PSC Bahamas: Aaron Paul stars, but Juvancic leads after Day 1B

James Juvancic started today as one of hundreds of faces, each with the same starting stack, the same thoughts of stardom this time next week, and a plan to get through eight levels.

Before long Juvancic became one of those players that boosts their starting stack, sends others to the rail, and does no wrong. So much so that by the close of play tonight he held the clear lead, bagging up 271,800 for the overall Day 2 lead.

James_Juvancic_PCB2017_ME1B_9JAN17Chip leader tonight: James Juvancic

He'll be joined tomorrow by others from the 470 strong Day 1B field, including Andrew Ryan (224,300), Felipe Ramos (156,800), Steven Kerr (147,800), Jean Montury (125,000), and Pascal Lafrancois (103,200). Not to mention Vanessa Selbst (88,000), Chris Moneymaker (65,100), Barry Greenstein (60,400), Fatima Moreira de Melo (44,000), Jaime Staples (30,900), Andre Akkari (23,700), Jake Cody (19,700), and Steve O'Dwyer (18,700). Full counts will be available on the blog as we get them.

There were plenty of stars today, including some of the Hollywood kind.
Jennifer Tilly departed midway through the day but Aaron Paul kept heads turning ("honey, is that Aaron Paul?") as he built a more than useful stack of 74,700 by the close. To his own relief, and to the enjoyment of everyone here, he'll be back for Day 2 tomorrow.

Aaron_Paul_PCB2017_ME1B_9JAN17Turning heads: Aaron Paul

There's more to the story of Day 1B, all of which can be found in our live updates from the day. You'll find key hands and stories form the day, as well as details of a few characters that started (and in a lot of cases finished) their Main Event campaign today.

That's all for tonight though. Live updates continue on Day 2 from noon ET tomorrow. See you then.

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