MPCC TOC: Levels 5 - 8 (blinds 500-1000, ante 100)

9:30pm: 30-minute dinner break

The ten remaining players are off to grab a quick bite before returning at 10:00pm local time (GMT+8).

9:25pm: Final table lineup

In the final minutes of the level we lost Sungling Li at the hands of the giant-killing Naoki Takiguchi to leave us at our final ten. The players then redrew and here's how they lineup for the final table:

Seat 1: Julian Hasse
Seat 2: Naoki Takiguchi
Seat 3: Devan Tang
Seat 4: Roy Cheung
Seat 5: Bryan Huang
Seat 6: William Te Jr
Seat 7: Victor Chen
Seat 8: David Steicke
Seat 9: Roel Pijpers
Seat 10: Masayoshi Oshiyama

Two more hands were played out without any incident before the players headed off for their dinner break.

9:18pm: Sparrow flies no more

Sparrow Cheung moved all in for his last 8,000 or so on the button but Naoki Takiguchi didn't hesitate to make the call in the big blind.

Cheung: A♣T♦
Takiguchi: A♥K♥

The board landed 7♦2♠J♦Q♦3♥ to leave Cheung empty-handed as Takiguchi jumps up to 70,000 and the chip lead.

9:11pm: Tang does it again!

Devan Tang is living life on the edge but he's just cracked another big pair to find another double up. This time Tang held a more respectable A♣J♥ as he was called by Roel Pijpers Q♣Q♠. The flop of T♠5♦J♠ gave Tang some hope and the J♦ on the turn was just what he was looking for. The river bricked the 2♣ and Tang doubled to 16,000.

9:05pm: Bryan Huang Wins Asia Player of the Year

Meanwhile Raymond Wu has been eliminated in 3rd place in the side event - just one place short of the 2nd place result that he needed to dislodge Bryan Huang from the top position in the Asia Player of the Year race.

It was a great year for both players and incredible that it went right down to the wire. Congratulations to both players and especially to Bryan Huang who is now officially the 2010 Asia Player of the Year!


Bryan Huang and Raymond Wu were locked in a very tight battle for the Asia Player of the Year title

9:00pm: Tang doubles the hard way

Devan Tang moved all in for his last 3,900 and David Steicke made the call with J♦J♣ as Tan showed an unimpressive T♠5♠. However the luck went Tang's way as the board ran out 8♠9♠2♣K♣K♠ to give him a flush for the double up.

8:55pm: Chen distracted by the short stack

Action folded to Victor Chen on the bubble who exclaimed, "OK!" before glancing as Devan Tang's short stack in the small blind and raising big to 4,600 - enough to put Tang all in. Tang quickly folded, as Chen had forgotten about the big stack of David Steicke in the big blind. After a moment of thought, Steicke re-raised to 11,000 and Chen was forced to fold. Steicke flashed A♥A♦!

"I played it bad," sighed Steicke as he padded his stack.

Meanwhile Kenneth Leong was eliminated on the other table when his ace-three ran into the pocket aces of Naoki Takiguchi on a board of 8-3-8-A-7. 12 players remain.

8:35pm: Celina Lin eliminated

Celina Lin didn't have much go her way in today's TOC event. She lost a chunk of change after three-betting and then folding to a four-bet, before her last 5,425 was all in preflop with A♣6♦ but she was called by Roy Cheung who held a superior A♦Q♠.

The board ran out 4♥A♥5♥5♣J♠ to give Lin no help and she was eliminated from the tournament.

"Everything that could go wrong, did go wrong!" sighed Lin as she left the table and went over to rail the progress of fellow PokerStars Team Asia Pro Raymond Wu in the side event.

Prize pool and payout information

26 players entered with the top five players set to finish in the money in this MPCC Tournament of Champions event. The prize pool and payout information is as follows, remembering that PokerStars Macau has tossed in HK$50,000 in added value to sweeten the prize pool.

1st HK$57,050
2nd HK$34,250
3rd HK$22,850
4th HK$17,100
5th HK$11,414

8:20pm: Huang eliminates Takarabe

Another one of Japan's finest has been sent to the rail. This time it was Ken Takarabe who was eliminated after he rivered a set of sevens, only to see that Bryan Huang had turned a set of eights. Takarabe was eliminated as Huang moved up to 26,000.

Meanwhile Huang is still closely sweating the action in the side event where Raymond Wu is down to the last six players. Wu needs to finish either first or second to claim the Asia Player of the Year title, otherwise Huang will win the title.

8:00pm: McCarty out

We've also recently lost James McCarty who moved all in on the flop of 3♣9♦K♥ but again it was Masayoshi Oshiyama who did the damage as he snap-called with 9♣9♥.
The turn was the 7♦ and after some confusion over the burn card, the deck was reshuffled to reveal the 9♠ on the river to give Oshiyama quads!

McCarty is out as Oshiyama is our new chip leader with over 50,000.


Japan's James McCarty has been eliminated

Meanwhile, we also lost Michael Mariakis from the other table to leave us with 17 players remaining.

7:45pm: Chan dominated and eliminated

Macau Millions Justin Chan won't be able to add TOC Champion to his resume, as he has just been eliminated from the tournament.

Chan was crippled in a hand where he couldn't beat pocket tens on the river on a board of K♥4♦6♦3♦J♠. He was left with 3,200 which he moved in preflop, following a limp from SungLing Li.

Li made the call with A♠J♠ and was in dominant shape against Chan's A♦4♥. It remained that way through the board of 8♠J♦7♥2♠Q♣ to reduce our field by one as Chan hit the rail.


Justin Chan is out of the MPCC Tournament of Champions

7:35pm: Mariakis misstep

Michael Mariakis is down to his last 4,000 in chips after a clash with Julian Hasse. The board read A♣5♣J♠7♠ when Mariakis check-called the bet of 1,250 from Hasse before the T♣ completed the board on the river. Mariakis then led out for 3,600 as Hasse shook his head before making the call.

Mariakis showed J♥T♥ but it was Hasse who collected the pot with A♠A♣ for a top set of aces. Hasse is up to 25,000.

7:25pm: Play resumes

The players are back in action as the cards are in the air with 20 of our original field of 26 still in contention for the TOC title.

Our chip leader is David Steicke (48,000), narrowly ahead of Roel Pijpers (42,000). Interestingly, Steicke and Pijpers are sitting directly next to each other to create a rather lop-sided table!