PokerStars Festival Bucharest: Klatt, bang, wallop! Bust-outs and slow-rolls from the off

We're only three levels into the Day 1A action but we've already seen our fair share of action and familiar faces. While the players are on their first 15-minute break of the day, allow me to bring you up to speed.

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Level 1 elimination

Let's look at this hand from three different perspectives:

The board: T♣5♥8♠6♠5♠

1. Vlad Mihalcea

Mihalcea held the 9♠T♠ for a flopped top pair and rivered flush. One player bets 7,000 into the middle with a big pot out there already, and there's another guy still to act behind you. Are you ever getting called by worse if you raise? Is there any point to raising anyway when the board is paired?

Either way, Mihalcea decided just to flat. But then the player behind him moved all-in and the first player snap-called. After a bit of frustration tanking, Mihalcea laid it down.

2. Van Thach Vu

Thach Vu held the 8♦8♣ for a flopped set and rivered boat. He leads out for 7,000 for value, and must be loving life when Mihalcea just flats (any better full house would surely raise). But when the third player shoves and you've already bet, perhaps a call is best. That's what Thach Vu does, and Mihalcea lays his hand down.

3. Aleksandr Osinin

Aleksandr Osinin held the 5♦5♣ for a flopped set and rivered QUADS. When Thach Vu leads into the pot, he must have been leaping for joy inside. Even more so when Mihalcea called. Osinin shoved without a care in the world, getting at least one call with his four-of-a-kind.

With that, Osinin increased his stack to 70,000, Mihalcea dropped to 15,000, and Thach Vu was eliminated.

2017 31-6.8. PSF Bucharest Tomas Stacha_17STA_6701.jpg

It's the lonely halls for Thach Vu...

Slow rolls and miracles

I'm not sure if slow-rolling is acceptable in Bucharest like it was back at the PokerStars Championship in Macau, but we've already seen one beauty.

After an open to 550, Cristian Serban called before Krasimir Yankov three-bet to 2,025. Both called to see the T♠7♦J♥ flop, which was checked all around. The turn was the 3♣ prompting a 3,125 bet from Yankov, which only Serban matched.

On the 5♣ river, Yankov led again for 7,600 and Serban quickly announced a call. Yankov turned over his A♥A♦ quickly, believing he had the best hand, and Serban began counting out a call, keeping his hand face down. After he slid the chip into the middle, he then flipped over the 3♥3♦ for a turned set and the winner. Brutal.

A little later at the end of Level 3, Eduard Norel was in bad shape until a miracle turn of events.

He bet 4,500 on an A♠T♣5♠ flop, only for Maan El Hachem to jam over the top for around 20,000. Another player folded, and Norel called with his 4♠3♠ for straight and flush draw. El Hachem had the T♠9♠ though, meaning he not only had a pair but held a bigger flush draw.

The turn then came the 2♣ - one Norel's two outs, the other being the 2♠ - to give him the lead, which held up after the 4♦ river. El Hachem busted, and Noel now sits with 95,000.

Montedam Swing winner Klatt and other notables

Andreas Klatt is among the notable names who have taken their seats here on Day 1A.


Klatt back in Monte Carlo

In case you need a reminder, Klatt not only won the PokerStars National Championship in Monte Carlo in May for €151,000; he then followed that up with a runner-up finish in the PokerStars Championship Main Event, good for an additional €400,000.

But he wasn't done there. He then went on to Amsterdam for the WPT event, where he almost made another final table (10th for €13,000). That's a mighty fine fortnight for any poker player, I'm sure you'll agree.

Joining Klatt in the field is Ionel Anton (almost $2 million in live cashes and no.3 on Romania's all-time money list); Carmen Zainescu (Eureka6 Bucharest Main Event 6th place finisher); Yaniv Peretz (live regular who won $200k in a Las Vegas tournament last week); Liran Machluf (Eureka3 Bulgaria winner); Niko Koop (European live circuit reg); and Erik Scheidt (Eureka4 Vienna and Eureka6 Hamburg finalist).

Stay tuned for more as the Day 1A progresses.

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