MPCC: Level 18 updates (final table)


Live updates from the final table, level 18 (10,000-20,000, ante 3000) of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander from the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking here.

9pm: Welcome to the party

As we tick down to the dinner break on day two of the Macau Poker Cup Championship, the blinds are starting bite as hard as a saltwater croc. The two least-active players at the final table, Korea's Yong Hyun "James" Yoo and Wing Bor "Paul" Cheng from Hong Kong, have awoken from their relative slumber and have joined the pre-flop frenzy.

The big raises are enough to scoop most pots, but Devan Tang just caught the Korean with his fingers in the cookie jar when he shoved over the top of Yoo's pre-flop raise. His all-in, and Yoo's fold, was enough to win a pot of more than 600,000.

8.40pm: Tang talks it up for the TV

Players are back from a 10-minute break due to TV commitments, with the remaining six players now spread evenly around the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event final table.

We're actually looking forward to seeing the footage as Devan Tang is proving a real talent in the chat department. There hasn't been a lot of table-talk, but Tang has been quick with the one-liners. Unfortunately, some of his best work is heading for the floor of the editing suite.


The total entertainment package that is Devan Tang

And for those who like a bit of variety, the last three songs on Grand Lisboa FM have featured Michael Bublé, The Prodigy and the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey; never a boring moment.

8.15pm: Yew Fatt Kan eliminated in seventh place, HKD $133,700

Vincent Chung is off the canvas and throwing haymakers, like the one that just KOed Yew Fatt "Raiden" Kan in seventh place. After minimum pre-flop action, Raiden shoved all-in after the flop came 9♠ J♥ 5♣. Chung called in an instant, and showed 4♦ 4♣.


Call the cleaners ... Vincent Chung just made a mess of Devan Tang's stack and sent Yew Fatt Kan to the rail

Outs opened up for Raiden with the J♣ on the turn, but the river 8♠ brought no joy as he exited the MPCC Main Event. Credit to Vincent Chung for his astute read and gutsy call with three overcards on the flop - the young man has some serious game, and a big chip lead on 1.32 million, more than double that of the next player.

8pm: Huang hangin' on

The hunter has become the hunted with Bryan Huang playing aggressively to stave off the wolves camped at his doorstep. The short stack of the last remaining Team Asia Pro is being eyed greedily by the other six players, but all-in shoves over the top of raises has been enough to keep the Singaporean alive in the MPCC Main Event.

Devan Tang has just been involved in another big post-flop tussle, this time with the man to his immediate right, Vincent Chung. We're not sure about Vincent's claims of working as a dishwasher, but he cleaned up a big pot when he turned the nut straight to regain much of the ground he'd lost earlier in the final table.