandavia quietly considered his options before announcing all-in, Kanit peaked back at his cards and then called all-in. Kanit was a 55 percent favourite to win the hand and although the 9♥8♦T♦ flop gave Mandavia additional outs, Kanit was now a 62 percent shot to win the hand.

The 4♥ turn improved that to 80 percent but the Q♠ was the card that really mattered. It filled Mandavia's straight and sent Kanit out in fourth.

That was the last hand of level 22 and the three remaining players are now on a 20-minute break. -- NW


Bryn Kenney offers condolences to Mustapha Kanit


The music stops for Mustapha Kanit

6:30pm: Kanit loves a chopped pot
Level 22 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
Mustapha Kanit can breathe a huge sigh of relief after fading a four-flush on the river against Ankush Mandavia. Kanit opened to 240,000 from under-the-gun, Mandavia three-bet shoved for an effective 2,270,000 from the big blind and Kanit tank-called.

Kanit: A♠J♠
Mandavia: A♦J♥

Two flush draws are better than one--at least as the saying goes--and after the 6♦9♦A♥ flop, only Mandavia could win the pot outright. The Q♦ river left Kanit sweating hard, but the 4♣ river was the right colour for Kanit and he survived. --NW

6:25pm: Chip counts
Level 22 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
There's about 15 minutes left in Level 22 and this is how the four remaining players stack up.

Ankush Mandavia and Bryn Kenney have separated themselves from Joe McKeehen and Mustapha Kanit. But with the blinds so big the situation could change in a single hand.

Ankush MandaviaUnited States5,060,000
Bryn KenneyUnited States4,180,000
Joe McKeehenUnited States2,985,000
Mustapha KanitItaly2,270,000

6:10pm: David Peters eliminated in fifth place ($461,340)
Level 22 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
David Peters has fought back from short-stack status on a couple of occasion but, after that setback against Mustapha Kanit, he couldn't do it again.

Peters shoved twice in a row and got no takers, so by the time he moved all-in for a third time, this time with A♦9♠, his stack had grown to 1,360,000.

It folded to Bryn Kenney in the big blind and he picked his cards up off the felt and told the table that he didn't think he was folding. About five seconds later he called and we saw that he had A♠T♦.

He had Peters pipped and it stayed that way on the Q♦3♣K♠Q♥T♠ board, sending Peters out in fourth. That's another amazing Super High Roller result for Peters, continuing one of poker's hottest current streaks.


David Peters: The end of the line

Kenney now has more than 4 million. -- NW

6:00pm: Mustapha Kanit doubles through David Peters
Level 22 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
Luck is not on David Peters' side. Having worked hard to get back to a playable stack, he has just lost most of them to Mustapha Kanit.

Kanit, who os wearing a shirt, bow-tie and dinner jacket combo today, moved all-in for just over 10 big blinds with T♣9♣ and Peters called with A♣K♦.

The 8♠4♠J♥ gave Kanit an open-ended straight draw and when he hit it on the 7♠ turn it meant Peters was drawing dead, rendering the 4♦ river meaningless. -NW

Mustapha Kanit - 2,530,000
David Peters - 860,000

5:55pm: Peters gets sneaky with aces; pays off
Level 22 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
From under-the-gun Joe McKeehen min-raised with A♥3♠ and it folded to David Peters in the big blind. He looked down at A♠A♣. He'd started the hand with only about 13 big blinds, but elected just to call. (Peters has flat called with a wide variety of hands from the big blind today so it wasn't that unusual.)

The 7♦2♥4♥ flop brought no betting action but the 3♥ turn was an interesting card as it gave McKeehen and pair and a flush draw. Peters bet 330,000 and McKeehen called.

Peters now had only 735,000 left and he moved all-in on the J♣ river. Although McKeehen had a brief think, he eventually mucked. - NW

Joe McKeehen - 3,890,000
David Peters - 2,035,000

5:40pm: McKeehen gets value with one pair
Level 22 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
Another million chips have gone the way of Joe McKeehen. He got some value on the river in a hand against Mustapha Kanit.

Kanit started the action, raising to 240,000 from the cut-off with K♣2♣, with McKeehen calling from the big blind with K♠9♦. On the 9♥T♠4♦ flop Kanit c-bet 250,000 and McKeehen called with second pair. The 2♥ turn gave Kanit a hand of his own and perhaps now that he had showdown value, he elected to check behind.

