MPCC Day 3: Levels 20 & 21 (blinds 10000-20000, ante 2000)

6:50pm: Dinner break

The dinner bell has rung and our remaining three players will be taking one hour to freshen up and grab a bite to eat. We'll be back at 7:50pm local time.

Approximate chip counts at the dinner break:

Kelly Flynn - 2,500,000
Julian Hasse - 1,550,000
Wee Yee Tan - 1,000,000

6:40: Chi Chen eliminated in 4th place

Chi Chen fought back courageously on this final table after being down to just 30,000 in chips earlier on when nine players were still alive. He clawed his way back into contention but has just bowed out in 4th place.

The chips went in on a flop of 7♦5♠Q♦ with Chen holding K♦J♦ for a flush draw and an overcard that he'd have to hit to get past Kelly Flynn's Q♥T♥ for top pair. The turn was the 3♥ and river the 5♣ to miss Chen and send him to the cashier to collect HK$347,000.


Chi Chen eliminated in 4th place

6:35pm: Takashi Ogura eliminated in 5th place

Action folded to Takashi Ogura on the button who moved all in for around 250,000 with Julian Hasse making the call in the small blind.

Ogura: K♦5♠
Hasse: K♥Q♠

The board fell 3♠J♣9♥Q♣8♠ to pair up Hasse and leave Japan's last hope eliminated in 5th place for a collect of HK$278,000 after a fine tournament.


Takashi Ogura eliminated in 5th place

6:30pm: Flynn collects on scary board
Julian Hasse raised to 55,000 preflop and found callers in Chi Chen and Kelly Flynn to take a flop of J♦T♥A♣. Flynn checked to Hasse who continuation bet for 57,000 with both Chen and Flynn making the call.
The turn was the Q♣ and all three checked as the 7♦ completed the board. Flynn led out from the big blind for a small bet of 57,000, but it was enough as both opponents folded. Flynn is now up to two million in chips.

High Rollers Update

Meanwhile the eagerly-anticipated High Rollers Event has kicked off on some nearby tables with the cream of the Asian poker talent battling it out. There were 28 entrants for the event including the likes of Joe Hachem, Jeff Lisandro, Celina Lin and David Steicke, with first place set to collect close to HK$500,000 in prize money!

6:10pm: Double for the short stack

Action folded around to Julian Hasse in the small blind and he moved all in to put the short-stacked Chi Chen to a decision for all of his chips. He looked down as K♦7♣ and decided to call and he was in great shape against Hasse's K♣4♣.

The board bricked out Q♥9♦6♠3♦7♥ to give the short stack a double up to nearly 500,000.

6:00pm: Ogura sliding fast

Kelly Flynn raised the button to 80,000 before Takashi Ogura three-bet to 200,000. Flynn quickly called and there was 400,000 already in the pot before the flop landed 3♥K♣7♠.

Ogura led out for 170,000 but Flynn immediately declared himself all in. Ogura didn't have to think long about this one, as he quickly let it go. Ogura is down to 440,000 with Flynn up to 1.8 million and back into the chip lead.

5:50pm: Level up, blinds 10000-20000, ante 2000

5:48pm: Kelly does Broadway

Kelly Flynn raised to 35,000 preflop with Takashi Ogura calling on the button. Flynn checked the flop in the dark as it landed T♦K♠Q♣. Ogura checked behind and the turn brought a repeat Q♥. Flynn led out for 85,000 and Ogura deliberated before making the call as the 9♣ completed a dangerous looking board.

Flynn wasted no time in betting 225,000 as Ogura was sent into the tank. After Flynn eventually called the clock, Ogura declared a call but mucked at the site of Flynn's A♣J♠ straight.

Ogura slips to 780,000 with Flynn back up to 1.5 million.

5:40pm: Nathanael Seet eliminated in 6th place

Nathanael Seet found one double up but couldn't find two as his run has been ended by Kelly Flynn. Seet pushed his last chips with A♣3♦ but ran into the K♣K♦ of Flynn as the board ran out 5♠4♣T♦8♥8♦.

Seet departs in 6th place for HK$231,000 in prize money.


Nathanael Seet eliminated in 6th place

5:35pm: Seet short

Nathanael Seet is now on the short stack after running a big bluff against Takashi Ogura who called him down with top pair. Seet was down to just 70,000 which he moved all in preflop next hand with 2♣2♥ as Ogura called in the big blind with 8♣9♥.

The board fell T♠2♦3♠Q♥3♥ to give Seet a full house and a desperately needed double to 180,000. Ogura is at 1.1 million in chips.

5:25pm: Kristian Lunardi eliminated in 7th place

After a standard raise from Julian Hasse on the button, Kristian Lunardi put in the three-bet of an additional 47,000 in the small blind. Hasse quickly added another 60,000 to the bet, before Lunardi moved all in for about 480,000. Hasse snap-called and Lunardi cringed.

Lunardi: 7♠7♥
Hasse: K♣K♥

The board fell J♦6♥5♥J♠4♠ and Lunardi couldn't find a luck seven to see him eliminated in 7th place for a collect of HK$185,000.

"The High Rollers is still open for registration Kristian..." commented Danny McDonagh as Lunardi wandered over to check it out. Meanwhile Hasse is now our chip leader with around 1.6 million in chips.


Kristian Lunardi eliminated in 7th place

5:15pm: Huge double for Hasse

A one million chip pot has just gone the way of German Julian Hasse as chip leader Kelly Flynn takes his first hit of this final table.

After a raise preflop, each player had committed 75,000 on the flop of A♠6♠T♣ before Flynn moved all in on the 5♥ turn. Hasse had 384,000 behind and after some deliberation he made a crying call.

It was the right one, as his A♥J♠ was in front, but he'd have to fade some rivers as Flynn opened T♠8♠ for a pair and flush draw. The dealer burned and revealed the A♦ to give Hasse the huge double up to nearly 1.1 million as Flynn still holds the chip lead with 1.25 million.

5:00pm: Richard Hu eliminated in 8th place

Takashi Ogura opened with a raise to 32,000 from early position with Richard Hu, Wee Yee Tan and Kelly Flynn all making the call to see our first multi-way flop of this final table.

It arrived 8♦2♣5♦ and action checked to Hu on the button who made it 105,000 to go. Tan instantly declared himself in as Flynn and Ogura escaped, but Hu called off his last chips.

Hu: K♦Q♦
Tan: A♣8♣

Tan tabled top pair but Hu had a monster draw with flush draw to go with his overcards. The turn was the 3♥ and the river J♥ equally no help to see Hu eliminated in 8th place for HK$139,000 in prize money.


Richard Hu eliminated in 8th place

4:50pm: Play resumes

Our eight remaining players are back in their seats and ready for more action. Kelly Flynn holds a commanding chip lead, but with the blinds at 8000-16000, our short stacks have a little breathing room with Chi Chen the shortest with 245,000.