MPCC Day 3: Level 19 (blinds 6000-12000, ante 1000)

4:40pm: Ten-minute break

4:38pm: The rich get richer

Takashi Ogura has moved up the leaderboard while Kelly Flynn has extended his chip lead as the level has drawn to a close.

Ogura collected a decent pot at showdown with A♥J♥ against Julian Hasse's dominated A♠5♥ on an ace-high board. Ogura is now up to 820,000 and the second largest stack.

However our chip leader is continuing on his merry way after raising preflop, checking the flop and firing bets of 50,000 on the turn and 90,000 on the river on a board of Q♦9♠7♣2♥8♣. His opponent was Nathanael Seet who called him down but mucked when Flynn opened J♥T♥ for the rivered straight. Seet slips to 480,000 with Flynn's empire ballooning to 1.9 million.

4:30pm: William Pastout eliminated in 9th place

Chi Chen moved all in from middle position for his last 140,000 with William Pastout committing his last 110,000 from the small blind.

Chen: T♥T♦
Pastout: 7♠7♣

The board bricked out 8♦5♠K♥K♦4♥ to leave Chen's tens in the lead and eliminate Pastout in 9th place for a collect of HK$116,000.


William Pastout eliminated in 9th place

4:20pm: Chen finds a way to survive

Chi Chen moved all in from under the gun for his last 66,000 with Wee Yee Tan making a quick call. The table folded around and the cards were on their backs!

Chen: 9♣8♠
Tan: Q♣Q♦

Chen was a long way behind but the dealer revealed a board of 9♦6♦6♣9♠6♣ to give Chen the double up with his nines full of sixes, beating Tan's sixes full of queens.
Chen is now back up to 160,000 and has some breathing room once again.

4:10pm: Hasse happy with a chop

Julian Hasse raise to 25,000 and Kristian Lunardi made the call in position to see a flop of A♥K♠3♣. Hasse check-called for 32,000 before both checked the Q♠ turn. When the river landed the T♦, Hasse fired out 72,000 but Lunardi came back over the top with a raise to 190,000. Hasse moved all in and Lunardi made the call, realising that both players were chopping. Lunardi showed A♦J♦ as Hasse was lucky to get half with his J♠J♥ after drawing very slim on the flop.

3:55pm: Hasse gets off to the perfect start

Julian Hasse has started the final table on a good note with a big double up through Chi Chen. Hasse raised the button, Chen re-raised from the big blind, Hasse shoved all in for around 240,000 and Chen made the call.

Hasse: Q♠J♠
Chen: A♣4♠

The board ran out 2♣Q♦6♣3♦8♦ to see Hasse double up to around 620,000 and leave Chen crippled.

Chen's last 32,000 were all in next hand from the small blind with T♥9♣ but he managed to double up through Richard Hu's Q♣8♠ on the 4♣2♥T♣K♦A♦ to stay alive.

Final Table Profiles

Seat 1: Takashi Ogura - 345,000

Japanese Takashi Ogura is a 28-year old professional Mah-jong player from Tokyo. Like many talented gamers, he turned his attention to poker three years ago after being introduced to it by a friend. Ogura has displayed a patient game to reach this point, but he has plenty of tricks up his sleeve as evident by his six-figure online cash in a PokerStars online major.

Seat 2: Nathanael Seet - 541,000

Singapore's Nathanael Seet is a 26-year old professional poker player. In his five years in the game, Seet has impressed with a series of tournament results and formidable cash game play. He says his biggest influences in the game have been Jovan Scekic and David Saab, and rates his cash game wins as his most pleasing achievement in poker.

Seat 3: Julian Hasse - 293,000

Julian Hasse is from Berlin in Germany and has been playing poker for three years. The 27-year old plays a mixture of multi-table tournaments and cash games, and credits his friends as being his biggest influences. Away from the felt he enjoys soccer and movies.

Seat 4: Kristian Lunardi - 425,000

Kristian Lunardi is a 23-year old professional poker player from Melbourne, Australia. He has been plying his trade for three years, primarily as a mid-to-high stakes cash game player and credits his friends as his biggest influences. With an Aussie Millions preliminary event title and several other impressive tournament results to his credit, Lunardi is going to be a tough nut to crack, especially after doubling up on the final hand before the final table was formed.

Seat 5: Chi Chen - 434,000

Chi Chen is a 37-year old from China who works in Finance. He's been playing poker for a few years with his biggest poker highlight coming from his 13th place finish in the Macau Red Dragon event. We'd say that reaching this final table will have now surpassed that achievement. Outside of poker Chen enjoying spending time on the golf course.