The 5♥ fell on the river and McKeehen elected to lead for 500,000. Kanit capped his cards and riffled chips before throwing a single green 25K chip into the pot to indicate a call. When he saw McKeehen's hand he nodded and mucked his cards face down. - NW

Joe McKeehen - 4,700,000
Mustapha Kanit - 1,850,000

5:35pm: Blinds up!
Level 21 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)
We're now heading into Level 22, where the big blind is 120,000 and there's a 20,000 ante.

5:30pm: More for Mandavia
Level 21 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)
Ankush Mandavia has won another big pot against Bryn Kenney and, such is the nature of this leader board, has reclaimed the chip lead.

Pre-flop Mandavia raised to 200,000 on the button with A♥T♦ and Kenney defended his big blind with K♠T♣. They both hit top pair on the 2♥5♣T♠ flop and Kenney check-called a bet of 150,000.

He check-called a further 375,000 on the 9♥ turn, before both players checked the Q♣ river. After that hand Mandavia is up to 4.04 million while Kenney is down to 2.2 million. --NW

5:20pm: Chip counts
Level 21 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)
It's incredibly close right now with the top three separated by just 3.7 big blinds. In fact Joe McKeehen, who with 3,700,000 is the chip leader, has less than Bryn Kenney started the final table with.

Joe McKeehenUnited States3,700,000
Ankush MandaviaUnited States3,490,000
Bryn KenneyUnited States3,330,000
Mustapha KanitItaly2,530,000
David PetersUnited States1,4455,000

5:10pm: Mandavia doubles Kanit then Kenney doubles Mandavia
Level 21 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)
It's raining double ups at the Super High Roller final table:

When it folded to Ankush Mandavia in the small blind he set Mustapha Kanit all-in for an effective 1.28 million and the Italian instantly called.

Kanit: A♠9♥
Mandavia: A♥6♣

There were some potential chopportunities, but the 7♠3♥4♣T♥J♥ board meant Kanit doubled to around 2.6 million while Mandavia slipped to 1,700,000.


Ankush Mandavia: Staying alive

On the very next hand Mandavia shoved those 17 big blinds in from the button with A♠3♥ and Bryn Kenney looked him up with K♣Q♣.

Again the short stack doubled as the 6♣J♥6♦2♦J♠ board favoured Mandavia. After that hand Kenney is down to 3,400,000 and has lost the chip lead for the first time at this final table. Joe McKeehen is now the biggest stack. -- NW

5pm: Kenney sprints clear of chasing pack
Bryn Kenney now has a big chip lead after winning a sizeable pot against Ankush Mandavia. Kenney picked up 4♠4♦ and min-raised from the cut-off. Mandavia just called from the big blind with A♦J♥.

The 6♦T♦2♠ flop checked through and the T♣ fell on the turn. There followed a bet of 235,000 from Kenney and a call from Mandavia.


Bryn Kenney: Mr PCA?

The 3♣ completed the board. "Somehow fours hold," James Hartigan said in the commentary booth. For the third time Mandavia checked and Kenney bet a chunky 435,000.

"It's a thin value bet but its fine," Eugene Katchalov, doing a stint in the commentary booth, added. "He expects Ankush to bet a six himself. It's highly unlikely he'd get to the river with a ten this way and Bryn knows Ankush is good enough to pay him off with ace high or a deuce."

Solid analysis from the Ukranian as Mandavia did make the call.

"I think we're going to see Bryn apply pressure on everyone now, especially Joe and Ankush," Katchalov said. Let's see if he's right. - NW

Bryn Kenney - 5,100,000
Ankush Mandavia - 2,900,000

4:55pm: Ike Haxton eliminated in sixth place ($360,060)
Down to 15 big blinds, Ike Haxton moved all-in from the button with T♠9♠ and ran into Joe McKeehen's A♠K♠. The 4♥J♦A♣ flop left Haxton drawing thin, the T♦ turn gave him hope, but it was extinguished on the 5♠ river. McKeehen moves up to 3.6 million, but that's the end of the road for Haxton. - NW


Isaac Haxton bids farewell


Joe McKeehen

4:50pm: Mustapha Kanit doubles through Ike Haxton
Level 21 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)
This hand played itself with Mustapha Kanit shoving for seven big blinds from the button with A♣5♦ and Ike Haxton snap calling from the big blind with pocket sevens.

