PokerStars Championship Barcelona: €10K High Roller field swells, while Negreanu waits for dinner

More than half of Day 1 is now done in the €10,300 High Roller, so here's a midday update with all the gossip.

There's around 400 runners in this one at the time of writing, which already puts $4 million into the prize pool. Of course, registration is open until the start of Day 2 tomorrow, and every player has the option of one re-entry.

Several players have more than trebled their 50,000 starting stacks, but the only one to have almost quadrupled it right now is France's Christopher Chaudey with 190,000. He's joined at the top of the counts by Jans Arends (170,000), Charlie Carrel (165,000) and PokerStars Team Pro Jake Cody (152,000). Switzerland's online cash game beast Linus 'LLinusLLove' Loeliger (142,000) is also up there.

Anton Morgenstern, Steffen Sontheimer, Adrian Mateos, Georgios Vrakas, Stefan Schillhabel, Anthony Zinno, and Alex Papazian round out the top counts at the time of writing.

NEIL8735_PCBAR2017Steffen_Sontheimer_Koray_Aldemir_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Sontheimer (left) with Koray Aldemir

Sontheimer won a huge pot from Jonathan Roy. The two got all their money in on an A♠J♦8♥A♣6♣ board, and when the hands were flipped it wasn't hard to see why: Roy had the J♥J♣ for a full house, but Sontheimer? He had the A♥A♦ for quads to take down an 80,000 pot.

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Jake Cody-3120.jpg

Cody repping the red spade

Jake Cody is the sole representative of Team PokerStars Pro right now, but he won't be for too long.

One face that you won't see out in the throng currently is Daniel Negreanu. However we have it on good authority (i.e. Negreanu himself) that Kid Poker will be hopping in after the 75-minute dinner break. That will take place at the end of Level 6, currently being played out as I type.

NEIL9034_PCBAR2017Daniel_Negreanu_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Negreanu in the Super High Roller earlier this week

When Negreanu sits down he'll start with a 62.5 big blind stack; plenty of room to manoeuvre. Late regging is a tactic he's very familiar with, and he's in good form having final tabled the Super High Roller earlier this week (9th - €117,700).

But apart from that, almost every poker player you'd expect to see playing the higher buy-in events on the European circuit is here, so saying it's a 'stacked field' is an understatement.

Here's a bunch of 'em:

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Martin Jacobson-3241.jpg

Martin Jacobson

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Adrian Mateos-3206.jpg

Adrian Mateos

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Charlie Carrell-3295.jpg

Charlie Carrel

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Daniel Colman-3162.jpg

Dan Colman

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Philipp Gruissem-3348.jpg

Philipp Gruissem

PCBAR-2017-Monti-Thomas Muehloecker-3213.jpg

Thomas Muehloecker


Alex Papazian and Dietrich Fast

Spare a thought for Philippe D'Auteuil though. After making Day 4 of the Main Event only to bust in 55th for €22,680, D'Auteuil hopped straight into the High Roller. Not long later and €10,300 of that cash was gone.

He was all in on the turn of a 5♣J♠4♣6♠ board with the 6♦5♦ for two pair. He was in great shape against Joaquin Walter's T♥T♦, until the J♦ river paired the board and counterfeited his hand, giving Walter a bigger two pair.

Join us back here on the PokerStars Blog throughout the day for more coverage, and check in for live updates with our friends over at PokerNews.

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Jack Stanton
@J_W_Stanton in Barcelona