PokerStars Festival Marbella: The misery of Medina

If you live in Spain and watch any of the PokerStars TV coverage of PokerStars Championship events then you're probably familiar with Francisco Medina. Or, at the very least you'd recognise his voice.

Medina and his co-commentator Guillermo Sanz are the Stapes and Hartigan of Spain. "I'm more Stapes," Medina tells PokerStars Blog, "but we can both fill both roles," he says. With no commentary duties at this event Medina took the opportunity to play a bit of a poker and travelled down from Madrid, where he'd been doing some work for PokerStars TV shows in Spain.


Medina - a familliar face and voice to Spanish poker fans

The fact that he's telling me this from outside the poker room, rather than inside, should be a big clue as to how his Main Event went. If you're still struggling to get a read then it didn't go well.

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In the opening level this absolute sickner of a hand occured. A Portuguese player called Nuno "Che" Andrade opened to 300, there was a call and then Medina called as well with 8♣6♣. The flop was fairly favourable for Medina as it came [8][5]7♠ giving him top pair and an open-ended straight draw. After Andrade checked the 'mystery player' bet 5,000. That's a fairly substantial bet given the pot was only 900 at the time. None the less with his hand seeing a turn card was in order for Medina. He called and Andrade folded.


What did Andrade start?

The 9♠ fell on fourth street, and while it didn't quite give Medina the nuts, he had now improved to a straight. If you thought his opponent's bet on the flop was a little chunky then the turn bet was gargantuan. It was all-in and Medina decided to call it off. His opponent turned over 8♠6♠ and was freerolling against Medina, with a 20% chance to win the pot outright.

The river card was the T♠ which gave Medina's opponent a straight flush no less and sent Medina straight out the door. He was able to laugh off the defeat though. "That's poker, it happens," he joked.

For Medina, who lives in Ceuta, an autonomous Spanish city on the north coast of Africa, there's still more tournament poker to be had in Marbella. "I'm going to play the PLO tournament but I have no idea how to play Omaha!"


Medina will be back at the table later

Nick Wright
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