The 6♥2♥5♣ flop gave Kanit some additional outs, but when the J♠ fell on the turn it meant that Italian had just an 11 percent chance of surviving. It was his lucky day: he found the A♠ on the river and doubled up to around 1.5 million, while Haxton slipped to 1.53 million --NW

4:45pm: Kenney dents Kanit
Level 21 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)
Mustapha Kanit is down to just seven big blinds after losing out in a battle of the blinds against Bryn Kenney.

The Italian completed with Q♠5♥ and Kenney, who had 9♥4♥ - rapped the table. The 9♦4♣A♠ flop hit Kenney hard, but it was Kanit who did the betting. He fired out 100,000 and Kenney called.

The Q♥ turn meant that Kanit now had a hand and he slowed down, check-calling a bet of 365,000 from Kenney.

The 4♠ river gave Kenney a full house and improved Kanit to two pair, top kicker. So when Kenney bet 345,000 Kanit thought long and hard before eventually calling. It was the wrong decision this time and he is now in deep trouble. - NW

Bryn Kenney - 3,630,000
Mustapha Kanit - 700,000

4:15pm: David Peters makes a great laydown
Level 20 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)
They're Super High Rollers for a reason, and every great poker player knows how to make a big lay-down at the right time. The latest example comes from David Peters in a hand against Ankush Mandavia.

The latter opened under-the-gun with A♥K♣, Peters called from the small blind with Q♦J♦ and Joe McKeehan put in the extra from the big blind with 8♠7♦.


David Peters: Shrewd laydown

So it was three to a J♠Q♣2♣ flop. Peters flopped top two and checked, as did his two opponents. The T♠ meant Peters no longer had the best hand, but he bet 240,000, McKeehen folded and Mandavia called with the nuts.

There was now just over 1 million in the pot and Peters had 1.3 million left in his stack.

The final community card was the 8♦ and Peters sensed something was up. He checked, Mandavia bet 490,000 and Peters went into the tank. "It looks 'valuey'," James Hartigan said.

"Such an enticing bet," Joe Stapleton added.

After thinking it through Peters managed to get away from it as he folded his hand. "We've seen a couple of really impressive lay-downs today," Stapleton said. - NW

Ankush Mandavia -4,300,000
David Peters - 1,335,000

4:35pm: Chip counts at the start of level 21
Level 21 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

There were no eliminations in the first two levels of play today and as a result stacks are getting pretty shallow. Ankush Mandavia - who is the chip leader - has 44 big blinds, while David Peters, Mustapha Kanit and Joe McKeehen are in the 20 big blind or less danger zone. - NW

Ankush MandaviaUnited States4,300,000
Bryn KenneyUnited States2,880,000
Isaac HaxtonUnited States2,265,000
Joe McKeehenUnited States2,085,000
Mustapha KanitItaly1,545,000
David PetersUnited States1,335,000

4:10pm: Shortstacks trade places
Level 20 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)
Mustapha Kanit and David Peters are the two shortest stacks at the table and they just clashed in a pot that reached showdown. Kanit was the pre-flop aggressor, he raised to 160,000 from the cut-off and Peters called from the big blind. The American flopped best on the A♠T♥5♦ board and check-called Kanit's 135,000 c-bet.

The A♦ turn and 9♠ river went check-check and with that pot Peters has leapfrogged Kanit in the chip counts. - NW

David Peters - 1,750,000
Mustapha Kanit - 1,570,000

3:55pm:David Peters doubles through Ankush Mandavia?
Level 20 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)
Down to only seven big blinds, David Peters moved all-in with A♦T♦ and got a customer in the shape of Ankush Mandavia.

The latter had A♣8♠ and didn't outdraw Peters on the 9♣5♥4♦5♦K♣ board. - NW

David Peters - 1,370,000
Ankush Mandavia - 3,120,000

3:45pm: What did Mandavia have?
Level 20 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)
Another big hand for Mustapha Kanit and another big pot, although this way it didn't go as well for the Italian.

Pre-flop he opened from under-the-gun with A♣Q♠ and Ankush Mandavia defended from the big blind with at least the 7♠. The technology hadn't picked up what his second hole card was.

