PokerStars Festival Marbella: Main Event eclipses guarantee; record breaker in sight


It's a full house at PSF Marbella

The signs were there. No not the ones directing players to 'La Caseta', although that was, in fairness, just as big a clue. La Caseta - which literally means 'the house' is the secondary tournament room which is only pressed into action if the main tournament room is full.

It's been used every single day this week. Every. Single. Day. That's because this festival has attracted record numbers. 761 turned up for the kick-off event, the €170 MegaStack. That was a record. It also had to extended an extra day to three days total. That pattern has continued with other side events as both the Win the Button and Deepstack turbo, which were meant to over in one day, had to be paused overnight and extended to two day tournaments.


The La Caseta tournament area

And sorry to sound like a broken record, but the Main Event has proved no different. A €700,000 guarantee was set and after 303 players turned up for Day 1A it was a safe bet that the guarantee would be eclipsed. Day 1B is almost always more popular than Day 1A and so it's proved. Over 430 players have picked up a rack of chips today and with the guarantee eclipsed the only question left to answer is will this event eclipse the record for a PokerStars €1K Main Event at this venue?


Anton Wigg

The number that the crunchers are focused on is 844, set last year when Jonathan Schuman took top honours. He played yesterday but plenty of familiar faces are in the mix today. Anton Wigg is one such face. The EPT6 Copehagen champion has over $2.1m in live earnings and almost $5M online earning on PokerStars. The Poker Gods care not for reputation though and Wigg has found it tough going today. He'd dropped to 19,000 from a start of day 25,000 when we last checked in.


Sebastian Malec

At least Wigg still has chips another EPT winner didn't fair so well. Sebastian Malec had run his stack up to over 35,000 by the end of level six but he busted shortly afterwards. Most of the 390 players who are still in are now condensed in the main touranment room and they incldue: Nick Galtos (26,000), Nuno Andrade (53,000), Juan Bautista (80,000) Chris Dowling (40,000) and Alexandre Amiel (57,000).

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There were two former UKIPT/ESPT Marbella winners in the field today but neither will be adding a PSF Marbella title to their collection. Both Ludovic Geilich and Isidoro Barrena have busted. They may well be back for the Day 1C turbo at 10pm. We'll have to wait until then to see if we're talking about another record.


Nick Wright
@PokerStars in PokerStars Festival