MPCC Day 2: Levels 15 & 16 (blinds 3000-6000, ante 500)

12:00pm: That's a wrap!

The last three hands on each table didn't produce any casualties as our final 20 players will survive to reach the final day of play tomorrow. It looks like Kelly Flynn will bag up the overnight chip lead with 615,000, ahead of Chi Chen with 550,000.

We'll be back with a complete wrap of play including full end of day chip counts for you shortly.

11:55pm: Grigg gone

Nathanael Seet raised the button and Tom Grigg put in the three-bet from the small blind. Seet called and they took a flop of T♦3♠8♦. Grigg checked and Seet hesitated for a long time before declaring himself all in. Grigg rocked back in his seat, confused by the big overbet before putting his opponent on a draw and calling off his last 100,000 with A♣Q♠ for ace-high. Seet showed 5♦5♣ and Grigg wasn't happy.

The turn was the 7♠ and river the 7♣ and Grigg was sent to an early exit as Seet moved up to a very healthy 350,000.

11:50pm: Flynn rakes in another nice pot

Kelly Flynn is now up to 580,000 after taking a nice pot against Japanese player Takashi Ogura, however Ogura did make a nice fold.

In a re-raised pot, the flop was king-high and Ogura checked to Flynn who fired 100,000. Ogura open-folded pocket jacks as Flynn flashed pocket queens!


Kelly Flynn is rapidly moving up the chip count leaderboard

11:42pm: Grigg doubles up

Louis Janos Kudlak has given away a small chunk of his newly acquired stack after doubling up Tom Grigg. Kudlak raised and then called off another 60,000 chips with pocket sevens but found himself up against pocket jacks. The board fell 5♦T♠8♦6♦8♠ and the APPT Auckland runner up doubles through to 160,000.

11:40pm: Prati perishes

Armand Henry Prati has had a wild ride today, after surging to the chip lead early today when he eliminated Raymond Wu with runner-runner. He's been near the chip leaders throughout but his run has just come to an end in 22nd place.

As recalled to us by tablemate Tom Grigg, Prati led out with bets on the flop and turn and called raises on both streets from Louis Janos Kudlak, with the last raise for all of Kudlak's chips. The board was ten-high with three clubs as Prati held ace-eight with the ace of clubs for the nut flush draw against Kudlak's two black jacks. The river bricked and Kudlak had doubled through to 450,000.

Prati was crippled and all in moments later with K♥J♠ against A♥J♣ with the board providing four more clubs to give his opponent a flush.

11:22pm: Cheong and Semisoshenko double

Kyle Cheong has found a fortunate double up after moving his last 78,000 in from the cutoff with A♣5♥ with William Pastout making the call in position with A♦K♣.

The board ran out 7♥5♦4♣3♦5♣ to give Cheong trip fives and the double up to 180,000.

Moments later Maxim Semisoshenko was giving a fist pump after rivering a pair of aces holding A♦8♣ against chip leader Chi Chen's pocket fives. The board landed 6♥K♦2♦2♥A♥ to double Semisoshenko to 140,000.

11:15pm: A flurry of eliminations

Chi Chen has extended his chip lead to a massive 600,000 chips after dismantling the impressive wall of chips of Li Ta Hsu to eliminate him in 25th place. He was shortly followed by Japanese player Yuji Masaki in 24th.

Next to go was Tom Chio who doubled up Julian Hasse. Again Chio showed his tendency to gamble as he held T♣8♠ against the pocket sevens of Hasse with the board bricking out 6♥K♠9♣3♦2♥. Chio was eliminated soon after to head to the casher to collect HK$35,000 for his 23rd place finish as the remaining players make the next pay jump.

11:00pm: Level up, blinds 3000-6000, ante 500

We believe this will now be the last level of the day before we bag, tag and call it an evening.

10:55pm: The magic ends

Lau Kwok Man is nicknamed "Magic" and he nearly found some magic when he was all in for his last chips with A♠8♥ against Nathanael Seet's A♦Q♣.

The flop landed 9♣8♦4♠ to give Man hope but the Q♥ and Q♦ river quickly snuffed it out. He departs in 26th place for a payday of HK$35,000.

10:40pm: Hinrichsen crashes and burns

Andrew Hinrichsen was quickly accumulating a big stack as he was mercilessly attacking his table during hand-for-hand play. However his run has quickly derailed in a matter of minutes.

First Hinrichsen doubled up German Julian Hasse when Hinrichsen's pocket sixes were outdrawn him Hasse's T♣9♣ on a board of T♠7♥2♠Q♥Q♠.

Moments later the biggest pot of the tournament went down as Hinrichsen clashed with Richard Hu on a flop of 7♠6♦Q♦. The chips went into the middle with Hinrichsen tabling K♦K♠ but Hu showed A♥A♦. The turn was the T♦ and river the T♣ and after a countdown of chips Hu just had him covered to eliminate Hinrichsen in 30th place.

Hu is now up to an impressive 450,000 chips.

10:30pm: Kerrigan heads to the cashier

With the bubble bursting the players have now relaxed a little as they try to double up or die trying. Tyrone Kerrigan was first to attempt that feat when he pushed with A♠9♦ but Joel Dodds' hot form continued as his K♥Q♣ hit the K♠J♣2♦Q♥6♦ board to send Kerrigan to the cashier.

10:25pm: Dodds bursts the bubble

Well it took a little while to burst our bubble with Andrew Hinrichsen and Kristian Lunardi remaining aggressive on the bubble, while one short stack, Lau Kwok "Magic" Man did find a double up with ace-queen against ace-eight.

However we've just lost our 32nd place finisher, a young Frenchman who refused to provide us with his name, after Joel Dodds' 4♠4♦ held to win a flip against the Frenchman's A♦K♠ on a board of 3♠6♥T♣5♣Q♥.

With that, the remaining 31 players are now safely in the money and HK$35,000 wealthier!


Joel Dodds, not a fan of the French

9:55pm: Play resumes

The players have shaken off some nervous energy with a stiff drink on their ten-minute break and the cards are back in the air.

Holding the chip lead is Chi Chen with 360,000, ahead of Richard Hu (315,000), Armand Prati (310,000) and Li Ta Hsu (275,000).