MPCC Day 2: Levels 11 & 12 (blinds 1200-2400, ante 300)

6:30pm: Dinner break

The 50 remaining players are now off to enjoy a 75-minute dinner break. We'll be back at 7:45pm local time.

6:20pm: Laidlaw jacked off

Daniel Laidlaw is having a rough trot at the moment. After pure bubbling the ANZPT Darwin Main Event last week, Laidlaw was intent on making amends in Macau but his run has just come to an end in equally devastating fashion.

Laidlaw was looking good for a double up when his last chips were in preflop with pocket aces against the pocket jacks of fellow Aussie Joel Dodds, but the board ran out 5♦4♣J♠J♣5♥ to give Dodds quad jacks and eliminate Laidlaw from the tournament just prior to the dinner break. Meanwhile Dodds has recovered once again to be up to 120,000.

6:10pm: Oh no for Steve Yea

Ryoichi Omori has taken a huge pot through Steve Yea with the chips going in on a flop of 6♠4♣7♥. Omori opened 4♥4♠ as Yea dropped his head in dismay as he opened A♥A♣. The turn was the T♥ and river the 3♦ as Omori doubled through to 200,000 to leave Yea with just 60,000.

6:05pm: Dodds dominated in blind battle

Joel Dodds has lost a big chunk of chips in a battle of the blinds. Dodds raised to 6,000 from the small blind, before William Pastout popped it to 18,000 in the big blind. Dodds four-bet to 33,000 and then called his Pastout's shove. Dodds opened A♣9♠ but Pastout showed a dominant A♥K♥ as nothing changed on the board of J♦T♠3♦6♣8♣.

Pastout doubled to around 180,000 as Dodds fell to 52,000.

5:55pm: A couple of doubles

A couple of short stacks have found a double up as they try to survive another 23 eliminations to reach the money.

Ivan Tan was the first to double when he open-shoved from under the gun for 14,500 with pocket jacks and play folded around to Tom Grigg in the big blind who made the call with pocket fours. There were no surprises on the board of 6♣2♦5♥9♠2♣ and Tan doubled to around 33,000.


Singapore's Ivan Tan stays alive at the Macau Poker Cup Championship

Shortly after it was Con Tsapkounis all in with pocket sevens, also against pocket fours. Tsapkounis spiked a set on the board of [7d8♠K♣T♦6♦ to double the PokerNews Cup champion up to 85,000.

5:48pm: Celina finds another double

Celina Lin has found another double up after her pocket aces held against the pocket eights of Kelly Flynn on a board of 6♦2♥6♥2♣5♦. Lin is now back up to 85,000.

5:40pm: Who's in front? Hu's in front

There's some big stacks in the room now, but the largest belongs to Richard Hu after the recent elimination of Filipino Poker Tour champion Kent Del Rosario.

The chips went in on a flop of 3♣J♠Q♦ with Del Rosario holding K♠K♦ but Hu showed Q♥J♥ for two pair. The turn was the 4♦ and river the A♥ to send Del Rosario to the rail as Hu moves up to 295,000 and the chip lead.

5:30pm: Level up, blinds 1200-2400, ante 300

5:25pm: Tony Hachem falls

Tony Hachem was down to his last 15,000 and moved them all in with ace-jack with Nigel Jones making the call holding king-queen. The flop was a safe 4♦4♠6♠ for Hachem, but the Q♦ turn and K♠ river delivered Jones two pair and ended the run of the newly crowned ANZPT Player of the Year.


"Back-to-back Hash" hits the rail

5:14pm: Lunardi doubles with aces

Kristian Lunardi was down to his last 18,000 but he's found a handy double up. With a player moving his chips all in, Lunardi was pretty pleased to look down and find A♣A♦. His opponent showed T♣9♣ and picked up plenty of outs on the 3♦J♠Q♠ flop. However the 4♦ turn and 9♠ river gave Lunardi the double up to around 40,000.

5:00pm: Dunst done as Prati soars

Another of the day one chip leaders has bitten the dust, with Tony Dunst sent to the rail, again at the hands of the giant-killing Armand Prati.

Dunst's last chips were in the middle racing with ace-king against Prati's 9♣9♦. The board ran out 3♣5♣K♣6♣9♠ to give Prati the only flush to eliminate Dunst from the event.

Prati is now up to 280,000 and a clear chip lead.


Armand Prati is our runaway chip leader

4:45pm: Chip leaders throw a few jabs

Our two chip leaders are sitting on the same table and it appeared that they were set to clash after Armand Prati raised to 6,000 from the button and Julian Hasse re-popped it to 18,000 in the big blind. Prati made the call and the flop landed 5♦J♥7♠.

Hasse checked and Prati splashed a hefty 50,000 into the middle. Hasse sat up and looked at his opponent's stack and decided against playing a big pot as he let his hand go. Both players sit with around 230,000 in chips.

4:30pm: Play resumes

The players are back following the break with 72 left in contention for the MPCC title. Our chip leader is Armand Prati with close to 220,000 in chips, with Julian Hasse, Kyle Cheong, Richard Hu, Kent Del Rosario and Tom Grigg the next best.

We'll be playing two more levels until our scheduled dinner break.