He hit the one we did know about on the 4♣Q♦7♥ flop but Kanit hit top pair, a hand he bet to the tune of 175,000. Back on Mandavia he check-raised to 480,000 and Kanit smooth called.

The curious nature of this hand was heightened by the fact that we didn't know exactly what Mandavia had made this move with. "Do you think he made a random defend with queen-seven or seven-four?" pondered EPT Live commentator Joe Stapleton.

The 5♦ turn went check-check and the J♦ fell on fifth street. Mandavia cut out some chips from his stack and slid out a bet of 650,000. This bet sent Kanit deep into the tank,

"I think it'd be pretty weird for him to turn a random seven into a bluff here," Stapleton said as Kanit checked his cards again a couple of times.

Eventually Kanit settled on a fold and although the dealer asked Mandavia to put his hole cards back in a spot where the second one could be picked up by the TV team, there was no joy so his second card remains a mystery. -- NW

3:30pm: Chip counts
Level 20 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)
It's really close at the top now with Ankush Mandavia and Bryn Kenney now tied for the chip lead, whilst Joe McKeehan and Mustapha Kanit are just a handful of big blinds behind.

Bringing up the rear is David Peters who now has just over 10 big blinds. --NW

Ankush MandaviaUnited States3,060,000
Bryn KenneyUnited States3,060,000
Joe McKeehenUnited States2,805,000
Mustapha KanitItaly2,700,000
Isaac HaxtonUnited States2,00,000
David PetersUnited States865,000

3:15pm: Big pot goes Kanit's way
Level 19 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)
When big hands collide you get a big pot and we just witnessed the second big pot of this final table:

Mustapha Kanit picked up two red aces on the button, opened to 125,000 and Ike Haxton put in the extra from the big blind with J♣8♦.

The Q♣T♣A♣ flop was what you might describe as an 'action flop', given that it gave Kanit top set and Haxton a royal flush draw.

After Haxton checked, Kanit bet 125,000 and Haxton just called. Suddenly the 7♣ turn gave Haxton the lead. He checked again while Kanit played it coy, checking behind. The Q♥ was a brutal river card for Haxton. Once more this hand flip-flopped and Kanit retook the lead.

mustapha_kanit_pca2016_shr_ft_2024.jpgCoy: Mustapha Kanit

Haxton didn't know this of course and bet 450,000. Kanit took his time, but you knew what was coming. After about 90 seconds he moved all-in for just over 1,400,000. "Ike has to consider this, the second nut flush on a paired board," said James Hartigan on #EPTLive. After considering his actions Haxton eventually elected to fold and Kanit won a big pot that could've been even bigger in different circumstances. -NW

Mustpaha Kanit - 2,445,000
Ike Haxton - 2,170,000

3:05pm: Haxton closes the gap on Kenney
Level 19 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)
Bryn Kenney's chip lead has been all but eroded away and it's Ike Haxton who's closed the gap on him.

The two of them played a pot in which Haxton min-raised from under-the-gun with A♦Qh] and Kenney defended from the big blind with 8♥6♥.

They both flopped a pair on the 8♠A♠7♣ flop but Haxton kept the betting lead, firing out 220,000. It was a bet Kenney quickly called. Both players then checked the T♦ turn and the 3♣ completed the board.

Once more Kenney checked. Haxton bet 550,000 into a pot of 750,000 before Kenney released his hand. -NW


Bryn Kenney: The decision

Bryn Kenney - 3,180,000
Ike Haxton - 2,900,000

2:50pm: Peters gets some back
Level 19 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)
Flopping the nuts always helps when you're short stacked and that's what David Peters just did in a hand against Bryn Kenney.

The latter opened the button with K♦Q♦. Ike Haxton folded A♦T♠ from the small blind (to Joe Stapleton's incredulity) but Peters liked his 8♥5♥ enough to see a flop.

David Peters_pca2016_shr_ft_2018.jpgDavid Peters

He was glad he did. The flop fell 6♣7♥9♥. Both players checked and the 2♦ hit the turn. Sadly for Peters his bet of 140,000 was too rich for Kenney who folded. Pot to Peters. -- NW

2:25pm: Haxton rivers Peters
A fascinating three-way pot to tell you about:

From the cut-off Ike Haxton min-raised to 120,000 with A♠K♥, David Peters called on the button with A♥9♣ and Ankush Mandavia put in the extra from the big blind with A♣4♠.

