PokerStars Championship Panama: Runner runner Greenwood

There's been a Greenwood at every single High Roller final table in PokerStars Championship history.

Granted, the nascent series has only had two High Roller events, but the Greenwood twins are now 2-0 for these final tables. Luc Greenwood took down the inaugural PSC High Roller in the Bahamas this January and secured his first major tournament title. The victory earned him nearly $800,000 and the satisfaction of knocking out his own twin brother to win it.

"It didn't feel good," Sam said. "I lost a huge pot before then and that would've got me back to where I wanted and Luc had a lot of chips. He could've spared some."

PSC Panama_Velli-569_Sam Greenwood.jpg

Sam Greenwood has made another High Roller final table

Sam said the runout was brutal too. His own twin brother, the one he shared a womb with, two outed him on the river. Luc eliminated Sam in 10th place, making him the final table bubble.

That's poker though. Sam says that while they're competitive with each other and have no qualms busting each other in the most brutal fashion, they're mostly supportive. Poker can be a rough game and it helps to have a supportive family member that can also talk in-depth strategy. Sometimes that can backfire though.

"It's tough to play poker against people you talk poker strategy with because they know why you're doing things and what you're doing them for," Sam said. "With friends and relatives you've hung out with so much, you notice small changes in body language in a way that might be meaningless to other people.

"With other people you have a little more deception about what you're doing and you can confuse people a little more."

The Greenwoods have been playing poker together for years and learned the game together. Their older brother, Max Greenwood, picked up the game in college and taught it to them when they were still in high school.

Now all three of them are tournament millionaires with six-figure scores. Sam is currently the highest-earning Greenwood with more than $4.6 million in live tournament earnings and he's hoping to add another $274,740 tomorrow as he plays his billionth High Roller final table.


Sam and Luc Greenwood at the PSC Bahamas High Roller

Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but the Canadian pro has close to 10 Super High Roller and High Roller final tables on his resume. He says his success is partly due to the fact that the style of play needed to succeed in these types of events is also one that suits his game.

"Most of the players are pretty good, so you play a little more in line and respect your opponents more," Sam said. "In the Main Event I think some people kind of go crazy and pick on amateurs, but in this tournament you need to be more focused and more precise and in line.

"It's easy to say, but it's harder to implement. That's just practice and work I guess."

The strategy has served Sam well across Europe the past few years and it seems like it's working here in Panama. We'll see if he can ride that strategy to victory tomorrow and keep the High Roller trophy exclusively Greenwood.

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Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.