PokerStars Festival Rozvadov: Tableside with Randy 'nanonoko' Lew

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Nanonoko. A murderer?

PokerStars Team Online pro Randy 'nanonoko' Lew is "killing the table" at the PokerStars High Roller here in Rozvadov according to fellow table-man Vytautas Laurinaitis.

Having busted mid-way through Day 2 of the Main Event, he late registered into the High Roller where he was able to grind his way up to chip-leader by Level 9.

It's been a long day for Lew, but he's more than used to long-sessions. Sporting a Twitch hoodie, Lew or 'nanonoko' has made a name for himself for his mega multi-tabling antics. In fact, Lew holds the Guinness World Record for most hands played in the space of eight hours with a profit. He completed the feat at the 2012 PCA where he played 23,493 hands in the time - that's an impressive 2,936 hands an hour, or 49 hands per minute.

What was his profit you ask?

A whopping... $7.65.

Oh well.

Back in the PokerStars High Roller in Rozvadov Lew is hoping for a slightly bigger pay-day today. I joined him at the beginning of Level 10 to see if any more 'killings' would occur.

Level 10 / Blinds - 600/1,200 / Ante - 200
Stack: 150,000

38.44: All in already?

As I reach the table Lew is already in the action. There's been an early open to 2,200 and a call from a middle position player. Lew raises the price in the small blind to 9,000.

"But I was being so nice to you earlier!" says the player next to him before calling. The initial raiser also calls.

The flop comes 9♠2♣3♠ which Lew sees continue on by betting 8,500. The prompts two relatively quick calls.

The turn comes the K♦. Lew continues again by betting 21,000. Following a tank from the player directly to his left, we see a shove.

Lew doesn't look too happy but asks for a count. The price is just shy of 60,000.

He reluctantly calls to show A♣K♣, his opponent laughs and turns over K♦A♥.

No murders just yet. Chop it up please dealer!

21.27: Applying the pressure

After a bout of folds, Lew opens to 2,600 from the button and the small blind defends.

The flop comes 9♦7♠3♥ - a dry board. The small blind continues for just shy of 2,800 and Lew calls relatively quickly. The turn comes K♥ and the small blind c-bets for 6,000.

This prompts a 3-bet from Lew and a quick fold from the initial aggressor.

11.08: A cheeky UTG limp

Lew finds himself in the big blind.

"Okay, I'm going to do a very rare under the gun limp" announces the under-the-gun player as he puts 1,200 in the middle.

It gets a flat from middle position, and a check from Lew in the big blind.

The flop comes K♦J♥9♥, a draw-heavy board which sees three checks.

The turn is the A♠ - it's all looking a bit scary now.

After two more checks Lew bets 4,200 and gets two quick folds. Another small pot goes his way.

4.21: A pocket pair

Shortly before the end of the level, Lew opens to 2,600. It gets a call from the next position and the big blind completes.

The flop is 3♥9♥7♦. As first to act, Lew bets 3,500. It gets a call from the opponent directly to his left and a fold. Heads up to the turn.

The A♣ hits the board and the action slows down.

Check, check.

The river is the 3♠ and Lew bets 4,000. It gets a crying fold from his opponent.

Lew flips over Q♠Q♦ and his opponent mucks.

0.00: End of the level

Well it wasn't exactly a massacre, but slow and steady wins the race. Lew ends the level with 172,000 - enough to keep him in the top three stacks in the field with plenty of time left.

Just under half of the 118 strong field remain as play continues into the night.

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Dan Jones
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