Seat 6: Richard Hu - 481,000

Renyong "Richard" Wu is a 45-year old from China who has been playing poker for five years. Richard normally enjoys playing the HK$50/100 cash game tables, but his form in this event and his 7th place in the recent Macau Millions, suggest that tournaments may be his preferred game.

Seat 7: Wee Yee Tan - 863,000

Wee Yee Tan is a 33-year old from Singapore who has shown his aggressive play here today to amass one of our big stacks entering the final table. He's been playing poker for six years and will be pleased to reach this final table after bubbling the final table at the APPT Macau event. Tan enjoys travelling so a big score here today might mean we see a bit more of him on the poker circuit.

Seat 8: Kelly Flynn - 1,526,000

Our massive chip leader coming into this final table is Kelly "All In" Flynn. This 37-year old American is based out of Hong Kong and has been playing poker for seven years after learning Draw Poker from his father, and then Holdem from his brother. Well known in the Macau region for his involvement in the game, Flynn would be a popular champion should he salute today.

Seat 9: William Pastout - 137,000

William Pastout is a 27-year old professional poker player from London in the United Kingdom who enters this final table as the short stack. In his four years in the game, Pastout has moved up the cash game ranks, both live and online, and has a third place in an Aussie Millions preliminary event to his credit. Away from the tables, Pastout enjoys tennis and music.

3:40pm: Final Table Draw

Seat 1: Takashi Ogura - 345,000
Seat 2: Nathaniel Seet - 541,000
Seat 3: Julian Hasse - 293,000
Seat 4: Kristian Lunardi - 425,000
Seat 5: Chi Chen - 434,000
Seat 6: Richard Hu - 481,000
Seat 7: Wee Yee Tan - 863,000
Seat 8: Kelly Flynn - 1,526,000
Seat 9: William Pastout - 137,000

The clock has been wound back to the start of the level as the MPCC Main Event final table kicks off!

3:22pm: Sheu bubbles the final table

Simultaneous all ins on both tables have seen one double up and one elimination as we've now reached our final table of nine.

Nelson Sheu and Kelly Flynn were all in on the turn on a board of 4♣J♣7♥9♥ with Sheu holding T♠J♠ for top pair and straight draw but he was dominated by Flynn's Q♥J♥. The river bricked the 9♠ and Sheu was out in 10th.

However he had to wait a moment as there was a chance that 9th place money was going to be chopped as Kristian Lunardi was all in at the same time with 8♥8♠ against Nathaniel Seet's A♦5♦. The board ran out T♥5♠3♠9♠6♠ to give Lunardi a flush and a double up to around 400,000.

The players will now be taking a break and going through the formalities before our final table gets underway.

3:15pm: Dodds' day is done

Australian Joel Dodds is the next elimination as he was involved in a big preflop race with Richard Hu. It was Dodds' Q♣Q♥ against Hu's A♥K♣ but the board favoured the overcards as it ran out 4♦K♥2♣3♠3♥.

Dodds is out in 11th as Hu moves up to 450,000.

We're now one more elimination away from our final table of nine.

3:00pm: Kudlak's ride is over

Louis Kudlak was crippled, then tripled but was finally eliminated from the MPCC Main Event.

Takashi Ogura opened with a raise to 25,000 before Kudlak moved all in from the small blind. Ogura made a quick call with T♠T♣ as Kudlak would need an ace with his A♦T♥. The board ran out 6♥9♠Q♠6♦Q♦ to double up Ogura and leave Kudlak with just 10,000 in chips.

Kudlak was able to triple up next hand with ten-eight against pocket fives, but couldn't do it again as his last chips went in with J♣4♥ against Kristian Lunardi's K♥Q♣.

The board fell 7♦Q♠8♣4♦K♣ to give Lunardi two pair and eliminate Kudlak in 12th place for HK$69,000 in prize money.


Louis Kudlak's deep run has fallen just short of the final table

2:40pm: So long Semisoshenko

Russian Maksim Semisoshenko has become our 13th place finish, when he moved his last chips in preflop with ace-eight but he ran into the pocket kings of Julian Hasse. The board bricked out without an ace to be found and Semisoshenko was eliminated.

2:25pm: Play resumes

After a slightly extended break to allow the High Rollers Event to start smoothly on nearby tables, the 13 remaining players have returned to their seats and the cards are once again in the air.

Wee Yee Tan is our chip leader with around 850,000, ahead of Nathaniel Seet and Kelly Flynn.