MPCC: Level 19 updates (final table)


Live updates from the final table, level 19 (12,000-24,000, ante 4000) of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event brought to you by Sean Callander from the Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino. Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest chip counts can be found by clicking here.

11.30pm: Tang turns it around

With so many breaks, it feels like the never-ending level ... the chip lead is back with Devan Tang after an intriguing hand with Vincent Chung. There was about 150,000 in the middle and both players had checked the flop of K♦ [10s] 9♠. The turn came the 4♦, Chung checked, Tang bet 50,000, Chung made it 150,000 and Tang re-raised to 450,000 total. Chung was none too happy to let his hand go as he slumped to 950,000 and Tang soared to 1.7 million.

11.15pm: Wing Bor Cheng eliminated in fourth-place, HKD $252,500

Wing Bor "Paul" Cheng has just completed his exit interview after making his final move of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event final table.

Cheng called the all-in of Chun Chieh "Michael" Chang, who had him covered, and showed Q♥ J♥. Chang flipped over A♦ J♣ and sealed the deal on a board that flowed 2♦ A♥ [10c] 8♠ 4♥.


Cheng KOed by Chang while Chung leads

We're down to three players, with the American youngster Vincent Chung leading on 1,518,000 from Hong Kong's Devan Tang with 1,056,000 while Taipei's Michael Chang remains in the hunt on 600,000.

11pm: Chung's tournament to lose

The pendulum has swung back in favour of Vincent Chung after he took down a massive pot against former chip leader Devan Tang. There was betting on every street as the board flowed [10c] 7♠ 3♥ J♣ 5♦, Tang bet 100,000 but Chung slammed back over the top with a bet of 280,000. That put Tang back in his seat, and he made a reluctant fold to gift the chip lead back to the player on his immediate right.

10.40pm: Bryan Huang eliminated in fifth place, HKD $200,500

His chips seemed to spend more time over the betting line than behind it, but Bryan Huang has carried his short stack all the way to an impressive fifth in the first Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event.

The Team Asia Pro's last stand came with J♥ [10s] against the K♠ Q♠ of Devan Tang. The flop of 7♦ 9♥ 5♠ gave Huang an inside straight draw, but the turn 5♥ and river A♣ were no good for Huang and he was out in fifth.

10.20pm: Lighting up the sky

The largest fireworks display in Macau's history has just ended to mark the 10th anniversary of Macau's return to China. We're experiencing our fair share of fireworks in the Grand Lisboa Casino with 56,000 in blinds and antes to pick up on each hand.


While everyone else was eating dinner ...

We're into level 19 of the Macau Poker Cup Championship Main Event, with the blinds up to 12,000/24,000 and an ante of 4000. Bryan Huang has been main beneficiary so far this level, with three pre-flop all-in shoves met with no interest.

However, it's Vincent Chung back in the lead on 1.24 million after taking down a nice pot with a pre-flop re-raise against Wing Bor "Paul" Cheng. Devan Tang is down to 950,000 while Cheng (370,000), Michael Chang (350,000) and Bryan Huang (275,000) are looking for a spot to make a move.

10pm: Yong Hyun Yoo eliminated in sixth place, HKD $163,400

It was hardly surprising that Yong Hyun "James" Yoo and Wing Bor "Paul" Cheng eventually butted heads with barely a hand passing without one or the other pushing all-in.

It came just after the dinner break when Yoo pushed all-in with A♥ 9♥ and Cheng called, showing Q♠ J♠. The flop hit both players, but Cheng had the better of the Q♥ 9♠ 4♠, and it was all over for Yoo when the 7♠ landed on the turn, with a meaningless 4♣ on the river.

Devan Tang leads narrowly on 1,048,000 from Vincent Chung on 1,010,000, followed by Cheng on 640,000, Chang with 390,000 and Bryan Huang holding 210,000.