MPCC: Level 15-17 updates (day 2)


Live updates from day 2 of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander from the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking here.

2.45pm: Tae Jun takes a tumble

The hopes of Team Asia Pro Tae Jun Noh winning the Asian Player of the Year title have taken a nosedive after he was almost felted by Victor Chen. The Korean youngster made the call with Q-10 against the A-6 of Chen, which duly held up. That left him with less than 40,000 in chips.


Tae Jun Noh is under immense pressure on the final-table bubble

Meanwhile, Vincent Chung won a massive pot against the other Team Asia player Bryan Huang when his A♣ 9♣ made a better two-pair against Huang's Q♦ J♠ on a board that flowed Q♥ A♦ 6♣ J♦ 6♦. Chung is up to 600,000, while Huang dropped to 210,000.

2.20pm: We're on the final table bubble

It's been more than 30 minutes since the elimination of Tran Linh at the hands of Yong Hyun "James" Yoo in 12th, and a spot on the final table seems to be holding more allure than actually cashing in the 2009 MPCC Main Event as play has tightened up considerably.

On table one, the short stacks have been content to shove pre-flop and pick up the blinds and antes (there have been double-ups for Victor Chen and Paul Cheng) while on table six, where most of the chips reside, there've been plenty of flops but few big pots played.

1.40pm: Chung tops the count

Vincent Chung of the USA is the new chip leader after sending popular PokerStars Macau identity Hung Tu "All-in Henry" Wang to the rail in 14th. Chung sent his pocket nines to work against the K-9 of Wang, and the eight-high board sent Chung above 400,000 in chips.


The last Australian accent in the MPCC Main Event field belongs to Daren Yoon, who is back among the chip leaders

Kitson Kho followed soon after when Daren Yoon flopped a set of sevens against A-J, which left Kho with less than a small blind. He limped out a couple of hands later. That leaves 12 players chasing one of 10 spots at the final table.

1.15pm: Big slick earns big split

It was the biggest pot of the tournament, and ended with the elimination of Matt Schwarmann in 15th and the spoils shared between Devan Tang and Chun Chieh Chang.

Schwarmann pushed all-in from early position, with calls from Tang and Chun. The flop fell 8♠ 9♠ J♥, it went check-check and the turn came K♣. Tang bet 50,000, Chun shoved all-in and Tang called.


Matt Schwarmann awaits his fate before heading to the cage to collect prizemoney for 15th

It was the red fours of Schwarmann against the A♣ K♥ of Chun and Tang's A♥ K♦. There was no tiebreaking four for the American (river 9♥ as the pot was shared between Chun and Tang.

1pm: Better late than never

Devan Tang arrived just in time to eliminate two players on the same hand - Team Asia Pro Raymond Wu and Canadian Rafi Istanbulian - to double his starting stack of 160,000 early on day two in the MPCC Main Event.


Raymond Wu completes a memorable 2009 that included an EPT London final table with a cash in the season-ending MPCC Main Event

Wu and Istanbulian will be scored in equal 16th-place. Nigel Jones was eliminated in 18th, leaving 15 players in contention for a spot at the final table, and Singapore's Bryan Huang in the chip lead on 375,000.

12.30pm: All air for Fan

Terry Fan was confirmed as the 19th-place finisher when he shoved all-in on the first hand of the day, and Team Asia Pro Bryan Huang was happy to resume hostilities with his Taiwanese adversary. It was Fan's pocket eights against the K-10 of Huang, which found a pair of 10s on the turn to send Fan on his way.

Kitson Kho arrived just in time for the redraw of the remaining 18 players, but we're yet to see Devan Tang, whose blinds and antes are being greedily eaten up on table one.