So there was only one ace in the deck, but it appeared on the 9♠A♦Q♣ flop. There followed checks from Mandavia and Haxton, but not from Peters, who had flopped two pair. He bet 180,000, Mandavia quickly called and although Haxton took a little longer to make his decision, he too called. The 5♠ fell on the turn.

isaac_haxton_pca2016_shr_ft_2006.jpgIsaac Haxton in action again

"Once Ike over-calls Ankush has got to hate his hand right?" Joe Stapleton said and it seemed Mandavia was of the same mind. He checked as did Haxton. "Ike just wants to get to showdown but I don't think David is going to let that happen."

Indeed he wasn't, Peters bet 425,000 and Haxton again just called, leaving himself with about 900,000 behind. Mandavia folded.

So there was now a pot of around 1.8 million as the Q♥ hit the river. "An out he didn't even know he had," Stapleton said as the river meant that Peters hand was counterfeited. Both players checked and Peters saw the bad news. He's down to 1.4 million Haxton is up to 2,800,000. --NW

2:26pm: Haxton shoves on Kanit again
This hand took a little longer to play out but had the same result, an open raise, a three-bet shove and a fold from the original raiser.

It was Kanit who started the action again, opening to 125,000 with A♣5♠ and Ike Haxton, who had Q♥J♥, took some time before announcing that he was all-in.

The shove was for 1.44 million and Kanit requested a count, before folding his hand. Kanit got some chips back the next hand as he found A♥A♣ but got no action. -- NW


Isaac Haxton

2:25pm: Still pretty deep
Level 19 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)
The average stack right now is 2.4 million, which equates to 40 big blinds. So not super deep but not shallow either. Plenty of play to be had still in this one. -- NW

2:20pm: One for Kanit, one for Haxton
Level 19 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)
Big bet poker has earned Mustapha Kanit and Ike Haxton their first pots of the final table. The Italian three-bet shoved for around 930,000 with A♠T♣ and that forced Joe McKeehen to fold his queen-jack. A couple of hands later Kanit opened with A♣3♦ but folded when Haxton shoved for 1,305,000 with A♥K♠.


The immaculate attire of Mustapha Kanit

In both instances the players were quick to release their hands and there was no tanking. "I'm liking the pace of play," said Joe Stapleton on EPT Live. --NW

2:10pm: McKeehen takes one from Peters
Level 18 - Blinds 25,000/50,000 (5,000 ante)
David Peters took down the first pot uncontested but when he raised for the second hand in a row he met resistance from Joe McKeehen. The reigning WSOP Main Event champion three-bet to 285,000 over the top of Peters 115,000 open. Peters called when it folded back to him. The two players then checked it all the way down on a 7♠6♦Q♠K♣T♦ board with McKeehen's pocket jacks taking the pot against the A♥T♠ of Peters. -- NW


Joe McKeehen and David Peters do battle in the second hand of the day

2.05pm: Action is under way
Level 18 - Blinds 25,000-50,000 (5,000 ante)
There are four minutes left in Level 25 so there will likely be only a couple of hands at this blind level. Anyway, action is now under way. -- HS

1.55pm: What they're playing for
The bubble burst late last night, with Nick Petrangelo becoming the last player to walk away from this tournament with nothing. Kathy Lehne and Daniel Dvoress both made the money but departed before the final day. That leaves the last six angling for the following prize money:

1  $1,687,800
2  $1,220,840
3  $787,640
4  $596,360
5  $461,340
6  $360,060
7Daniel DvoressCanada$286,920
8Kathy LehneUnited States$225,040

1.45pm: Players now seated
The six men eyeing the top prize are now in their seats. They look a little bit like this:


Standing (l-r): Joe McKeehen, Ankush Mandavia, Mustapha Kanit. Seated (l-r): David Peters, Isaac Haxton, Bryn Kenney.

1.15pm: Preparing for action
The stage is set and ready for the first major final table of the 2016 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). Stick here for all the action.

Take a look at the official website of the PCA, with tournament schedule, videos, news, blogs and accommodation details for the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas.

Also all the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the $100,000 Super High Roller: Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photography by Joe Giron and Neil Stoddart. For more photos from this event by Joe Giron visit Poker Photo Archive.


Howard Swains
@howardswains in Super High Roller