MPCC Day 2: Levels 9 & 10 (blinds 800-1600, ante 200)

4:20pm: Ten-minute break

4:10pm: Fifth pair river call

Maxim Semisoshenko has just made a terrific river call that brought applause from his table, with the exception of Justin Chan who was caught with his hand in the cookie jar.
The board read K♦7♠8♣2♦J♠ when we arrived at the table to see a bet of 17,500 in front of Chan. The clock had already been called on Semisoshenko and he waited until it timed down to the final seconds before declaring a call.

Chan showed 9♠6♠ for a busted draw as Semisoshenko proudly revealed 5♣5♦. Chan slips to 30,000.

4:05pm: Double up for Chan

With the two points leaders in the Asia Player of the Year race in Bryan Huang and Raymond Wu both eliminated from this event, the door has been left open for Macau Millions champ Justin Chan, who currently sits in fourth spot, to move further up the leader board. And his chances have risen after a recent double up.

It was Chan's pocket kings all in preflop against the pocket jacks of Mikkel Lind as the board ran out 5♦3♠6♥Q♣2♦. Chan doubles to 55,000.


Justin Chan currently sits in fourth place on the Asia Player of the Year leaderboard

3:50pm: A few eliminations

A couple of recent eliminations include Yann Pauchon who was crippled with ace-jack against pocket queens and was eliminated shortly after, and also overnight chip leader Oleg Gersten who ran his pocket nines into pocket kings.

Interestingly, Gersten's seat has now been filled by Steve Yeh who has a big stack of around 120,000 to take on the likes on Celina Lin, Tom Grigg and Andrew Hinrichsen on this table. 81 players remain.

3:40pm: Wong flushed by Cheong

Another of our overnight big stacks in Hong Kong's Nick Wong has been eliminated at the hands of Kyle Cheong.

The chips were in on the turn after Cheong fired out a bet of 10,500 with the board reading 3♣3♠4♠9♣. Wong raised all in for an additional 13,100 and Cheong was committed to making the call. Wong opened a rather creative J♥3♥ for trips but Cheong showed one of the hands Wong didn't want to see as he was drawing very live with his A♣8♣.

The gasps went around the tale as the T♣ hit the river but Wong took his defeat graciously as he farewelled the table. Cheong is now up to 70,000.

3:20pm: Level up, blinds 800-1600, ante 200

3:15pm: Gersten clips Grigg

With Celina Lin has been enjoying her day today, it wasn't been quite so much fun for PokerStars qualifier Oleg Gersten seated to her direct left.

Entering the day as the overnight chip leader, Gersten was down to his last 16,400 chips which he moved all in on a flop of Q♣8♥5♦ against Tom Grigg. There was only a few thousand in the pot, and Grigg was a little perplexed.

"Why so much?" questioned Grigg before he matched the bet with call and showed A♠8♦ to have Gersten's A♣5♦ in deep trouble.

However Gersten's day might have turned around as he binked the two-outer 5♠ on the turn. The river landed the 9♦ to give Gersten a double up to 35,000. It was a small blow for Grigg who still commands a stack of 118,000.

2:58pm: Wu run down in brutal elimination

A dramatic hand that took several minutes to complete and attracted a rail of about forty players, fans and media has seen three all-ins and a double KO including PokerStars Team Asia Pro Raymond Wu.

There had been a flurry of activity already when we arrived at the table, but from what we could deduce there had been a raise to 3,500 and a couple of callers before Ciaran Begley moved all in. Raymond Wu moved all in behind for 55,400, as did Armand Prati for a few thousand more. There were still two callers left to act and they thought long and hard before folding, with one player flashing two red eights.

The cards were then on their backs with the short-stacked Begley showing A♦5♦, Wu had Q♠Q♣ with Prati tabling an ambitious J♠T♠.

The flop landed 4♥4♦5♣ to give Begley some hope, while Prati was a long way behind as Wu's ladies were well in front. The turn brought the T♣ to give Prati a few outs, but with the pair on board, his jack was no good. He'd need running tens and that's exactly what the dealer delivered as the rail was in shock to see the T♥ fall on the river.

Wu's queens had been run down and he'd been eliminated from the tournament in incredibly dramatic fashion as Prati raked in a pot worth 130,000 and shot into the tournament chip lead!


A devastating elimination for PokerStars Team Asia Pro Raymond Wu

2:40pm: Champ finds ace from space

Devan Tang is now a man with a stack after a big double up through Nick Wong.
We arrived to catch Wong move all in and Tang went into the tank before emerging with a call. Wong showed K♠K♣ as Tang would need to improve his A♦K♦. And that's exactly what he did as the board fell A♣7♣3♠A♥J♣.

The defending MPCC champ doubled to 75,000 to send Wong back down to 60,000.

2:20pm: Play resumes

The players are back with 104 still in contention for the Macau Poker Cup Championships crown. Kent Del Rosario, Tom Grigg, Julian Hasse, Louis Janos Kudlak, Richard Hu and Joel Dodds are the prominent stacks in the room, all above the 100k mark, while Team PokerStars Pros Tony Hachem, Raymond Wu and Celina Lin are all still alive and progressing well.