MPCC Day 2: Levels 13 & 14 (blinds 2000-4000, ante 400)

9:45pm: Ten-minute break

The 32 remaining players will have a little longer to think about avoiding becoming the bubble boy as the players take a ten-minute break.

9:40: Bubble time

It looks like we're now down to our final 32 players which means we're on the bubble! We're one elimination away from the money which means that hand-for-hand play has commenced across all tables.

9:38pm: Celina Lin eliminated

The last PokerStars Team Pro has been eliminated as Celina Lin moved her last 12,000 chips in preflop with K♦J♦ and found two callers in Bill Potts and Jeff Lisandro who both checked down a nine-high board. Both live players opened ace-king to chop the pot and leave Lin as our 34th place finisher and agonizingly close to the money.

9:30pm: Tsapkounis cut

Kristian Lunardi raised to 8,000 before Con Tsapkounis moved all in for his last 33,600 from the small blind. Patrick Lui flat-called in the big blind as Lunardi deliberated before folding pocket sevens.

Tsapkounis opened 9♥9♦ as Lui opened A♠J♦, but Lui took the lead on the J♦Q♣7♣ flop and stayed there on the 4♣ turn and 2♣ river.

Tsapkounis is eliminated as Lui moves up to 230,000 chips.

9:25pm: Flynn flying high

A huge swing in chips has gone the way of Hong Kong's Kelly Flynn as he found a big double up through Armand Prati. Flynn make it 13,000 before the aggressive Prati raised to 35,000. Flynn moved all in and Prati made the call with his favourite ten-jack as Flynn showed ace-king. The board bricked out and Flynn doubled to 270,000 with Prati down to the same amount.

9:20pm: Lin loses big flip to Tan

In a battle of the blinds, the last PokerStars Team Asia Pro alive in this tournament, Celina Lin, was all in against Ivan Tan in the big blind.

Lin just had Tan covered but with 100,000 in the middle, it was a huge flip for both players as Lin showed A♠Q♥ for the overcards against Tan's pair of jacks.

The board bricked out 9♠9♣7♠5♦3♣ to give Tan the double up and leave Lin with just 15,000 in chips, or less than four big blinds, approaching the money bubble.

9:10pm: Potts triples up

New Zealand's Bill Potts is now back in good shape after a recent triple up in a big three-way pot. After Tom Choi raised the button, PokerStars sponsored Kenneth Leong moved all in from the small blind before Potts declared himself all in from the big blind. Choi looked at the 100,000 chips in the middle and decided to gamble with 8♦7♦. Leong opened A♥J♥ as Potts showed K♠K♥.

The flop was an interesting 6♠4♦T♣ to give Choi a double gutshot straight draw. The turn K♣ gave Potts a set but actually improved Leong's outs from three aces to four queens with his straight draw. However the river bricked the 3♥ to miss everyone and leave Potts to triple to 130,000 chips as Leong was left crippled.

8:55pm: Chan out

Moments after we lost Devan Tang, another champion has fallen in Macau Millions winner Justin Chan.

Chan moved all in from middle position with K♣Q♣ and was called in the big blind by A♦2♠ which paired twice on the board of A♥8♦7♥2♥9♣.

Chan's elimination means that the top four in the Asia Player of the Year with all go without points from the MPCC Main Event.

8:50pm: Defending champ falls short

The defending champion, Devan Tang, put in a great defence of his crown but his run has come to an end just short of the money.

Tang was all in from the cutoff for what appeared to be about 13,000 and found two callers who checked down the board of 9♦3♥T♠2♦9♥.

Tang showed K♣4♥ but it wasn't enough as A♥6♦ took down the pot to send Tang to the rail.


The defending champ says goodbye

8:45pm: Level up, blinds 2000-4000, ante 400

8:44pm: Two more down

We've lost Japanese beauty Mayumi Kaneko. After final tabling the side event last night, Kaneko has fallen just short of the money in the Main Event when her A♣9♠ ran into the K♣K♦ of Andrew Hinrichsen. The chips were in preflop and the board was spread 5♠4♠7♣6♠2♦.

Meanwhile Louis Kudlak is now up to 180,000 after his pocket aces held against pocket jacks to eliminate a player on a board of T♦7♠4♦6♣8♥.

8:30pm: Lisandro plays the rush

One man who has gone on a rush since dinner is none other than five-time WSOP bracelet winner Jeff Lisandro. After being short for most of the day, Lisandro has chipped up recently and just eliminated an opponent when Lisandro's pocket jacks held against ace-eight. He's now up to 180,000.

8:20pm: Li Ta playing it safe

At the other end of the scale, Armand Prati (330,000) and Richard Hu (300,000) continue to rake in chips at a frantic rate to extend their chip advantage.

Joining them at the top is Li Ta Hsu who has an impressively designed structure in front of him that we estimate at 250,000. Hsu lists himself from New Zealand, and is the only player in the room right now that has donned a face mask. In previous visits to Macau, we've seen many players don the mask to filter out unwanted smoke and germs which can be quite common at the poker table. Definitely a smart move to avoid that sore throat, and it doesn't seem to be hurting his poker game either!


The mysterious eyes behind the impressive stack belong to Li Ta Hsu

8:10pm: Hinrichsen surviving

We've lost two players since dinner and the play has tightened up a little, but one player who is fighting hard to stay alive is Andrew Hinrichsen.

Hinrichsen survived a big all in a few moments ago when his dominated hand rivered a chop to stay alive. Hinrichsen held Q-7 on a queen-high board against Q-K but a pair on board with an ace left both players with the same hand.

Hinrichsen then followed that up by shoving all in preflop on two consecutive hands. On one hand he was able to flash ace-king, but stealing the blinds has chipped Hinrichsen up to 40,000 chips.

7:45pm: Play resumes

With stomachs fully satisfied, the 50 remaining players have returned to the felt of the PokerStars Macau poker room with the goal of surviving 19 more eliminations to reach the money!