MPCC Day 3: Level 22 (blinds 12000-24000, ante 3000)

8:35pm: Kelly Flynn eliminated in 2nd place; Julian Hasse wins!

It's only Level 22 of the tournament and the players started heads up 100BBs deep, but as predicted, this wild ride didn't slow down as Kelly Flynn has been eliminated in second place to leave Germany's Julian Hasse as the 2010 Macau Poker Cup Championships Main Event Champion!

All the action went down pre-flop, but all the drama was certainly post-flop.
Kelly Flynn raised the button to 87,000 before Julian Hasse raised it another 142,000 in the big blind. Flynn then immediately declared himself all in.

"You're all in? I call!" exclaimed Hasse as he flipped K♣K♠. Flynn showed J♣9♣ and was in a world of trouble.

The dealer took a deep breath and revealed a flop of Q♣8♥4♣ to give Kelly near-maximum outs with both straight and flush draws as the crowd murmured in excitement. If they were excited by the flop, they were at fever pitch when the dealer burnt a card and turned the 6♣ to give Flynn his flush! It looked like Flynn was set for a remarkable double up, but the drama wasn't over yet.

With one more card to come, Hasse had a redraw to a bigger flush and wouldn't you know it, the 3♣ landed and the title was his!

Well done to Kelly Flynn who built a monster stack today and carried it all the way to 2nd place for HK$729,000.


Kelly Flynn eliminated in 2nd place

And to our winner Julian Hasse, who emerged on day two to be amongst the chip leaders before biding his time during today's play. He entered the final table as the second shortest stack but doubled up and always looked dangerous with a big stack in hand a good run of cards. Heads-up play was always going to be tough against the hyper-aggressive Kelly Flynn, but Hasse held his nerve, made some great reads, and caught a monster hand at the right time. He collected the coveted trophy and a whopping HK$1,064,000 in prize money!

That wraps up our live coverage but we'll have a complete wrap of the day's play for you shortly.


The MPCC Main Event trophy is heading to Germany with Julian Hasse

8:30pm: Flynn gets caught speeding

Julian Hasse raised the button to 60,000 before Kelly Flynn continued to put the foot down as he three-bet an extra 115,000. Hasse decided to put in a four-bet of another 250,000 or so as Flynn quickly called and the chips were raked into the middle to form a big pot before the 2♥A♠7♠ flop was dealt.

Flynn checked and Hasse checked behind as the 9♦ was the free card on the turn. Flynn led out for 375,000 as Hasse eyed off his opponent's remaining stack before moving all in. Flynn sighed and folded to be down to just 650,000 and real trouble as Hasse has all the momentum, and now most of the chips as well.

8:20pm: Looks can be deceiving

Both players are dead even in chips right now with around 2.5 million apiece but novice spectators on the rail might be a bit confused by that fact.

Kelly Flynn's stack is much smaller as it comprises of most of the orange 25,000-denomination chips in play, while Julian Hasse's stack is much larger as he has nearly all of the yellow 5,000-denomination chips.


Julian Hasse is gaining the ascendancy in this heads-up battle

8:15pm: Big ball, deep stack poker is fun!

Despite play being very deep right now, with both players near even in chips, it looks like this heads-up battle might not take long (famous last words!) if the first few hands of heads-up play are anything to go by.

Julian Hasse raised the button to 60,000 and Kelly Flynn called to see a flop of 4♠8♥J♣. Flynn led out for 125,000 and Hasse called before both players checked the K♦ turn. On the 6♦ river, Flynn fired out another 250,000 but Hasse looked him up with just A♥Q♥ for ace-high which was good as Flynn mucked.

Next hand, Flynn raised the button to 70,000 before Hasse three-bet to 210,000. Flynn called and the flop landed J♦7♦4♠. Hasse led out for 185,000 and Flynn was allowed to get away with a less-than-minimum raise to just 275,000. Surprisingly, the dealers and floor staff didn't notice, and Hasse didn't seem to mind, as he made the cheap call to see the 5♣ hit the turn. Hasse checked and Flynn moved all in! It was a big overbet as Hasse simply raised his eyebrows and mucked. Back to even!

7:55pm: Wee Yee Tan eliminated in 3rd place

Well, that didn't take long. On the first hand back from the dinner break, Julian Hasse raised the button to 55,000 with both Wee Yee Tan and Kelly Flynn making the call to see a flop of 2♣A♥7♠.

All three players checked and the turn brought the 4♣. Tan led out from the small blind for 55,000 to force a fold from Flynn but Hasse made the call as the 6♣ completed the board on the river.

This is where things got crazy. Tan checked and Hasse slid 170,000 into the middle. Tan responded with a check-raise to 400,000. Hasse moved all in and Tan snap called with 2♠2♦ for a set of deuces, but he'd been run down as Hasse opened A♣5♣ for the nut flush!

Tan is eliminated in dramatic fashion in 3rd place for HK$440,000 and just like that, we are heads up with both players pretty much even in chips!


Wee Yee Tan eliminated in 3rd place

7:50pm: Play resumes

The players are back following the dinner break and the cards are once again in the air.